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Along Came Jones (film) Quotes

Along Came Jones (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Along Came Jones ended its run in 1970.

It features Gary Cooper as producer, Arthur Lange in charge of musical score, and Milton R. Krasner as head of cinematography.

Along Came Jones (film) is distributed by RKO Pictures.

The cast includes: William Demarest as George Fury, Gary Cooper as Melody Jones, Loretta Young as Cherry de Longpre, and Dan Duryea as Monte Jarrad.

Along Came Jones (film) Quotes

Gary Cooper as Melody Jones

  • (Gary Cooper) "But you don't want to forget: when a posse makes a mistake, it's a mighty hard thing to unmake."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Not even if we swapped every stich,"
  • (Gary Cooper) "'cause there still wouldn't be no scar on my face."
  • (Dan Duryea) "But who'd know that -- if there wasn't no face left?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Like I told your friend, never turn your back on anything -- especially a girl."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Pa gave me a piece of advice that ain't never failed me yet. Son, he says, if you ever fool around with a woman, always hide a dollar in the toe of your boot and you'll come out a dollar to the good. That is, Pa says, if you keep your boots on."
  • (Gary Cooper) "If there's anything in the world I like, it's gitten saved from being shot."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Watcha got in this mattress -- skulls?"

William Demarest as George Fury

  • (William Demarest) "Look Melody, you couldn't hit the hind end of your horse with a handful of buckshot and you know it. And you ain't a gunfighter, that's all. You ain't even a good shot. You're just a plain no good bronc stomper that's been hit in the seat of the pants so many times --."
  • (William Demarest) "Now wait a minute, Melody. You ain't got to be no dumber than necessary."
  • (Gary Cooper) "That would make me somebody, wouldn't it?"
  • (William Demarest) "Who is it?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "That used to be Packard, the Express Company fella."
  • (William Demarest) "Well that cinched the duck. Now they got a corpus delicti."
  • (Gary Cooper) "A what?"
  • (William Demarest) "A dead body. That's the way the law says it. Corpus delicti. Means that if they got a corpse, you're delicti. Before this, even if they hung ya, we could have proved it was a mistake."
  • (William Demarest) "You always want to shoot them in their right eye. It spoils their aim."
  • (William Demarest) "Get your dumb thumb out of my eye."
  • (Gary Cooper) "I was just trying to see if you was dead."
  • (William Demarest) "Well, I ain't. And I don't like someone trying to gouge my eye out."
  • (William Demarest) "Who is she?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "I've never seen her before."
  • (William Demarest) "That time in Cheyenne when you was kicked in the head and you was missing four days -- are you sure you didn't marry somebody while you was out of your head?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "I wasn't that far out of my head."

Loretta Young as Cherry de Longpre

  • (Loretta Young) "When I aim at something, I hit it and when I hit something its what I aimed at."

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