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Cape Fear (1991 film) Quotes

Cape Fear (1991 film) is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Cape Fear ended in 1970.

It features Barbara De Fina as producer, Bernard Herrmann conducted by Elmer Bernstein in charge of musical score, and Freddie Francis as head of cinematography.

Cape Fear (1991 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cape Fear (1991 film) is 128 minutes long. Cape Fear (1991 film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Robert De Niro as Max Cady, Juliette Lewis as Danielle, Nick Nolte as Sam Bowden, Joe Don Baker as Claude Kersek, and Jessica Lange as Leigh Bowden.

Cape Fear (1991 film) Quotes

Robert De Niro as Max Cady

  • (Robert De Niro) "Are you my friend? Are you my friend?"
  • (Joe Don Baker) "No I'm not your friend."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Well, see, I like to plan my comings and goings with friends, so if you're planning my comings and goings I'd call that presumptuous, in fact I'd call it downright rude."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Every man -- every man has to go through hell to reach paradise."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You will now have an opportunity. "What is that opportunity?", you ask. Why, here and now, we have an opportunity to depict and dramatize --"
  • (Jessica Lange) "Oh, no."
  • (Robert De Niro) "-- both the heights and the depths of a mama's true love of her daughter, if y'all get my meaning. C'mon out, baby, let's go. C'mon darling. Get out."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Get up here."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I ain't no white trash piece of s***. I'm better than you all. I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. And I can out-philosophize you. And I'm gonna outlast you. You think a couple whacks to my guts is gonna get me down? It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than that, Counselor, to prove you're better than me."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I'm bound for the promise land I am I'm bound for the promised land"
  • (Robert De Niro) "It's not necessary to lay a foul tongue on me my friend. I could get upset. Things could get out of hand. Then in self defense, I could do something to you that you would not like, right here."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Mmm mmm, hot as a fire cracker on the fourth of July."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Counselor."
  • (Robert De Niro) ""I am like God, and God like me. I am as large as God, He is as small as I. He cannot above me, nor I beneath Him be." Silesius, 17th Century."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Counselor, could you be there?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Maybe I could chop you into 40 pieces."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Are you a cop? Or were you a cop? Or were you not good enough to remain on the force? Cause you know what? That's the feeling I'm getting here."
  • (Unnamed) "What about your books?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Already read 'em."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Your mommy's not happy -- your daddy's not happy, and you know what? You're not happy."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Counselor. Come out, come out, wherever you are."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I'm Virgil and I'm guidin' you through the gates of Hell. We are now in the Ninth Circle, the Circle of Traitors. Traitors to country. Traitors to fellow man. Traitors to GOD. You, sir, are charged with betrayin' the principles of all three. Quote for me the American Bar Association's Rules of Professional Conduct, Canon Seven."
  • (Nick Nolte) ""A lawyer should represent his client -- ""
  • (Robert De Niro) ""Should ZEALOUSLY represent his client within the bounds of the law." I find you guilty, counselor. Guilty of betrayin' your fellow man. Guilty of betrayin' your country and abrogatin' your oath. Guilty of judgin' me and sellin' me out. With the power vested in me by the kingdom of God, I sentence you to the Ninth Circle of Hell. Now you will learn about loss. Loss of freedom. Loss of humanity. Now you and I will truly be the same --"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Danielle were you about to offer me something hot?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Let's get something straight -- I spent fourteen years in an eight by nine foot cell surrounded by people who were less than human, my mission in that time was to become more than human"
  • (Robert De Niro) "-- so you see. Granddaddy used to handle snakes in church, Granny drank strychnine. I guess you could say I had a leg up, genetically speaking."
  • (Robert De Niro) "So, here we are, two lawyers for all practical purposes talking shop."
  • (Nick Nolte) "How much do you want Mr. Cady?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "How much do I want what?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "How much money do you want?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Money? Counselor, do I look destitute you."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Well I'm open to discussion within reasonable limits."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You ever been a woman."
  • (Nick Nolte) "What?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "A woman -- some fat, hairy hillbilly's wet dream."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I learned that in prison -- You white-trash piece of s***."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I understand, I'm not your type, too many tattoos. Thing is, there isn't much to do in prison except desecrate your flesh."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Forget about that restraining order, Counselor? You're well within 500 yards."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You learn about loss."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You ready to be born again, Miss Bowden?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "I am going to teach you the meaning of commitment. Fourteen years ago I was forced to make a commitment to an eight by nine cell, now you are going to be forced to make a commitment. You could say I'm here to save you."
  • (Robert De Niro) "You already sacrificed me counsellor"

Juliette Lewis as Danielle

  • (Juliette Lewis) "We never spoke about what happened, at least not to each other. Fear, I suppose, that to remember his name and what he did would mean letting him into our dreams. And me, I hardly dream about him anymore. Still, things won't ever be the way they were before he came. But that's alright because if you hang onto the past you die a little every day. And for myself, I know I'd rather live."
  • (Juliette Lewis) "The end."

Nick Nolte as Sam Bowden

  • (Nick Nolte) "Because I knew he brutally beat and rapped her"
  • (Robert De Niro) "Talk -- TO ME. I'm Right HERE"
  • (Nick Nolte) "Just because she was promiscuous -- Didn't give YOU THE RIGHT TO RAPE HER. But YOU BRAGGED you beat TWO prior rapes -- you were a menace."
  • (Robert De Niro) "YOU WERE MY LAYWER -- You Were My Lawyerthat report could've saved me FOURTEEN YEARS"
  • (Nick Nolte) "Your Probably Right"
  • (Robert De Niro) "YOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS f***."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Free as a bird. You go wherever you want with whomever."
  • (Nick Nolte) "I'd like my keys back please."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Could it be you don't remember me?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "I remember you. You were at the movies the other night."
  • (Robert De Niro) "I'm disappointed. I'm hurt."
  • (Nick Nolte) "I would like my keys."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Max Cady. You look the same. Maybe 15 pounds heavier. But they say the average man gains a pound a year till he's about -- Come on. Gains a pound a year till he's about 60. Me? I dropped a pound every year in my sentence."
  • (Nick Nolte) "Atlanta. July 1977?"
  • (Robert De Niro) "You got it."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Fourteen years since I held a set of keys."
  • (Lieutenant Elgart) "So what happened, your wife let the dog out and Cady abducted him and --"
  • (Nick Nolte) "No, my wife didn't let the dog out."
  • (Lieutenant Elgart) "So he came into the house? Now that's illegal entry --"
  • (Nick Nolte) "No, he didn't come into the house either. Now look, I'm not a cop, I don't know how he did it, all I know is that he DID it."
  • (Nick Nolte) "My wife found some marijuana in one of Danni's schoolbooks, we don't know if Cady gave it to her, but she's scared and won't talk to us, now this has gone far enough."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Did you call the police?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "No I didn't call the police, what did you call them? Slow, slobbery, skeptical --"
  • (Nick Nolte) "He says we're fugitives."
  • (Juliette Lewis) "What does that mean?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "That means we're doing something right."
  • (Nick Nolte) "I know how the dog died."
  • (Jessica Lange) "Sam, are you dreaming?"
  • (Nick Nolte) "No, no, I just had the weirdest feeling that he"
  • (Nick Nolte) "was already in the house."

Joe Don Baker as Claude Kersek

  • (Joe Don Baker) "Well, gee golly gosh. I sure am sorry I offended you, you white trash piece of s***."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Anytime you feel squirrelly, you just jump."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "You're scared. But that's Ok. I want you to savor that fear. The south was born in fear. Fear of the Indian, fear of the slave, fear of the damn Union. The south has a fine tradition of savoring fear."

Jessica Lange as Leigh Bowden

  • (Jessica Lange) "I'd like to know just how strong we are. Or How weak. But I guess the only way we're gonna find that out is just by going through this."
  • (Jessica Lange) "Stop. Stop."
  • (Robert De Niro) "Yes, Leigh?"
  • (Jessica Lange) "Listen to me, Max, listen to me. You know, Max, since all this started, I've thought about you all the time. I've tried to imagine what it must have been like for you, all those years locked up in jail -- I've tried to imagine you and even your crimes, and how you must have felt in those moments that you did them -- See, I know about loss, Max. I know about losing time, even losing years. And I know it doesn't compare to jail, but I can understand. And I can share this with you. Because of that, whatever it is you've got planned, I want you to do it just with me -- not with her -- because -- we have this connection."
  • (Jessica Lange) "You don't know Danny. If she finds a palmetto bug in her bedroom, she takes it outside. She could never kill anything."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Even a six-foot palmetto bug?"
  • (Jessica Lange) "I'd still like to kill him."

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