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Waterloo (1970 film) Quotes

Waterloo (1970 film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Waterloo ended in 1970.

It features Dino De Laurentiis as producer, Nino Rota; Wilfred Josephs in charge of musical score, and Armando Nannuzzi as head of cinematography.

Waterloo (1970 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of Waterloo (1970 film) is 134 / 123 min long. Waterloo (1970 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures, and Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Dan O'Herlihy as Michel Ney, Gianni Garko as Gen. Drouot, Rod Steiger as Napoleon, Philippe Forquet as Le Bedoyere, Sergo Zakariadze as Field Marshal Gebhard von Blucher, Charles Borromel as Mulholland, Ian Ogilvy as William De Lancey, Michael Wilding as Sir William Ponsonby, and Susan Wood as Sarah.

Waterloo (1970 film) Quotes

Dan O'Herlihy as Michel Ney

  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Cross the river. Tomorrow we will dry our boots in Brussels."
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "God willing sire."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "God? God has nothing to do with it."
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "Are you France? Are you the Guard?"
  • (King Louis XVIII) "I know you loved this man."
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "I did, once. But I promise you, that I will bring him back to Paris in an iron cage."
  • (King Louis XVIII) "How they exagerate, these soldiers, In an iron cage. Nobody asked for that?"
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "Wellington's on the run. I caught him at Quatre Bras. He's retreating."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "If Wellington's retreating, what are you doing here?"
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "But, Sire --"
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "If Wellington's retreating, what are you doing here? Why didn't you follow him? Why didn't you pursue?"
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "where are the reinforcements you promised me?"
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Don't you dare criticize me. Don't you dare. Don't you see if Wellington's free to choose his ground then everything I've won in this campaign you've lost."

Philippe Forquet as Le Bedoyere

  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Le Bedoyere, do you have any children?"
  • (Philippe Forquet) "Yes, sire; one son, very young,no taller than your boot."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "And if he were with you would you want him with you here today?"
  • (Philippe Forquet) "Yes, sire."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Yes, why?"
  • (Philippe Forquet) "so he could see you, sire."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "see me? you know I have a son. I'd give anything in the world to see him. I'd give my heart I'd give my life, but not here. I wouldn't want him to witness this battle here today."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Well they've done it. The whole of Europe has declared war against me. Not against France, but against me."
  • (Philippe Forquet) "They dignify you sire by making you a Nation."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Dignify? Dignify? They deny me the decency of law. They make it legal that any clown can kill me."
  • (Dan O'Herlihy) "Well we've fought with mud in our boots before."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "Yes well, I'll discuss peace over Wellington's dead body, that's my peace table."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "When I am dead and gone what will the world say of me?"
  • (Philippe Forquet) "They'll say that you extended the limits of glory, sire."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "The limits of glory'; is that all I have to leave to my son, the 'limits of glory'?"

Sergo Zakariadze as Field Marshal Gebhard von Blucher

  • (Sergo Zakariadze) "Raise high the black flags, my children. No prisoners. No pity. I will shoot any man I see with pity in him."
  • (Gen. August Gneisenau) "If Wllington runs to the coast, none of us will make it home to Berlin. I do not trust the English, nonetheless because I have served you before sir"
  • (Sergo Zakariadze) "I am seventy-two and a proud soldier. This sword is seal. I am too old to break it"
  • (Gen. August Gneisenau) "Very well, I have ordered the retreat to Wavre. You may still co-operate with the Wellington, but God help us if he does not stand"

Rod Steiger as Napoleon

  • (Rod Steiger) "Those men on grey horses are terrifying."
  • (Marshal Soult) "They are the noblest cavalry in Europe; and the worst led."
  • (Rod Steiger) "That may be; that may be, but we will match them with our lancers."

Ian Ogilvy as William De Lancey

  • (Ian Ogilvy) "He's commiting Reille's Division now sir, he intends to turn us, on the Right."
  • (Duke of Wellington) "What the master does and what he intends are as different as white knight to black bishop."
  • (Ian Ogilvy) "We could quickly move the 95th down sire"
  • (Duke of Wellington) "I do not intend to run around like a wet hen. There'll be plenty of time sir."
  • (Ian Ogilvy) "Shall I shut them up, Sir?"
  • (Duke of Wellington) "No, no, indulge it. Anything that wastes time is good. Indulge it. Normally I don't like cheering, but there's always a time to cut cards with the Devil."

Charles Borromel as Mulholland

  • (Charles Borromel) "We're doing murder, your grace."
  • (Duke of Wellington) "I hope to God -- that I've fought my last battle."
  • (Charles Borromel) "Brave Frenchmen. You have done all that the honor of war demands; His Grace, the Duke of Wellington, invites you to save your lives. Will you surrender?"
  • (Vicomte Pierre Cambronne) "MERDE."

Michael Wilding as Sir William Ponsonby

  • (Michael Wilding) "My Father poor fellow, was killed by the French. Never should have happened"
  • (Lord Uxbridge) "Really?"
  • (Michael Wilding) "Yes, his horse got caught in a bog and the brute just gave up. Seven damn lancers had him like a tiger in a pit. Bad luck, eh, Uxbridge?"
  • (Lord Uxbridge) "Damn bad luck."
  • (Michael Wilding) "Before we go, Uxbridge."
  • (Lord Uxbridge) "Ha"
  • (Lord Uxbridge) "savage stuff, Ponsonby."
  • (Michael Wilding) "You don't see its like any more. My father left us a hundredweight, down to the last ounce. An old Jew in Alexandria had the blend."
  • (Lord Uxbridge) "Blend?"

Susan Wood as Sarah

  • (Susan Wood) "Mama, Iggy has promised to bring me a cuirrasier's helmet to use as a work basket; without blood it Mama."
  • (Duchess of Richmond) "And one for me, young man; with the blood."
  • (Michael Wilding) "And where do you plan to stick your Frenchman, Hay?"
  • (Lord Richard Hay) "I thought under the right arm, sir."
  • (Susan Wood) "See? He has it all planned."
  • (General Sir Thomas Picton) "When you meet a cuirrasier beam to beam, you'll be lucky if you bring away your life with you nevermind his helmet. Boy, you'll learn the art of fighting from the French."

Gianni Garko as Gen. Drouot

  • (Gianni Garko) "The Prussians are in the woods. Blucher is in the woods."
  • (Napoleon Bonaparte) "I made one mistake in my life; I should have burned Berlin."

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