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Bring It On Again Quotes

Bring It On Again is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Bring It On Again ended in 1970.

It features Marc Abraham; Thomas Bliss, and Kelli Konop as producer, Paul Haslinger in charge of musical score, and Richard Crudo as head of cinematography.

Bring It On Again is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Bring It On Again is 90 minutes long. Bring It On Again is distributed by Universal Studios Home Video.

The cast includes: Richard Lee Jackson as Derek, Anne Judson-Yager as Whittier, Bethany Joy Lenz as Marni Potts, Holly Towne as Janice, Bree Turner as Tina Hammersmith, Kelly Stables as Tiny Blonde, Felicia Day as Penelope Hope, and Bryce Johnson as Greg.

Bring It On Again Quotes

Bree Turner as Tina Hammersmith

  • (Bree Turner) "Congratulations, my little pumpkins. You have now joined the best of the best of the best. From here on out, you must be the bomb diggity."
  • (Bree Turner) "You must eat leaner, train meaner, jump higher, yell louder and out-pep anyone who stands in your way. You must brush better, floss better, later rinse-and-repeat better and in other words you must be better --"
  • (Bree Turner) "-- in every aspect of your life. Are you ready for all that?"

Richard Lee Jackson as Derek

  • (Richard Lee Jackson) "This next track is dedicated to all the guys out there whose hearts have been ripped out of their chests and devoured for breakfast by cute, peppy, social climbing blonde girls. Gimme a hey, gimme a ho, gimme a I Don't Know You Any More. I know it sucks."
  • (Richard Lee Jackson) "Do you wanna do something illegal?"
  • (Anne Judson-Yager) "Uhh -- Okay?"
  • (Richard Lee Jackson) "Really? What kind of girl are you?"

Bryce Johnson as Greg

  • (Bryce Johnson) "That's right, I quit too."
  • (Bree Turner) "Greg you'll lose your cheerleading scholarship."
  • (Bryce Johnson) "That's right, I'm stayin here. But under a cloud of shame."
  • (Bryce Johnson) "Well, what I lose in scholarships, I gain in testicles."

Felicia Day as Penelope Hope

  • (Felicia Day) "The Nutcracker is a patriarchal ballet. The only good thing in the Nutcracker is the rats and they die."

Anne Judson-Yager as Whittier

  • (Anne Judson-Yager) "Don't be all up in my kool-aid."
  • (Bree Turner) "What does that mean?"

Bethany Joy Lenz as Marni Potts

  • (Bethany Joy Lenz) "-- so make like a Tom, and cruise."
  • (Bethany Joy Lenz) "You're the towel girl. It's an honor."
  • (Holly Towne) "How is it an honor?"
  • (Bethany Joy Lenz) "Well let's just say there is no towel girl, say Greg hoisted Tina up into a cupie, and there is no one to towel off his sweaty hands, Tina slips, Tina falls and lands on her spinal chord and spends the rest of her life doing watercolors with her teeth. Do you want that to happen?"
  • (Holly Towne) "I guess not."
  • (Bethany Joy Lenz) "I didn't think so."

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