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Blast from the Past (film) Quotes

Blast from the Past (film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Blast from the Past completed its run in 1970.

It features Hugh Wilson as producer, Steve Dorff in charge of musical score, and José Luis Alcaine as head of cinematography.

Blast from the Past (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Blast from the Past (film) is 112 minutes long. Blast from the Past (film) is distributed by New Line Cinema.

The cast includes: Brendan Fraser as Adam, Alicia Silverstone as Eve, Dave Foley as Troy, Christopher Walken as Calvin, and Sissy Spacek as Helen.

Blast from the Past (film) Quotes

Brendan Fraser as Adam

  • (Brendan Fraser) "I think I'm being chased by a psychiatrist."
  • (Soda Jerk) "It happens."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Say, mom?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Yes, dear?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "I was wondering, you know, while I was up there and all, I was thinking, well you know, I was wondering if maybe I could meet a girl? I've been thinking about that a little. Just these last fifteen years or so."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Oh Adam, it would be wonderful if you could meet a girl. One who's not a mutant and hopefully comes from Pasadena. Nothing against Valley girls but in my day anyhow girls from Pasadena, I don't know, just always seemed a little bit nicer."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Manners are a way of showing other people we care about them."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Eve, can I skate around your block?"
  • (Dave Foley) "How about it, Eve; can he skate around your block?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "No."
  • (Dave Foley) "Just a few laps."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "It won't take long."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "No."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Oh my lucky stars. A Negro."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "How about her?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "No way."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "No way? Why not? I, I think she's very attractive."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Adam. She's got 'bitch' written all over her. You do know what 'bitch' means, don't you?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Well, well, yes, I do. I do have a dictionary. But I can't understand for the life of me why you would say that about her. Or why Cliff would say that about you."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Uh, Eve, this is Adam. Look, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. And I wanted to tell you that I -- that uh -- that I wish so many good things for you. I wish so hard that all of your dreams come true, and -- and that's all I -- and that's all."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "What do mean you can get me laid?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Uh, can we talk about that a little later?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Of course."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Great."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Do we just go on up?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "No, son. Now is the time we must be at our most cautious. We wait for night."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Oh, s***."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Helen Thomas Webber. Maybe we have been down here a little too long. Pardon her French, son."
  • (Brendan Fraser) ""s***" is French?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Well, it's archaic French. It's a sixteenth century colloquialism, meaning, roughly, good."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Your father's right."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Well. "s***"."

Alicia Silverstone as Eve

  • (Alicia Silverstone) "What kind of wife are you looking for?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Oh um, well -- one who's not a mutant."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "No dogs, huh. OK. Cool."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "And if it's possible, I'd like to marry someone from Pasadena."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Um, when do you need her by?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Two weeks?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Well, I can probably get you laid in two weeks, but to locate a non-mutant wife from Pasadena takes some time."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "That's what I was afraid of."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Have you ever had sex before?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "No."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "How is that possible?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "What have you been doing?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Watching television -- in color."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Now hold on, hold on just a minute. In the first place I do not fall in love with weirdos who I've only known for four or five days."
  • (Dave Foley) "Yes you do."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "And I don't fall in love with grown men who collect baseball cards."
  • (Dave Foley) "Yes you do."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Or pee in their pants when they see the ocean."
  • (Dave Foley) "Yes you do."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Or have perfect table manners."
  • (Dave Foley) "You know, I asked him about that. He said, good manners are just a way of showing other people we have respect for them. See, I didn't know that, I thought it was just a way of acting all superior. Oh and you know what else he told me?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "What?"
  • (Dave Foley) "He thinks I'm a gentleman and you're a lady."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Well, consider the source. I don't even know what a lady is."
  • (Dave Foley) "I know, I mean I thought a "gentleman" was somebody that owned horses. But it turns out, his short and simple definition of a lady or a gentleman is, someone who always tries to make sure the people around him or her are as comfortable as possible."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Where do you think he got all that information?"
  • (Dave Foley) "From the oddest place; his parents. I mean, I don't think I got that memo from mine."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "He's gay, by the way."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Well, good for you."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "You. Go to the bathroom."
  • (Dave Foley) "What, right here ?"
  • (Dave Foley) "Well I thought I should check, you're being so bossy."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "So for four thousand dollars, all I have to do is drive you to your hotel?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Uh-huh."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "That's it?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Yes."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "And I don't have to take a physical in your spaceship?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "I'm sick of working for that dickhead."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "What?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "You know, a walking penis capable of intelligent speech. A dickhead."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "And now I suppose he's trying to make those two dancers feel as comfortable as possible."
  • (Dave Foley) "No. He didn't go home with them."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "-- Well."
  • (Dave Foley) "He went home with Sophie."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "No."
  • (Dave Foley) "Yep."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "No."
  • (Dave Foley) "She swept him out of the room, whispering little sweet French nothings into his ear."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Where are you parked?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "I came on a bus."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Why does that not surprise me."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "I dunno. Why doesn't that sunrise you?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Well, I guess because I'm a little psychic. I have this thing."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Oh, that's nice."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Yeah, let me guess something. This is your first visit to La-La-Land. You're staying somewhere in Hollywood because like an idiot you thought that would be an exciting place to stay. Am I right so far?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "So far?"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Yes, I'm right?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Right."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "I knew it. So anyhow, you get on a bus and before you know it you're stuck in the San Fernando Valley without a clue, which brings us to here. Correct again?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Again."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Where are you staying? The Holiday Inn."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Oh. Yes. Yes. The Holiday Inn. That's exactly right."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "See, I'm psychic. I mean not completely but pretty much. Pretty good, huh?"
  • (Brendan Fraser) "No, that was amazing."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Yeah I know. Thanks."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Whenever Adam gives me, such obviously incorrect information. I just smile, slap him on the knee and look out the window. Why spoil his dreams? They're such wonderful dreams."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Rule number one in North America: no strangers in the car."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Well if it will make you feel any better, I don't have a gun."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Oh, well that changes everything."

Christopher Walken as Calvin

  • (Christopher Walken) "I just want to say, I think he's going to be fine."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Thank you, Calvin, thank you very much."
  • (Christopher Walken) "He's smart."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "Yes, dear, I know, but he's still such a baby."
  • (Christopher Walken) "He's a man."
  • (Sissy Spacek) "He's a baby man."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Son. Adam."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Yes, Father?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Don't forget: stay out of the adult bookstore."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "Adult bookstore. Why?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "Poison gas. Invisible."
  • (Christopher Walken) "Would you like a tranquilizer?"
  • (Sissy Spacek) "You have tranquilizers?"
  • (Christopher Walken) "I told you, I have everything."

Dave Foley as Troy

  • (Dave Foley) "Eve, a man walks into your life, who's the kindest, most polite, most incredibly rich guy you've ever met --"
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "And I have him committed."
  • (Dave Foley) "Yes. Yes you did."
  • (Alicia Silverstone) "Well, at least I fell for him before I knew he was rich. That's new."
  • (Dave Foley) "So, Sophie, when you fly to Paris, do you check these or are they carry-on?"
  • (Dave Foley) "I love sushi."
  • (Brendan Fraser) "I love Lucy."
  • (Dave Foley) "Who doesn't? She's hilarious."
  • (Dave Foley) "Lying can be a very effective dating tool."

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