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Quotations from The Broadway Melody

The Broadway Melody is a musical romance film about a vaudeville act that comes to broadway where their friend needs them for his shows. A love triangle becomes the center of the film.

The Broadway Melody won the Oscar award for Best Picture and was nominated for Best Actress (Love) and Best Director. This was the first sound film to win an Academy Award for Best Picture and the first musical to have a Technicolor feature. Sadly, the color sequence is lost and only the black-and-white copy remains. Continue reading for some quotes and more information about The Broadway Melody.

Directed by
Harry Beaumont

Starring: Bessie Love, Anita Page, and Charles King

Scene From The Broadway Melody

Quotes from The Broadway Melody

Uncle Jed: It's better to star in Pe- Pe- Pe- Osh Kosh than starve on Broadway.

Hank Mahoney: [after a cat-fight with a chorus girl] Next time I'll give you a facial instead of a scalp treatment!
Chorus Girl: I'll fix you, ya little peanut!

Eddie Kearns: Those men aren't going to pay ten bucks to look at your face; this is Broadway!
Hank Mahoney: Yeah, "Broad's way!"
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