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The Thing Called Love Quotes

The Thing Called Love is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Thing Called Love ended in 1970.

It features John Davis (producer) as producer, G. Marq Roswell in charge of musical score, and Peter James (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Thing Called Love is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Thing Called Love is 116 minutes long. The Thing Called Love is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: River Phoenix as James Wright, Samantha Mathis as Miranda Presley, Dermot Mulroney as Kyle Davidson, Carol Grace Anderson as Driver, and Sandra Bullock as Linda Lue Linden.

The Thing Called Love Quotes

River Phoenix as James Wright

  • (River Phoenix) "How many Beatles are there?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Three -- and Ringo."
  • (River Phoenix) "This check seems to be made out to "selfish, arrogant dickhead.""
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Yeah, they'll cash it. They know it's you."
  • (River Phoenix) "This didn't have to get ugly"

Dermot Mulroney as Kyle Davidson

  • (Dermot Mulroney) "You want me to tell you how I feel about you?"
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Yeah."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Okay, okay. Uh, sometimes you hear a song on the radio and it's just the song you want to hear right then, and then it's over and you're just glad you heard it."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "And I'm like that song?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "No, you're nothing like that song. You're like if that was the only song in the world that I could hear for the rest of my life. You're that song."

Sandra Bullock as Linda Lue Linden

  • (Sandra Bullock) "You Know Kyle Davidson, there's something you never knew about me."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "What's that?"
  • (Sandra Bullock) "You could have had me for a song"
  • (Sandra Bullock) "Hey Kyle Davidson."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Hey Linda Lue, is that your pretty face I'm seein'?"
  • (Sandra Bullock) "Well it ain't nobody's butt."

Samantha Mathis as Miranda Presley

  • (Samantha Mathis) "Okay, come on. Lets go."
  • (River Phoenix) "We can't just leave, we've gotta at least let them know we've changed our mind -- the preachers on his way and it's raining --"
  • (Samantha Mathis) "No, no, no, no. Look, uh, we'll just -- We'll have a fight, and i'll pretend to slap you -- or shoot you in the leg or something --"
  • (River Phoenix) "-- Got a better idea."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "-- What?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Let's -- get married."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "You don't just get married as a joke."
  • (River Phoenix) "It's not a joke. It's a journey."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Hey. You know, I don't appreciate you including me in your lie back there. Especially without asking me."
  • (River Phoenix) "Well, that's a fine point to make. Thank you."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Okay."
  • (River Phoenix) "There might be a song in that."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Huh?"
  • (River Phoenix) "I was gonna ask you out for a beer, but i've since changed my mind."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "What is that? Some kinda line?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Yes."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Does it work?"
  • (River Phoenix) "Sometimes. Rarely."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "I'll bet."
  • (River Phoenix) "I might change my mind again --"
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Maybe you should change your line."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "And what about -- me?"
  • (River Phoenix) "You want to come all the way to Memphis just to sit around and watch me record? I thought you'd want to stay here. settle into our, house --"
  • (Samantha Mathis) "And do what?"
  • (River Phoenix) "do what? don't know. What does one do anywhere? There's a number of things you could do -- write songs -- birdwatch."
  • (Samantha Mathis) "Look out Music City, cause here I am and I ain't never leavin'."

Carol Grace Anderson as Driver

  • (Carol Grace Anderson) "Didn't you see the stop sign?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "That's my song."
  • (Carol Grace Anderson) "Well, that's my car."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "That's my song playing on the radio."
  • (Carol Grace Anderson) "You wrote that song?"
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Yeah."
  • (Bystander) "You're a better songwriter than you are a driver."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "That's my song."
  • (Bystander) "That song's all right."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "Kinda makes ya wanna pat your foot, doesn't it?"
  • (Bystander) "You shoulda patted the brake one time."
  • (Dermot Mulroney) "That's my song."
  • (Bystander) "You got two hits in one day."

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