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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Quotes

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a television program that debuted in 1973 on CBS (1973-1989). A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving stopped airing in 1970.

It features Lee Mendelson as producer, Bill Melendez doing voices, Vince Guaraldi as theme composer, and Vince Guaraldi as composer. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is created by Charles M. Schulz.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is recorded in English and originally aired in USA. Each episode of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is 25 minutes long. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is distributed by United Feature Syndicate. Spinoffs for this show include It's a Mystery, Charlie Brown.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Quotes

  • (Linus van Pelt) "This is not unlike another famous Thanksgiving episode. Do you remember the story of John Alden, and Priscilla Mullins, and Captain Miles Standish?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "This isn't like that one at all."
  • (Marcie) "Don't feel bad, Chuck. Peppermint Patty didn't mean all those things she said. Actually, she really likes you."
  • (Charlie Brown) "I don't feel bad for myself, I just feel bad because I've ruined everyone's Thanksgiving."
  • (Marcie) "But Thanksgiving is more than eating, Chuck. You heard what Linus was saying out there. Those early Pilgrims were thankful for what had happened to them, and we should be thankful, too. We should just be thankful for being together. I think that's what they mean by 'Thanksgiving,' Charlie Brown."
  • (Sally Brown) "Do you know what we have to do? We have to write an essay on Stanley Miles."
  • (Charlie Brown) "You mean Miles Standish."
  • (Sally Brown) "I can't keep track of all those names."
  • (Sally Brown) "Anyway, why should I give thanks on Thanksgiving? What have I got to be thankful for? All it does is make more work for us at school."
  • (Charlie Brown) "Good grief, it's 4 o'clock. We're supposed to be at grandmother's house for Thanksgiving by 4:30. I'd better talk to her and explain my dilemma."
  • (Marcie) "You were kind of rough on Charlie Brown, weren't you, sir?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Rough? Look at this. Is this what you call a Thanksgiving day dinner? Did we come across town for this? We're supposed to be served a real Thanksgiving dinner."
  • (Marcie) "Now wait a minute, sir. Did he invite you here to dinner, or did you invite yourself, and us, too?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Gee, I never thought of it like that. You think I hurt ole Chuck's feelings? I bet I hurt his feelings, huh? Golly, why can't I act right outside of a baseball game?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Marcie, maybe you could go to ole Chuck and patch things up for me. Maybe you can tell him how I really feel. Tell him I didn't mean it the way it sounded. Marcie, you can do it. You go and see him and tell him I really like it and I think the dinner's okay with me."
  • (Marcie) "Well, I don't know, but I'll try. I think maybe you should go to Chuck and tell him yourself."
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "No, Marcie, I'll just ruin everything. You know I'm too brusque and rough. You go and speak for me."
  • (Marcie) "Well, okay."
  • (Charlie Brown) "Well, there's only one thing wrong with that."
  • (Linus van Pelt) "What's that, Charlie Brown?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "My grandmother lives in a condominium."
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Are we going to have a prayer? It's Thanksgiving, you know."
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Before we're served, shouldn't we say grace?"
  • (Marcie) "He's all yours, Priscilla."
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Priscilla?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "Priscilla?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "I think I'm losing control of the whole world."
  • (Linus van Pelt) "Now what's wrong?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "Now she's bringing Franklin, too. Peppermint Patty's invited herself, Marcie, and Franklin over for Thanksgiving dinner. And I'm not even going to be home. I'm going to be at my grandmother's."
  • (Linus van Pelt) "Why don't you just call her back and explain it to her?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "You can't explain anything to Peppermint Patty because you never get to say anything. I'm doomed. Three guests for Thanksgiving, and I'm not even going to be home. Peppermint Patty will hate me for the rest of my life."
  • (Sally Brown) "What's the matter, big brother?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "Nothing. I was just checking the mailbox."
  • (Sally Brown) "What did you expect, a turkey card?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "You're holding my hand, Chuck, you sly dog."
  • (Charlie Brown) "I can't cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast."
  • (Linus van Pelt) "That's right. I've seen you make toast. You can't butter it, but maybe we can help you."
  • (Charlie Brown) "Holidays always depress me."
  • (Sally Brown) "I know what you mean. I went down to buy a turkey tree and all they have are things for Christmas."
  • (Charlie Brown) "For Christmas? Already?"
  • (Charlie Brown) "We've got ANOTHER holiday to worry about. It seems Thanksgiving Day is upon us."
  • (Sally Brown) "I haven't even finished eating all of my Halloween candy."
  • (Marcie) "What are we going to wear to this big Thanksgiving party, sir? What time do we go?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Well kid, I'm gonna go like this. Ole Chuck is pretty cool about dates. He always wears that striped shirt of his."
  • (Franklin) "I just talked to Charlie Brown. He said dinner would be served a little earlier."
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "Great, we're ready."
  • (Franklin) "You think I should wear a tie?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "No, you can go as you are, Franklin. I don't think Chuck'll mind. Besides, he didn't say it was formal."
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "What's this? A piece of toast? A pretzel stick? Popcorn? What blockhead cooked all this?"
  • (Patricia 'Peppermint Patty' Reichardt) "What kind of Thanksgiving dinner is this? Where's the turkey, Chuck? Don't you know anything about Thanksgiving dinners? Where's the mashed potatoes? Where's the cranberry sauce? Where's the pumpkin pie?"

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