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Undisputed II: Last Man Standing Quotes

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Undisputed II: Last Man Standing stopped airing in 1970.

It features Boaz Davidson as producer, Stephen Edwards in charge of musical score, and Ross W. Clarkson as head of cinematography.

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Undisputed II: Last Man Standing is 98 minutes long. Undisputed II: Last Man Standing is distributed by Nu Image.

The cast includes: Eli Danker as Crot, Michael Jai White as George Chambers, Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka, Mark Ivanir as Gaga, and Valentin Ganev as Warden Markov.

Undisputed II: Last Man Standing Quotes

Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka

  • (Referee) "Gentlemen, remember, no biting, no eye gouging, and no hair pulling."
  • (Scott Adkins) "I'll beat you at your own game. Fists only."
  • (Michael Jai White) "Just don't bleed on me too much."

Eli Danker as Crot

  • (Eli Danker) "What did you see, George?"
  • (Michael Jai White) "OK, maybe I underestimated the guy a little bit, but I know how he fights now."
  • (Eli Danker) "I'm no fighter, George, but I was once trained how to hurt people. I know a thing or two about grappling, military close combat, things you might need in this type of fight --"
  • (Michael Jai White) "This is all street fight anyway and that's what I'm from. I'll just go home on his ass."
  • (Eli Danker) "Listen to me, George. You must finish him or you will rot in this stinking hole for the rest of your life, like me. What are you waiting for?"
  • (Michael Jai White) "The bell."
  • (Eli Danker) "Came to say good-bye, huh?"
  • (Michael Jai White) "Yeah."
  • (Eli Danker) "You did good."
  • (Michael Jai White) "I did alright. Do you still have that jacket I got you?"
  • (Eli Danker) "Of course. I will hold on to it forever."
  • (Michael Jai White) "Well, now that's up to you, but you'd better grab it and put it on right now."
  • (Eli Danker) "Why?"
  • (Michael Jai White) "Because, Nikolai, there's an 18-year-old girl who needs to meet her uncle, and it's cold as a motherf***er out there."
  • (Eli Danker) "You never help anyone? Probably not."
  • (Michael Jai White) "Motherf***er, you don't know me. That's why I bought my mother a ten-bedroom house. I don't do for nobody, s***."
  • (Eli Danker) "You probably do that for you, too."
  • (Eli Danker) "Put leg on top of shoulder, lock with head. And now press on top of knee."
  • (Eli Danker) "Press George."
  • (Eli Danker) "Harder."
  • (Michael Jai White) "If I press any harder, its gonna break."
  • (Eli Danker) "Good, maybe I start to feel the leg again."
  • (Eli Danker) "Now on top of shoulder. Lock with head. Now press on top of knee. Press George. Harder."
  • (Michael Jai White) "If I press any harder it's gonna break."
  • (Eli Danker) "Good, maybe I start to feel the leg again."
  • (Eli Danker) "George, do you know where this coat come from? 'cause I hear it comes from selfish asshole who never does anything for anyone else, why?"
  • (Michael Jai White) "Why do you think? Because it's cold as the motherf***er round here."

Michael Jai White as George Chambers

  • (Michael Jai White) "What happened?"
  • (Eli Danker) "You were drugged."
  • (Michael Jai White) "Stevie, that motherf***er."
  • (Michael Jai White) "Boyka, eh?"
  • (Michael Jai White) "Now, what kind of bitch ass name is that?"
  • (Scott Adkins) "You were great champion, I know, long time ago, long time, but in here, I am the champion, and you, you are just my --"

Mark Ivanir as Gaga

  • (Mark Ivanir) "I told you to do nothing, nothing, without asking me first."
  • (Valentin Ganev) "But I --"
  • (Mark Ivanir) "Shut the f*** up. If anything happens to him, I will strip you naked and hang you by the balls from the watch-tower. Open the door."
  • (Valentin Ganev) "Gaga --"
  • (Mark Ivanir) "NOW VLAD."

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