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The Long, Hot Summer Quotes

The Long, Hot Summer is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Long, Hot Summer stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Alex North in charge of musical score, and Joseph LaShelle as head of cinematography.

The Long, Hot Summer is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Long, Hot Summer is 115 minutes long. The Long, Hot Summer is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Mabel Albertson as Ben, Joanne Woodward as Clara, Lee Remick as Eula, Lee Remick as Will Varner, Lee Remick as Eula Varner, William "Bill" Walker as Lucius, Angela Lansbury as Minnie Littlejohn, Richard Anderson as Alan Stewart, and Sarah Marshall as Agnes Stewart.

The Long, Hot Summer Quotes

Lee Remick as Will Varner

  • (Lee Remick) "You got hellfire and damnation in you, Jody Varner, but you got redemption too. When I think of the hate that put me in there and locked the door and set fire to it, and when I think of the love that wouldn't let me go -- I got me a son again. I got me a good right arm; and a left."
  • (Lee Remick) "They don't have to see her. They can smell her."
  • (Lee Remick) "Thousands of acres out there. Millions of seeds put down in the ground, and every year the seeds come up again. Life goes on. Where's my crop, huh? What follows me? What happens when I'm dead?"
  • (Joanne Woodward) "You'll probably have the biggest funeral in the state of Mississippi."
  • (Lee Remick) "That don't scare me none, just so long as there are plenty of Varners to mourn me."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Jody and I'll be there."
  • (Lee Remick) "You and Jody and Jody's kids and yours and their kids, my descendants, sister, a line, a long line with my face stamped on 'em, my blood flowing in their veins."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "All of that from the two of us?"
  • (Lee Remick) "Why, you sound free as a bird. Don't he sound free as a bird?"
  • (Lee Remick) "Do you know what Quick means in this county? Hellfire. Ashes and char. Flame follows that man around like a dog. He's a barn burner."
  • (Lee Remick) "The man that built this place, his name's forgotten. This was his dream and his pride. Now it's dust. Must be a moral there somewhere."
  • (Lee Remick) "Give him time. A penny on the waters pays interest when the flood turns."
  • (Lee Remick) "I put down a big footprint. I said: 'Here. Step here. Fill it.' You never did."
  • (Lee Remick) "If I'm not mistaken, that's my master's voice."
  • (Lee Remick) "I was young myself once. I used to hide in the greenery and hoot and bellow."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "I'll bet you did. I'll bet you stayed longest and yelled loudest."
  • (Lee Remick) "Your mama listened."
  • (Lee Remick) "She has quality, quality. Which is as close as you and me will ever get to it."
  • (Lee Remick) "I'm gonna crawl over them books like an old fly over flypaper."
  • (Lee Remick) "Listen, I'm gonna get me some man in the Varner family, some good strong strappin' man Varners. That's what I want, Varners and more Varners. Yeah, more Varners still. Enough Varners to infest the countryside. I'm gonna see that happen, sister, before I die. I'm gonna accomplish that, yes ma'am, by means of that Quick, that big stud horse."
  • (Lee Remick) "I've been watching you. I like your push, yes. I like your style. I like your brass. It ain't too dissimilar from the way I operate."
  • (Lee Remick) "Can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you sure can teach a young willing puppy just about anything."

Mabel Albertson as Ben

  • (Mabel Albertson) "I respect him. I admire his manners and I admire the speeches he makes and I admire the big house he lives in. But if you're saving it all for him honey, you've got your account in the wrong bank."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Story of my life. Why don't nobody ever wanna talk with me peacable?"
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Summertime, and the livin' is easy."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Miss Clara, you slam the door in a man's face before he even knocks on it."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Put them things down, Miss Clara, 'cause I'm gonna kiss you. I'm gonna show you how simple it is. You please me, and I'll please you."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Oh, I know what's troublin' you. It's all those boys hollerin' for Eula every night. And Eula with her hair hangin' down and Jody with his shirt off chasin' her. And your old man at 60 and he's callin' on his lady love."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "All right, you proved it. I'm human."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Yes, ma'am. You human, all right."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "I can see my white shirt and my black tie and my Sunday manners didn't fool you for a minute. Well, that's right, ma'am, I'm a menace to the countryside. All a man's gotta do is just look at me sideways and his house goes up in fire. And here I am, living right here in the middle of your peaceable little town, right in your back yard, you might say. Guess that ought to keep you awake at night."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Well, that's all right. I'm a quiet-living man, myself."
  • (Lee Remick) "Oh, I only know one reason for living quiet; that's if you're too old to live any other way."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "In other words, you two girls take your fun where you can find it."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Don't jump to conclusions, young man. We're giving you a ride and that's all."
  • (Lee Remick) "Where you headed?"
  • (Mabel Albertson) "I go as far as you go, M'am."
  • (Lee Remick) "Oh, you sound as free as a bird. Doesn't he sound as free as a bird, Clara?"
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Well, Clara's wondering what kind of bird. Aren't you Clara?"
  • (Mabel Albertson) "You look like two butterflies lit out on the grass."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Get out of character, lady. Come on, get way out."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "The world belongs to the meat eaters, Miss Clara, and if you have to take it raw, take it raw."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "I live single."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Life's very long and full of salesmanship, Miss Clara. You might buy something yet."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "That's a long time to live in one place."
  • (Richard Anderson) "You don't believe in living in one place, Mr. Quick?"
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Well, my family moved. Not that they wanted to. They was encouraged by the local citizens."

Angela Lansbury as Minnie Littlejohn

  • (Angela Lansbury) "Will Varner, I heard you was in that fire."
  • (Lee Remick) "Simmer down, Minnie. You ain't a rich widow yet."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "I made plans, Will, matrimonial plans."
  • (Lee Remick) "Now you ain't ever heard me say the word matrimony."
  • (Angela Lansbury) "Well now, I'm willing to overlook that."

Sarah Marshall as Agnes Stewart

  • (Sarah Marshall) "I'd give something to know what goes on in my brother's temperature dreams. I know what goes on in mine."

Joanne Woodward as Clara

  • (Joanne Woodward) "You're too much like my father to suit me, and I'm an authority on him."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "He's a wonderful old man."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "One wolf recognizes another."
  • (Mabel Albertson) "Tame us. Make pets out of us. You could."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Barn burner."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "Well don't throw in the towel yet, Agnes, dear. Those tranquilizers may see us through yet."
  • (Joanne Woodward) "You are barking up the wrong girl, Mr. Quick."

William "Bill" Walker as Lucius

  • (William "Bill" Walker) "Mister, you sure do leave your calling card."

Richard Anderson as Alan Stewart

  • (Richard Anderson) "My people have stood off Indians, Yankees, carpetbaggers. The least they could expect of me is to stand up to a Varner."

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