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Adventures of Don Juan Quotes

Adventures of Don Juan is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Adventures of Don Juan ended in 1970.

It features Jerry Wald as producer, Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Elwood Bredell as head of cinematography.

Adventures of Don Juan is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Adventures of Don Juan is 110 minutes long. Adventures of Don Juan is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Errol Flynn as Don Juan, Mary Stuart as Catherine, Alan Hale, Sr. as Leporello, Robert Douglas as Duke de Lorca, Leon Belasco as Don de Cordoba, Helen Westcott as Lady Diana, David Bruce as Count D'Orsini, and Tim Huntley as Cecil.

Adventures of Don Juan Quotes

Errol Flynn as Don Juan

  • (Errol Flynn) "A man gives up everything: a rich full life and the first time he tries to be utterly sincere, what happens?"
  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "That's exactly what I'm trying to find out."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Well, mind your own business."
  • (Queen Margaret) "I asked you that when I was Queen, but I am no longer."
  • (Errol Flynn) "You are. You always will be. I shall be the only one who knew that for just a little while there was no Queen."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Your Excellency, I don't consider myself particularly wasteful or useless. I'm just seeking happiness, the same as any man. Our viewpoints differ that's all."
  • (Errol Flynn) "All my life I seem to have been stumbling around as if in darkness. I am no longer."
  • (Queen Margaret) "Silence. You have no right to speak to me that way. I forbid you."
  • (Errol Flynn) "But I would never have spoken except by your command."
  • (Queen Margaret) "Then I was wrong to command you. Wrong to believe that you could reform. Or that friendship and loyalty could ever replace your desire for another conquest."
  • (King Phillip III) "We consider Don Lorca the greatest living duellist in Spain."
  • (Errol Flynn) "That's certainly the mark of a good duellist, you majesty; to be living."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Like most other men there has always been an imaginary woman in my life. I endow her with all the virtues, I clothe her in perfection. Naturally I search for her in vain. I thought she could never exist except in my mind. Now I find out she does."
  • (Errol Flynn) "The sword is not for a traitor. You'll die by the knife."

Robert Douglas as Duke de Lorca

  • (Robert Douglas) "I warned you, senor. This time I shall cut deeply."
  • (Errol Flynn) "This time I'm wearing my old clothes."
  • (Robert Douglas) "Next time I shall cut you deeply."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Next time I shall wear my old clothes."
  • (Robert Douglas) "Tell me, Don Juan, do you hire men to spread the words of your romantic conquests."
  • (Errol Flynn) "No, Your Excellency, that's a service that's always been done for me free of charge."
  • (Robert Douglas) "You have a ready tongue. It's a pity it's been used in such idle pursuits."
  • (Errol Flynn) "A matter of opinion, Your Grace. Some men prefer the conquest of beauty to the conquest of the throne."
  • (Robert Douglas) "You can see we have several interesting devices in this chamber. They have the tendency to break a man's will. If the first one fails, we try another until we find exactly the right one to loosen the tongue."
  • (Count de Polan) "I've heard of men whose tongues have withstood it."
  • (Robert Douglas) "Yes, but they now speak with the tongues of angels."
  • (Robert Douglas) "May I remind you, my dear fellow, that in a conflict one must choose a side. The middle ground is frequently the most dangerous."
  • (Errol Flynn) "I've been in the middle so many times, your grace -- it doesn't disturb me."

Alan Hale, Sr. as Leporello

  • (Alan Hale, Sr.) "Juan. No more romance, huh?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "My dear friend, there's a little bit of Don Juan in every man, and since I am Don Juan, there must be more of it in me."

Mary Stuart as Catherine

  • (Mary Stuart) "But you've made love to so many women."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Catherine, an artist may paint a thousand canvasses before achieving one work of art, would you deny a lover the same practice?"
  • (Mary Stuart) "But how long will you love me?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "Sweet lady, love is not measured in terms of time, only in ecstasy."

Helen Westcott as Lady Diana

  • (Helen Westcott) "You're here at last. You found me."
  • (Errol Flynn) "Indeed I have."

Leon Belasco as Don de Cordoba

  • (Leon Belasco) "You're a disgrace to Spain. And as a loyal Spaniard, I shall wipe out this disgrace."
  • (Helen Westcott) "Oh, stop being so -- so Spanish."

David Bruce as Count D'Orsini

  • (David Bruce) "You'll not get away so easily, senor. You're caught."
  • (Errol Flynn) "The story of my life."

Tim Huntley as Cecil

  • (Tim Huntley) "Who is this?"
  • (Errol Flynn) "You tell him."

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