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Blowing Wild Quotes

Blowing Wild is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Blowing Wild stopped airing in 1970.

It features Milton Sperling as producer, Dmitri Tiomkin in charge of musical score, and Sidney Hickox as head of cinematography.

Blowing Wild is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Blowing Wild is 90 minutes long. Blowing Wild is distributed by Warner Bros..

Blowing Wild Quotes

  • (Jeff Dawson) "Can't live with a snake by feeding him honey."
  • (Sal Donnelly) "That's a pretty big bet."
  • (Marina Conway) "I'm Marina Conway. I'd like to ask you a question, Miss?"
  • (Sal Donnelly) "Donnelly."
  • (Marina Conway) "I'd appreciate a frank answer."
  • (Sal Donnelly) "Certainly, Mrs. Conway."
  • (Marina Conway) "Is Jeff Dawson in love with you?"
  • (Sal Donnelly) "I don't mind admitting I'm in love with him."
  • (Marina Conway) "That's not what I asked."
  • (Sal Donnelly) "I can't answer for him."
  • (Marina Conway) "You could if he loved you."
  • (Marina Conway) "Thanks, you've told me what I want to know."
  • (Sal Donnelly) "Mrs. Conway. He's not in love with you. Not any more."
  • (Marina Conway) "He tell you that?"
  • (Sal Donnelly) "He didn't have to."
  • (Marina Conway) "You're a liar, a cheap little liar. What can he see in you?"
  • (Sal Donnelly) "I'll ask him next time."
  • (Marina Conway) "There won't be many more next times. Remember that."
  • (Dutch Peterson) "Oh, why'd they have to do it to us? We save every nickel to sink this well and now look at us. Ain't nothing left. Just nothing."
  • (Jeff Dawson) "There's still oil here and we're going to dig it out."
  • (Dutch Peterson) "How? What with? Where are we gonna get a drill pipe, tools and a new rig? Where? Where?"
  • (Jeff Dawson) "We'll get us a job, save up and try it again."
  • (Dutch Peterson) "I'm sick and tired of trying. It it ain't floods or tornados, it's salt water or bandits. I'm just plain tired."
  • (Jeff Dawson) "It's a long way back to town. Let's go."
  • (Dutch Peterson) "I ain't going."
  • (Marina Conway) "You smell like an animal. And you act like one."
  • (Ward 'Paco' Conway) "And you love it."
  • (Marina Conway) "Why do you always fight me?"
  • (Jeff Dawson) "You have a husband."
  • (Marina Conway) "You could've been my husband. Why aren't you?"
  • (Jeff Dawson) "Because you're no good, Marina."
  • (Marina Conway) "I know. I wasn't always this way. With you it was different. You brought out everything decent in me. I wanted to be decent. When you walked out, you stole my chance."
  • (El Gavilan) "You have 18 wells. I want $1,000 for each well. Total; $50,000."
  • (El Gavilan) "I don't know how to add."
  • (Marina Conway) "You smell like a gutter."
  • (Ward 'Paco' Conway) "I just came from one."
  • (Dutch Peterson) "Oh, boy."
  • (Dutch Peterson) "Listen to those ulcers growl. Sound like a Great Dane in there. Wish one'd come by so I could eat it --"
  • (Ward 'Paco' Conway) "I just left Jeff. He's not coming back and there's nothing you can do. He's gone. So that leaves just you and me and this here pump. I can't stop you from loving him, and you can't stop me from love you."

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