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Santa Claus Quotes for Christmas

Santa Claus is an amazing character. His gifts to children around the world during Christmas time is something we should all wish for. These quotes below are to help celebrate this special holiday season.

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

Haven Gillespie, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"
In this age of instant coffee, overnight rush deliveries, and 30-second media sound bites, it's not surprising that children have discovered that their letters to Santa Claus can be sent by email.
Patrick Flaherty, Dear Santa
Alas! How dreary would be the world if there was no Santa Claus!... There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence.
Francis P. Church, New York Sun, Sep. 21, 1897
I think Santa Claus is, by and large, quite beneficial, for when the child is finally allowed -- or forced -- to recognize the nonexistence of Santa Claus, then the child is able to go through the vital intellectual process of reconstructing reality in light of new evidence, complete with back-forming new stories to account for past events. This prepares the child for many other disillusionments and gives her vital and well-supported experience in maintaining her grip on reality independent of the stories told to her at any given time.
Orson Scott Card, Lost Boys
All the world is happy when Santa Claus comes.
Maud Lindsay, "Santa Claus, a Wonder Story for Little Children"
Christmas is a time when kids tell Santa what they want and adults pay for it. Deficits are when adults tell the government what they want - and their kids pay for it.
Richard Lamm
One of the things I had a hard time getting used to when I came to California in '78 was Santa Claus in shorts.
Dennis Franz
Santa Claus is anyone who loves another and seeks to make them happy; who gives himself by thought or word or deed in every gift that he bestows.
Edwin Osgood Grover
They err who thinks Santa Claus comes down through the chimney; he really enters through the heart.
Paul M. Ell

Funny Santa Claus Quotes

I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.
Shirley Temple
Santa is very jolly because he knows where all the bad girls live.
George Carlin
Whenever you give someone a present or sing a holiday song, you're helping Santa Claus. To me, that's what Christmas is all about. Helping Santa Claus!
Louis Sachar, Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger
I never believed in Santa Claus because I knew no white dude would come into my neighborhood after dark.
Dick Gregory, Judy Brown's The Funny Pages
Santa Claus has the right idea - visit people only once a year.
Victor Borge
Christmas at my house is always at least six or seven times more pleasant than anywhere else. We start drinking early. And while everyone else is seeing only one Santa Claus, we'll be seeing six or seven.
W.C. Fields, The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips & One-Liners
Let's be naughty and save Santa the trip.
Gary Allan
I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.
Bernard Manning
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