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About Adam Quotes

About Adam is a television show that first aired in 1970 . About Adam ended its run in 1970.

It features Anna Devlin as producer, Adrian Johnston in charge of musical score, and Bruno de Keyzer as head of cinematography.

About Adam is recorded in English and originally aired in Ireland. Each episode of About Adam is 105 minutes long. About Adam is distributed by Metrodome Distribution (UK).

About Adam Quotes

  • (Adam) "Listen, You know when we make love for the first time. Well, I just wanted to let you know, I want to leave it all up to you, your call."
  • (Lucy Owens) "I don't get you Adam."
  • (Adam) "Everything, you know? When and where, the circumstances. I want it to happen -- I want it to be exactly the way you'd like it to be. Is that ok?"
  • (Lucy Owens) "How about now? right here in the car."
  • (Lucy Owens) "I'll think about that."
  • (Laura Owens) "I mean, seriously, Lucy, all these fellas and you've never had anything even approaching, you know, well the madness, the release of a truly great passion."
  • (Lucy Owens) "I know, I know. A big spiritual, physical hopping off the walls in a mad frenzy kind of thing. I mean come on Laura, for all your talk, what do you do? you haven't bothered to go out with anyone since last year, and the last one was that ridiculous bearded guy who drank Pernod."
  • (Laura Owens) "Bernard."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Oo, yeah. Ha ha ha. It's all in your head. You never do anything."
  • (Laura Owens) "Yeah but I will someday, I know I will. What's the difference?"
  • (Lucy Owens) "Cheers."
  • (Laura Owens) "I admit it, I was amazed. He's nothing like anyone you've ever gone out with before, so what's the change?"
  • (Lucy Owens) "I'm maturing."
  • (Laura Owens) "Even his name, it's so not you. It's so primal; Adam."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Yeah, yeah, it's a crap name, all right."
  • (Laura Owens) "And he reads. He can quote Christina Rossetti."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Oh. What'd he do that for?"
  • (Laura Owens) "It came up and you know, she's not exactly a household name as a poet so I have to say, I approve totally. I just hope you're ready for you know, whatever happens."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Oh yeah, I'm full of surprises. So, are you jealous?"
  • (Laura Owens) "Come on, that's unfair."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Poor Laura. Of course she's not jealous. Too good-natured. Wouldn't it be deadly, though if it turns out to be me that has this great passion she's always going on about?"
  • (Laura Owens) "Hold on a sec, I just want to buy this"
  • (Lucy Owens) "Another book. Doesn't she know books won't do it?"
  • (Alice Owens Rooney) "Why do you do it, Adam?"
  • (Adam) "Well, I don't know. I definitely don't do it because someone's f***ed up my life and I want to get revenge. That would be no good, Alice. But maybe -- Would you believe me if I told you that when I'm with people, listening to them, I notice that they always want something from me?"
  • (Alice Owens Rooney) "Oh, I'd believe that alright."
  • (Adam) "And it doesn't annoy me, I really like it. I like to give people what they want, if I can. Whatever makes them happy it's a very easy thing for me to do."
  • (David Owens) "You bastard. You ruined my life. You screwed my girlfriend and turned me into a homosexual. I might as well kill myself. Or kill you, maybe. Yeah. God, I hope I'm not in love with you, you s***."
  • (Peggy Owens) "I could get used to this car. Did you tell her the story, by the way?"
  • (Adam) "No, I didn't."
  • (Lucy Owens) "What?"
  • (Peggy Owens) "All the interesting things you find out when you're out on a mountain stroll."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Tell me what?"
  • (Peggy Owens) "Can we tell her? A very simple lovely story. Even though he was very young when his mummy and daddy died, Adam always remembered, as a little fella, that when they went for walks they used to pass by this big fancy car sales place and his dad had a big thing about this particular car, a Jaguar."
  • (Adam) ""Just look at that Jag," he'd say. I thought it must be the most wonderful thing in the world."
  • (Peggy Owens) "His dad was always promising his mum that when they had a bit of money to splash out, that he'd buy her one. Do you know what this little beauty did? Years after, when he turned eighteen and got the bit of money that was left to him he used it all to buy this car to remember them by."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Adam, why didn't you tell me? Hmm?"
  • (Adam) "I don't know."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Oh, my."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Ugh, This place is full of ex-boyfriends. No, don't worry, I'm not interested. there's another. Ugh, maybe Laura was right. I just can't make my mind up. I mean, they're nice boys. Well, most of them -- but you know, sometimes you just wish a new face would pop up and -- Oh. Well, now, look at that. Hands off, Maria. I saw him first. Is he really that shy, I wonder. Hmm. Well I suppose it's nice for a change. Ok, here goes --"
  • (Lucy Owens) "My family's here tonight sitting at that table over there. Were celebrating my mum's birthday today. We all love you, Peggy Owens. And, there's a man down there in my crowd called Adam and he's my fella. And I know my mum's mad about him. So I thought the best present I could give my mum would be to say that him and I are going to get married."
  • (Lucy Owens) "Oh, wait. No, no, no. No, no. Wait, wait, wait. You see, I haven't asked him yet. So, Adam, I'm asking you now. Will you marry me?"
  • (Adam) "I'd love to."
  • (Laura Owens) "Lucy said he was shy. He doesn't look shy to me. Why does she always delude herself? Oh, poor mum. So many boyfriends and she tries so hard to like them all. Even Martin. Well, she suffers him for Alice's sake. Whatever else I do, I won't make that mistake. Whatever else I do, nothing basically. Right, be nice."
  • (Alice Owens Rooney) "Oh, Jwanie. Why can't you always stay that way? You'd be better off. Nope, it's all ahead of you. You'll grow up, and you'll be beautiful. The fellas will come sniffing around, and sooner or later some f***ing eejit will lurch over to you with that look in his eye. And he'll say, "Do you know what you need, love? What you need is a good shag." Oh, it will happen. Believe me. But Jean, you know what really annoying thing is? It might be true."

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