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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) Quotes

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Taking of Pelham One Two Three ended its run in 1970.

It features Gabriel Katzka as producer, David Shire in charge of musical score, and Owen Roizman as head of cinematography.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) is 104 minutes long. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Tony Roberts as Mayor, Tony Roberts as Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle, Julius Harris as Inspector Daniels, Martin Balsam as Old Man, Dick O'Neill as Correll, Jerry Stiller as Lt. Rico Patrone, James Broderick as Denny Doyle, and Beatrice Winde as Mrs. Jenkins.

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974 film) Quotes

James Broderick as Denny Doyle

  • (Mr. Green) "I'm taking your brake handle and reverse key, Denny. I want your cutting key also. That's it."
  • (Mr. Blue) "You'll be hearing from Command Center in a minute or two. You won't answer; you'll ignore the call. Is that clear, My. Doyle?"
  • (James Broderick) "Oh yes, sir, they can call all they want to. I'm deaf."
  • (James Broderick) "I wouldn't go down there if I were you."
  • (Caz Dolowicz) "I know you wouldn't."
  • (Mr. Green) "What's your name, motorman?"
  • (James Broderick) "Uh, Denny Doyle."
  • (Mr. Green) "Ever get written up?"
  • (James Broderick) "Uh, yes, sir. Once."
  • (Mr. Green) "What for?"
  • (James Broderick) "Running a red signal. How about you?"
  • (Mr. Green) "Twice. Once on the Canarsie --"
  • (Mr. Blue) "That's right, Mr. Green. Tell Mr. Doyle all about yourself, will you?"
  • (James Broderick) "You're still in switching. Why don't you peg it up to series? You're green all the way."
  • (Mr. Green) "Nah, we're in no hurry."
  • (James Broderick) "Cold sounds pretty bad."
  • (Mr. Green) "I don't know. I woke up in the middle of the night."
  • (Mr. Green) "Sheesh."
  • (Mr. Blue) "What happened?"
  • (Mr. Green) "Must have bucked."
  • (Mr. Blue) "You told me you could drive this thing."
  • (Mr. Green) "It wasn't me."
  • (James Broderick) "No, it was the train. She bucks all the time, especially in that switching. She's a dog."

Jerry Stiller as Lt. Rico Patrone

  • (Lt. Garber) "Rico, she's moving."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Who's moving?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Who do you think? Pelham."
  • (Mr. Blue) "What happed to Garber?"
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Even great men have to pee."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Even great men have to pee."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "This is Lieutenant Patrone, Operations -- Where are you now?"
  • (Patrolman James) "28th Street southbound -- Hey look, Lieutenant, everything cooled out, I mean nothing happening -- Now what's going on?"
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Look, don't react to this, but a train's been hijacked."
  • (Patrolman James) "Holy s***."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "For God's sake, don't say anything."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Wait a minute. I just figured out how they're going to get away."
  • (Lt. Garber) "I'm listening."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "They're going to fly the train to Cuba."
  • (Lt. Garber) "You're a sick man, Rico."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Did you get that list of motormen who were discharged for cause I asked you to get?"
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Yeah; 78 names."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Seventy-eight?"
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Yeah, but it's not that bad. Eight are dead, 22 were rehired, eleven are in jail, 26 moved away, one's in a mental institution, and another's a member of the New York Police Department."
  • (Lt. Garber) "That's our man right there."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Sorry to disappoint you, Zachary, but he was accounted for."
  • (Patrolman James) "They just shot him with a machine gun."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Is he dead?"
  • (Patrolman James) "Wouldn't you be, Lieutenant?"
  • (Jerry Stiller) "We had a bomb scare in the Bronx yesterday, but it turned out to be a cantaloupe."

Dick O'Neill as Correll

  • (Dick O'Neill) "Boy, I never thought I'd see the day when talking to murderers took priority over running a railroad."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Get off it, will you, Frank? My only priority is saving the lives of these passengers."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Screw the god**** passengers. What the hell did they expect for their lousy 35 cents; to live forever?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Oh, you're beautiful."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Do you read me, Pelham One Two Three?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "If I was running things, I'd go in there with guns and tear gas and blast them out."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Yeah, well you're not running things, so why don't you start doing your own work and let the police do theirs, huh?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Like that lily-livered cop on the train, huh? When the hell's he going to start shooting?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "We don't even know if it is a he."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Do you read me, Pelham One Two Three?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Women cops; what the hell good are they? Probably can't even find her gun in her god**** purse."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Frank, how much longer before the track's clear all the way to South Ferry?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "You mean before this railroad is so totally f***ed up it'll take a computer to put it back together?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Yes, Frank, that's what I meant."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "About five or six minutes. I got a snag over at Brooklyn Bridge."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Christ, to hear you plead with that chickens*** makes me ashamed to be an American."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Go away, will you, Frank? Go play with your trains."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "I don't give a rat's ass for your f***ing instructions. I'm not lifting a finger to help the killers of Caz Dolowicz."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Hey, Jesus."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Now you listen to me, you dumb son of a bitch. You don't do what I tell you, you'll be having dinner tonight with Caz Dolowicz."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Hey, Frank, you know who went down to 28th Street from Grand Central?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Yeah, Caz Dolowicz. Why?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Sheesh. I knew him."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "What do you mean, you "knew" him?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "They just shot him."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Dead?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Caz? Fat Caz?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Yep."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Awwww, s***."
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Don't bug me, Garber. I've got problems."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Oh, yeah? What's the matter?"
  • (Dick O'Neill) "Oh, nothing: a train is down, its radio's dead, the power's off, and it's dumped its load. Aside from that, everything's ginger peachy."

Julius Harris as Inspector Daniels

  • (Lt. Garber) "Inspector, that short move they made between 28th Street and 17th Street; why did they do that?"
  • (Julius Harris) "I don't know."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Suppose they wanted to do something they didn't want anybody else to know about?"
  • (Julius Harris) "Like what?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Like jumping off the train. Turn around, Inspector, we're going back to 17th Street."
  • (Julius Harris) "Like hell we are."
  • (Lt. Garber) "They are not on the train. I'm sure of it."
  • (Julius Harris) "Look, Garber, I suggested that in the first place and you shot me down. Something about a dead man's feature?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "But they figured out how to beat that. That's their plan. That's what they started with."
  • (Julius Harris) "Turn this thing around and burn rubber."
  • (Julius Harris) "Garber, I just had a terrible thought: suppose they're not on the train? What if they set the throttle and jumped off? While we're chasing the train, they're sneaking out of an emergency exit somewhere behind us."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Ingenious thought, sir, except for one thing: it's impossible."
  • (Julius Harris) "Why?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Little gizmo known as a dead man's feature. It was built into the controller handle in case a motorman should ever drop dead. The controller handle has to have a man's hand pressing down on it hard at all times. Otherwise, the thing don't work. The train stops cold."
  • (Julius Harris) "Uh-huh. I see."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Nice try, though."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Inspector Daniels?"
  • (Julius Harris) "Daniels."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Oh, I, uh, thought you were, uh, like a shorter guy or; I don't know what I thought."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Inspector Daniels? She's moving, sir."
  • (Julius Harris) "Who's moving?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "What's the matter with everybody? How many hijacked trains have we got around here, anyway?"
  • (Julius Harris) "You better be right about this, Garber."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Well, even if I am, it's probably too late."

Tony Roberts as Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle

  • (Tony Roberts) "Warren, suppose the hijackers start shooting at me?"
  • (Tony Roberts) "Will you stop? They have no reason to shoot at you."
  • (Tony Roberts) "Why; do you think they're from out of town?"
  • (Tony Roberts) "Get dressed, Al. I'll do the jokes."
  • (Tony Roberts) "Warren, I've thought it over. I know what we're going to do."
  • (Tony Roberts) "You tell me."
  • (Tony Roberts) "We're going to let 'em keep the god**** subway train. Hell, we've got plenty of them; we'll never even miss it."
  • (Tony Roberts) "How about the 18 hostages, Al? Are we going to miss them?"
  • (Tony Roberts) "Warren, goddammit, this city hasn't got a million dollars."
  • (Tony Roberts) "Then you better empty out one of your Swiss bank accounts because there's no other way out."
  • (Tony Roberts) "Don't we get even to think about it?"
  • (Tony Roberts) "There's no time."
  • (Tony Roberts) "All right. I still want the full picture. Get me the police commissioner, the chairman of the Transit Authority, and that putz we've got for a Comptroller."
  • (Tony Roberts) "They're on their way over. But it's no good running to them, Al. You're the man. The buck stops with you."
  • (Tony Roberts) "Oh, s***."
  • (Tony Roberts) "God help us."
  • (Tony Roberts) "s***. Piss. f***."
  • (Tony Roberts) "Hallelujah. Alright, fellas, you heard him. Phil, pass the word to the bad guys that we're coughing up. Sid, what bank do we do the most business with?"
  • (Transit Authority Chairman) "City National Trust. I'll give them a call."
  • (Tony Roberts) "I'll call. You'll take an hour trying to knock down the interest rate."

Beatrice Winde as Mrs. Jenkins

  • (Beatrice Winde) "Grand Central Tower calling Command Center."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Yeah, this is Command Center."
  • (Beatrice Winde) "She's moving."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Who's moving?"
  • (Beatrice Winde) "Pelham One Two Three."
  • (Lt. Garber) "What? Since when?"
  • (Beatrice Winde) "Just started."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Hold on, I'll put you on tie in."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Rico, she's moving."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Who's moving?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "Who do ya think? Pelham."
  • (Jerry Stiller) "It's too soon, we're not set up yet."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Which is probably why they did it. You heard from Daniels yet?"
  • (Jerry Stiller) "Yeah, he's in a squad car on Park Avenue South."
  • (Lt. Garber) "Inspector Daniels, she's moving, sir."
  • (Julius Harris) "Who's moving?"
  • (Lt. Garber) "What's the matter with everybody? How many hijacked trains we got around here, anyway?"

Martin Balsam as Old Man

  • (Mr. Blue) "Ladies and gentlemen, it might interest you to know that the City of New York has agreed to pay for your release."
  • (Martin Balsam) "Excuse me, sir. Would you mind telling us now how much you're getting?"
  • (Mr. Blue) "Why is that of interest to you, sir?"
  • (Martin Balsam) "Well, a person likes to know his worth."
  • (Mr. Blue) "One million dollars."
  • (Martin Balsam) "That's not so terrific."

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