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Blood Dolls Quotes

Blood Dolls is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Blood Dolls ended its run in 1970.

It features Charles Band as producer, and Tom Callaway as head of cinematography.

Blood Dolls is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Blood Dolls is 84 min. long. Blood Dolls is distributed by Plain list and * Multicom Entertainment Group Inc. * Full Moon Features .

The cast includes: Naomi McClure as Cindy Agami, Kristopher Logan as Virgil Travis, Phil Fondacaro as Hylas, Warren Draper as Harrison Yulin, Debra Mayer as Moira Yulin, Nicholas Worth as George Warbeck, Jack Forbes as Squires, and William Paul Burns as Mr. Mascaro.

Blood Dolls Quotes

Naomi McClure as Cindy Agami

  • (Naomi McClure) "My, how racist."
  • (Kristopher Logan) "It's surprising how even rudeness can be pleasant coming from an attractive woman. I am, of course, racist, but an equal opportunity one."

Kristopher Logan as Virgil Travis

  • (Kristopher Logan) "I am nothing. I am an emptiness, and like all emptiness I struggle perpetually to be filled. I draw in wealth, power, sensation, but still I am empty. Still I am nothing. Take care, Miss Yulin, lest you be sucked in as well."
  • (Kristopher Logan) "My life gives me no more pleasure. And when a thing ceases to please me, I rid myself of it."
  • (Kristopher Logan) "Secrets are best kept in the grave, and Mister Yulin may keep his there. Along with the other two. And with the able assistance of my new creations, and your's as well, Mister Mascaro -- I shall have my cookie after all."
  • (Kristopher Logan) "Have you ever lost a billion dollars due to the ineptitude of a pair of over-priced shysters? Please don't answer, it's a rhetorical question."
  • (Naomi McClure) "That's not at all fair."
  • (Kristopher Logan) "Indeed. Well, no one ever claimed that life was fair. And certainly no one ever claimed that I was."
  • (Kristopher Logan) "You see, even we who are destined to dwell in the mud can still long for the sky."
  • (Debra Mayer) "And what do you see when you look in the sky, Virgil? Nothing. Emptiness. Life is down here, with all the lying and killing and f***ing."

William Paul Burns as Mr. Mascaro

  • (William Paul Burns) "Two kinds of people I know about, little man; The kind that piss their pants when you kill them, and the kind that don't. Now, which kind do you think you are?"
  • (William Paul Burns) "Pisser."
  • (William Paul Burns) "One moment, please, ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls. By all rights we should be showing the end credits right now, but we have a bit of an awkward problem. You see, we came up with two endings for this story and we couldn't decide between them. What you just saw a minute ago, that's one. Moira is tortured, the girls and the dolls get away, and the rest of us all die. OK. I can see the cynical appeal. But being as I am a fundamentally spiritual person, I prefer the following, rather different ending to our proceedings --"
  • (William Paul Burns) "Play 'em, Hylas."
  • (William Paul Burns) "It's good to get out of that costume."

Debra Mayer as Moira Yulin

  • (Debra Mayer) "Is there anything in this world more pathetic than a man? I think not."

Nicholas Worth as George Warbeck

  • (Nicholas Worth) "What the hell's the story, Squires? I'm still in the f***ing stone age down here."
  • (Jack Forbes) "The electrician's here now, sir. I'm currently doing a room sweep to confirm our integrity."
  • (Nicholas Worth) "Oh, confirm my hairy ass."
  • (Nicholas Worth) "What the hell's going on, Squires? The power's down."
  • (Jack Forbes) "Yes, sir, we're checking it out right now to confirm --"
  • (Nicholas Worth) "Confirm my spotty dick."

Warren Draper as Harrison Yulin

  • (Warren Draper) "Travis may be a bit eccentric, but shoot, do you really think he'd go and, hmm, murder people?"
  • (Debra Mayer) "Why not? We've had people murdered."
  • (Warren Draper) "What? Huh. We have? Who?"
  • (Warren Draper) "god****, I'll drink to that all right. Drink to myself. Mmm-hmm."

Phil Fondacaro as Hylas

  • (Phil Fondacaro) "Play. Play number seven, you bitches."

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