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Big Night Quotes

Big Night is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Big Night stopped airing in 1970.

It features David Kirkpatrick, and Jonathan Filley as producer, Gary DeMichele in charge of musical score, and Ken Kelsch as head of cinematography.

Big Night is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Big Night is 107 minutes long. Big Night is distributed by The Samuel Goldwyn Company.

The cast includes: Tony Shalhoub as Primo, Stanley Tucci as Secondo, Ian Holm as Pascal, Campbell Scott as Bob, Marc Anthony as Cristiano, Minnie Driver as Phyllis, and Isabella Rossellini as Gabriella.

Big Night Quotes

Stanley Tucci as Secondo

  • (Stanley Tucci) "You know everything has just become -- too much."
  • (Ian Holm) "Hey, hey, f***ing guy. What this is: "too much"? HEY. It is never "too much"; it is only "not enough". Bite your teeth into the ass of life and drag it to you. HEY."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "That is why I come here to you, you know --"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Make it, make it, make it, make the pasta."
  • (Woman in Restaurant) "Monsieur, is this what I ordered?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Yes, that is the Risotto. It is a special recipe that my brother and I bring from Italy. It's delicious, I promise."
  • (Woman in Restaurant) "It took so long, I thought you went back to Italy to get it."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Sometimes the spaghetti likes to be alone."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "In Italy you work hard, and there is nothing. But here, you work hard and --"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Right? I know."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Primo, do you know why this night is happening?"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "No."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Because it has to happen."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Primo, please, just -- come on."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "I want to know for who."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Just make the side order of spaghetti, please."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Secondo, I want to know for who it is for."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "-- For the lady with the risotto."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "What? Why?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "She likes starch. I don't know. Come on."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Bitch."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "I make it myself."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Nah. Who are these people in America? I need to talk to her."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Oh, please, Primo, what are you going to do? Tell the customer what she can eat? Huh? That is what she want. This is what the customer ask for. Make it. Make the pasta, make it, make it, make the pasta. Come on. Let's go."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "How can she want? They are both starch. Maybe I should make mashed potato for another side."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Primo, look, don't. Okay? Because they are the first customers to come in two hours. The f***ing pipes are --"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "No. She's a criminal. I want to talk to her."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "You want to talk to her? Okay. You want to talk to her? That's good. You want to talk to her? Okay. Good. Fine. I'm sick of this every f***ing night. Okay? You want to talk to her? Fine."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Okay, here we go."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Go talk to her."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "No. She's a philistine. I'm not gonna talk to her. She no understand anyway."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "It will be just a moment."

Tony Shalhoub as Primo

  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Do you know what happens in that restaurant every night? RAPE. RAPE --. The rape of cuisine."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Give people time, they will learn."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "This is a restaurant. This is not a f***ing school."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "This place is eating us alive."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "To eat good food is to be close to God."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "What?"
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "More Salt?"
  • (Stanley Tucci) "No."
  • (Tony Shalhoub) "Not too fine, eh? Sometimes you cut it too fine, then all you taste is the garlic."

Ian Holm as Pascal

  • (Ian Holm) "He's a great investment, you know, your brother. You too, of course."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "You will never have my brother. He live in a world above you. What he has, and what he is, is real. You are nothing."
  • (Ian Holm) "I am a businessman. I am anything I need to be at any time."
  • (Ian Holm) "f***ing Guy."
  • (Ian Holm) "God damn it, I should kill you. This is so f***ing good I should kill you."
  • (Ian Holm) "Give people what they want, then later you can give them what you want."

Campbell Scott as Bob

  • (Campbell Scott) "I have a younger brother. I hate his guts."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Why?"
  • (Campbell Scott) "He's cheap."
  • (Stanley Tucci) "Well, but he's your brother."
  • (Campbell Scott) "He's a person. I hate cheap people."

Minnie Driver as Phyllis

  • (Minnie Driver) "You know how they get you, these people -- men -- boys -- They make you think they have secrets they will tell. But they have nothing to tell. And then they talk, and they talk talk talk and keep talking. And what do they say?"
  • (Isabella Rossellini) "Nothing."
  • (Minnie Driver) "Right."
  • (Isabella Rossellini) "And then they smoke. And then they talk some more. And then that's that."

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