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The Maxx Quotes

The Maxx is a TV program that first aired in 1995 on MTV (USA). The Maxx ended in 1995.

The Maxx aired for 13 episodes. It features Claudia Katz as producer, and Michael R. Haley doing voices. The Maxx is executive produced by Abby Terkuhle. The Maxx is created by Sam Kieth.

Each episode of The Maxx is 11-13 minutes long. The Maxx is produced by Rough Draft Studios.

The Maxx Quotes

  • (Mr. Gone) "I'm not the one who wears underwear outside her clothes."
  • (Sara) "What a cruel world, letting something this profound be conveyed in words this trite."
  • (Mr. Gone) "That's how it ends, Doc. Not with a bang, or a whimper, but with a "thwack.""
  • (The Maxx) "Pain lasts, kid. It's how you know you're alive. Sometimes I think this growing up thing is just pain management."
  • (Julie) "At least in his dreams he's some kind of superhero. Boy this city's full of people who are experts at avoiding reality, and with good reason. I'm not sure any of us wants to know what goes on at 3am in some stink ridden ally. God know who doing god know what. Best not to think about it, just push it down and go on"
  • (The Maxx) "Everybody dies."
  • (The Maxx) "I wish it was time for Cheers, but it's not. It's time for vengeance."
  • (The Jungle Queen) "I'm that part of you that escapes, Julie. I reflect what's deep inside, the image of strength and independence you felt before you were -- violated. But as I absorb more misery and bitterness, I change. I fear what I am becoming, Julie. But now that you have seen this, the world can never be the same size again."
  • (Julie) "I can't believe you want to get involved in that censorship crap."
  • (Sara) "Life is pretty pathetic when even your own hallucinations lie to you."
  • (The Maxx) "To be first in the soil, which erupts in the coil, of trees veins and grasses all brought to a boil. Wait, it's different somehow, cause this land isn't mine, and my brain has been freed, I'm not thinking in -- poetry stuff."
  • (Julie) "This doll is telling me things I don't want to hear and if it doesn't shut up in going brush it's head, I'm going to brush and brush until I brush off it's head."
  • (Mr. Gone) "The others cry out for you, Julie Winters. Their screams of agony are the kisses I place along your neck"
  • (Julie) "Cartoons are so pretentious."
  • (Sara) "Ok, heres the point in the story where I have this cathartic revelation that suicide's wrong, that life's worth living and everything'll be OK. Yeah, right. And that's why this story doesn't work."
  • (Sara) "'Cause I just don't buy it."
  • (Julie) "Nobody buys it, but that's not why you go on."
  • (Sara) "Why then?"
  • (The Maxx) "Because things'll change. You'll change."
  • (Sara) "What about right now?"
  • (Julie) "Right now, you wait."
  • (Sara) "They're all necro-nerds and Sand freaks. They think death is romantic. Death is hard and cold and ugly, not some cute chick."
  • (Sara) "Mom called, said to call if you needed anything."
  • (Julie) "Great. Hey, when you talked to your mom, did you happen to mention that there's a slight chance this entire world is all my dream and if I wake up it could end everything."
  • (Sara) "Well I might have left that part out."
  • (Julie) "Just as well, it's not exactly my favorite part."
  • (Sara) "I was sitting under the Jones Street underpass yesterday. That's because I want to be a writer and writers gotta have experiences, like underpasses."

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