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10-8: Officers on Duty Quotes

10-8: Officers on Duty is a Police procedural that debuted in 2003 on American Broadcasting Company. 10-8: Officers on Duty ended its run in 2004.

10-8: Officers on Duty lasted 1 seasons and 15 (1 unaired) episodes. It features Danny Lux as composer. 10-8: Officers on Duty is executive produced by Aaron Spelling. 10-8: Officers on Duty is created by Louis St. Clair.

10-8: Officers on Duty is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of 10-8: Officers on Duty is 45-48 minutes long. 10-8: Officers on Duty is produced by Spelling Television.

The cast includes: Danny Nucci as Deputy Rico Amonte, Ernie Hudson as Senior Deputy John Henry Barnes, and Danny Nucci as Deputy Jackson.

10-8: Officers on Duty Quotes

Danny Nucci as Deputy Rico Amonte

  • (Danny Nucci) "I only drink when I'm happy."
  • (Danny Nucci) "I remember the guy's appearance. Five foot, ten, black stringy hair, eyes to turn Medusa to stone."
  • (Danny Nucci) "I'm calm, cool, collected."
  • (Danny Nucci) "I remember when I saved up everything I earned to buy my mom a lilac bush when she was sick. I just knew that she'd get better if she had her favorite flower beside her. I went to the nursery, I bought the plant, she died that afternoon. Some matters are just out of our hands."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Astrid? What are you doing here?"
  • (Unnamed) "Rico, I'm pregnant."
  • (Danny Nucci) "But it can't be. I've lived in four condoms since the last time we had sex."
  • (Danny Nucci) "It's not yours. It's my husband's."
  • (Man in jail) "I'm sad."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Well, why are you sad?"
  • (Man in jail) "Larry."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Larry?"
  • (Man in jail) "The guy you found in my truck. How is he?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "Well, you know he's dead, so there's that."
  • (Man in jail) "I know, but they'll bury him proper, won't they?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "Of course they will."
  • (Man in jail) "Good. He was like my family."
  • (Danny Nucci) "You didn't kill him, did you?"
  • (Man in jail) "No. He just up and died. He had a weak heart. I was his only friend. Bikers are people too, you know."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Of course."
  • (Danny Nucci) "You know sir, when I was a kid the only time I listened to my father was when he wasn't yelling."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Sir, I am just trying to make small talk."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "I don't do small talk."
  • (Danny Nucci) "So I'm not gonna tell you how much I miss Brooklyn, huh? Especially the Summers --"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "I don't want to hear your birthday, I don't want to hear your favorite ice cream, I don't want to hear how your dog Skippy died, and I certainly don't want to hear about your bedroom life."
  • (Danny Nucci) "How did you know my dogs name was Skippy?"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Are you pulling roots?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "Sir, I do not pull roots, especially when it comes to Skippy. Yellow lab, we had him for fifteen years --"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "How do you say shut up in Italian?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "What?"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "How do you say shut up in Italian?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "Stait zit."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Stait zit."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Italian is a beautiful language, you know sir?"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Stait zit."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Hey, that is pretty good. You know, most people don't --"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "I mean stait zit."
  • (Danny Nucci) "I'm so sorry about your wife and the baby. Losing my mom was bad, but after what you've been through, forget it."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Layne -- bad, bad girl."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Sir, it wasn't her fault. I was telling her how frustrated I was at not getting anywhere with you. I dragged it out of her. She was looking out for you."
  • (Danny Nucci) "Abra-cadabra-gail. Long for Abigail, that was what we called her. So now you can tell that to Layne also."
  • (Danny Nucci) "This is between you and me."

Ernie Hudson as Senior Deputy John Henry Barnes

  • (McDowell) "I never would have pulled the trigger if that's what you're after."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "I know you wouldn't, I could see it in your eyes. One thing you should know, though, when you go to such lengths to make a statement is never contradict that statement before you've made it."
  • (McDowell) "What do you mean?"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Calling names can do serious damage to people, just as it did to your grandchild."
  • (McDowell) "I know."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "And you went in there to teach those kids a lesson they'd never forget. Then when a janitor shows up you mock him, his station in life, and call him a name."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Do you pray?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "What?"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Do you pray?"
  • (Danny Nucci) "At Easter, sometimes at Christmas if I want something extra."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "You better pray hard tonight that you never see me again."

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