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Harvey (film) Quotes

Harvey (film) is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Harvey ended its run in 1970.

It features John Beck as producer, Frank Skinner (composer) in charge of musical score, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Harvey (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Harvey (film) is 104 minutes long. Harvey (film) is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd, Jesse White as Wilson, Josephine Hull as Veta Louise Simmons, Nana Bryant as Dr. Chumley, Charles Drake as Dr. Sanderson, Peggy Dow as Miss Kelly, Nana Bryant as Mrs. Hazel Chumley, Grayce Mills as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet, Victoria Horne as Myrtle Mae Simmons, William H. Lynn as Judge Gaffney, and Sam Wolfe as Mr. Minninger.

Harvey (film) Quotes

Josephine Hull as Veta Louise Simmons

  • (Josephine Hull) "Myrtle Mae I hope that never, never, as long as you live, a man tears the clothes off you and sets you down in a tub of water."
  • (Josephine Hull) "Oh good. Nobody here but people."
  • (Josephine Hull) "As I was going down to the taxi cab to get Elwood's things, this awful man stepped out. He was a white slaver, I know he was. He was wearing one of those white suits, that's how they advertise."
  • (Josephine Hull) "You take your hands off me. Don't you touch me. You white slaver, you."
  • (Josephine Hull) "Aunt Ethel."
  • (Grayce Mills) "Veta Louise Simmons, I thought you were dead."
  • (Josephine Hull) "Myrtle Mae, you have a lot to learn, and I hope you never learn it."
  • (Josephine Hull) "It's Dowd. Elwood P. Dowd."
  • (Peggy Dow) "Elwood P. Dowd. His age?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "Forty-two the twenty-fourth of last April. He's Taurus. Taurus, the bull. I'm Leo and Myrtle's on the cusp."
  • (Josephine Hull) "Doctor, everything I say to you is confidential, isn't it?"
  • (Charles Drake) "I am not a gossip, Mrs. Simmons. I am a psychiatrist."
  • (Josephine Hull) "I took a course in art last winter. I learnt the difference between a fine oil painting, and a mechanical thing, like a photograph. The photograph shows only the reality. The painting shows not only the reality, but the dream behind it. It's our dreams, doctor, that carry us on. They separate us from the beasts. I wouldn't want to go on living if I thought it was all just eating, and sleeping, and taking my clothes off, I mean putting them on --"
  • (Josephine Hull) "Myrtle Mae, see who the stranger is in the bath tub."

James Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd

  • (James Stewart) "I've never heard Harvey say a word against Akron."
  • (James Stewart) "Years ago, my mother used to say to me, she'd say "In this world, Elwood, you can be oh so so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart -- I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh, you can't miss him Mrs. Chumley. He's a Pooka."
  • (Nana Bryant) "A Pooka? Is that something new?"
  • (James Stewart) "No. No, as I understand it that's something very old."
  • (James Stewart) "I'd just put Ed Hickey into a taxi. Ed had been mixing his rye with his gin, and I just felt that he needed conveying. Well, anyway, I was walking down along the street and I heard this voice saying, "Good evening, Mr. Dowd." Well, I turned around and here was this big six-foot rabbit leaning up against a lamp-post. Well, I thought nothing of that because when you've lived in a town as long as I've lived in this one, you get used to the fact that everybody knows your name. And naturally I went over to chat with him. And he said to me -- he said, "Ed Hickey was a little spiffed this evening, or could I be mistaken?" Well, of course, he was not mistaken. I think the world and all of Ed, but he was spiffed. Well, we talked like that for awhile and then I said to him, I said, "You have the advantage on me. You know my name and I don't know yours." And, and right back at me he said, "What name do you like?" Well, I didn't even have to think twice about that. Harvey's always been my favorite name. So I said to him, I said, "Harvey." And, uh, this is the interesting thing about the whole thing: He said, "What a coincidence. My name happens to be Harvey.""
  • (James Stewart) "Wouldn't that get a little monotonous, just Akron, cold beer and 'poor, poor thing' for two weeks?"
  • (James Stewart) "Goodbye, Mr. Wilson."
  • (Jesse White) "Goodbye."
  • (James Stewart) "My regards to you and anybody else you happen to run into."
  • (James Stewart) "Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, "In this world, Elwood, you must be"; she always called me Elwood; "In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me."
  • (James Stewart) "Miss Kelly, perhaps you'd like this flower. I seem to have misplaced my buttonhole."
  • (James Stewart) "That's envy my dear, there's a little bit of envy in the best of us."
  • (James Stewart) "I always have a wonderful time, wherever I am, whomever I'm with."
  • (James Stewart) "So far, I haven't been able to think of any place I'd rather be. I always have a wonderful time; wherever I am, whomever I'm with. I'm having a fine time, right here."
  • (James Stewart) "Well, I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it."
  • (James Stewart) "You could have had a bath too."
  • (Peggy Dow) "I've already had a bath."
  • (James Stewart) "Miss Kelly, you know, when you wear my flower you make it beautiful."
  • (Mr. Cracker, the Bartender) "Now, what can I do for you Mr. Dowd?"
  • (James Stewart) "What did you have in mind?"
  • (Mr. Cracker, the Bartender) "What's your order?"
  • (James Stewart) "Eh, two martinis."
  • (James Stewart) ""A diviner grace has never brightened this enchanting face." It's Ovid's fifth elegy. Ovid's always been my favorite poet. My dear, you'll never look lovelier."
  • (James Stewart) "Well, I think this calls for a celebration. Why don't we all go down to Charlie's Place and have a drink?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "You're not going anywhere, Elwood. You're staying right here."
  • (Victoria Horne) "Yes, Uncle Elwood."
  • (William H. Lynn) "Stay here, son."
  • (James Stewart) "I plan to leave, you want me to stay. Oh, an element of conflict in any discussion is a very good thing. It shows everybody is taking part and nobody is left out. I like that."
  • (James Stewart) "I used to know a whole lot of dances. The-the-the-eh- the flea hop, and-and, what's the; eh; the black bottom, the variety drag. I don't, I don't know, I just don't seem to have any time any more. I have so many things to do."
  • (James Stewart) "You see, science has overcome time and space. Well, Harvey has overcome, not only time and space, but any objections."
  • (Mailman) "Is this 348?"
  • (James Stewart) "Yes, it is."
  • (Mailman) "I gotta special delivery here."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh, that sounds interesting."
  • (Mailman) "It's for Dowd."
  • (James Stewart) "Dowd. Dowd's my name. Elwood P. Let me give you one of my cards."
  • (Mailman) "That won't be necessary sir. Just, eh, sign right here. Beautiful day."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh, every day's a beautiful day."
  • (James Stewart) "You've been away."
  • (Mr. Miggles) "For 90 days. Been doin' a job for the state. Makin' license plates."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh, is that so? Interesting work?"
  • (Mr. Miggles) "I can take it or leave it alone."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh, I see."
  • (Mr. Miggles) "I did a job for 'em last year too. Helpin' 'em build a road."

Victoria Horne as Myrtle Mae Simmons

  • (Victoria Horne) "Why did you send him away. Some people can certainly pick the best times to keep other people from becoming acquainted."
  • (Victoria Horne) "Mother, why did grandmother leave all of her property to Uncle Elwood?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "I suppose it was because she died in his arms. People are sentimental about things like that."

Charles Drake as Dr. Sanderson

  • (Charles Drake) "I think that your sister's condition stems from trauma."
  • (James Stewart) "From what?"
  • (Charles Drake) "Uh, trauma. Spelled t-r-a-u-m-a. It means shock. There's nothing unusual about it. There's the "birth trauma"; the shock of being born --"
  • (James Stewart) "That's the one we never get over."
  • (Charles Drake) "Think carefully, Dowd. Didn't you know somebody, sometime, someplace by the name of Harvey? Didn't you ever know anybody by that name?"
  • (James Stewart) "No, no, not one, Doctor. Maybe that's why I always had such hopes for it."
  • (Charles Drake) "It sounds funny, but I'll miss this place. I guess I'll miss a lot of things around here."
  • (Peggy Dow) "You will?"
  • (Charles Drake) "You won't laugh?"
  • (Peggy Dow) "Of course not."
  • (Charles Drake) "You know how it is working around people day after day. You sort of get attached to them."
  • (Peggy Dow) "I know, Lyman."
  • (Charles Drake) "It may be ridiculous, but I'm gonna miss every one of the psychos, and the neuros, and the schizos in the place."
  • (Charles Drake) "Oh, no. Kelly. Kelly, do you realize what you've done. This man, Dowd, can sue us for false commitment. He can own the whole sanitarium and I'll be kicked out of here faster than you can say stupid, incompetent and inefficient."
  • (Peggy Dow) "Oh, I'll tell Dr. Chumley you had nothing to do with it. It was all my fault. You're the last person in the world I'd ever want anything like this to happen to. You know that, don't you, Dr. Sanderson?"
  • (Charles Drake) "Miss Kelly, this is hardly the time or the place to go into the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet."
  • (Peggy Dow) "-- Doctor. There's never any time or place."
  • (Charles Drake) "Please, sit down."
  • (James Stewart) "After Miss Kelly."
  • (Peggy Dow) "Oh, no, really, Mr. Dowd. I couldn't. I'm in-and-out all the time."
  • (Charles Drake) "You know, people are people no matter were you go."
  • (James Stewart) "That is very often the case."

Nana Bryant as Dr. Chumley

  • (Nana Bryant) "Wilson -- What's a Pooka?"
  • (Jesse White) "What's a what?"
  • (Nana Bryant) "A Pooka."
  • (Jesse White) "A Pooka?"
  • (Nana Bryant) "Is there something I can do for you?"
  • (James Stewart) "What did you have in mind?"
  • (Nana Bryant) "Get that woman out of the tub."
  • (Nana Bryant) "I know where I'd go."
  • (James Stewart) "Where?"
  • (Nana Bryant) "I'd go to Akron."
  • (James Stewart) "Akron? Oh, yes."
  • (Nana Bryant) "There's a cottage camp just outside of Akron and a grove of maple trees. Green, cool, beautiful."
  • (James Stewart) "That's my favorite tree."
  • (Nana Bryant) "And I'd go there with a pretty woman."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh."
  • (Nana Bryant) "A strange woman. A quiet woman."
  • (James Stewart) "Oh, under a tree?"
  • (Nana Bryant) "I wouldn't even want to know her name. Where I would be just "Mr. Smith." And I would send out for cold beer."
  • (James Stewart) "No whiskey, huh?"
  • (Nana Bryant) "No. Then I would tell her things. Things that I've never told to anyone. Things that are locked deep in here. And as I talk to her, I would want her to hold out a soft white hand and say, "Poor thing. Poor, poor thing.""
  • (Nana Bryant) "This sister of yours is at the bottom of a conspiracy against you. She's trying to persuade me to lock you up. Today, she had commitment papers drawn up. She has your power of attorney and the key to your safety box, and she brought you here."
  • (James Stewart) "My sister did all that in one afternoon. That Veta certainly is a whirlwind, isn't she?"

Grayce Mills as Mrs. Ethel Chauvenet

  • (Grayce Mills) "Does Elwood see anybody these days?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "Oh, yes, Aunt Ethel, Elwood sees somebody."
  • (Grayce Mills) "Is, is that Mrs. Frank Cummings? Doesn't she look ghastly, I thought she was dead. I must get a closer look."

Jesse White as Wilson

  • (Jesse White) "How about giving me a hand here beautiful? I'll sit on her. You can strip her clothes off."
  • (Nurse Dunphy) "You'll just have to wait -- I've gotta give some guy a bubble bath."
  • (Jesse White) "Okay, honey, Make it snappy."
  • (Jesse White) "Where's this guy Elwood P. Dowd? That screwball with a rabbit. What's a matter? Are you goofy too? You a member of this cockeyed family?"
  • (Jesse White) "I don't want no part of that wacky dame. I'm lookin' for that other screwball."
  • (Jesse White) "Holy smoke. I left the water running on that Simmons dame in a hydra tub."
  • (Jesse White) "Who's Harvey?"
  • (Peggy Dow) "A white rabbit, six feet tall."
  • (Jesse White) "Six feet?"
  • (James Stewart) "Six feet three and a half inches. Now let's stick to the facts."
  • (Jesse White) "I'll tell you something, Myrt."
  • (Victoria Horne) "Yeah?"
  • (Jesse White) "You know, you not only got a nice build, but you got something else, too."
  • (Victoria Horne) "Really? What?"
  • (Jesse White) "You got the screwiest uncle that ever stuck his puss inside our nuthouse."
  • (Jesse White) "Any of your patients been acting up, Kelly?"
  • (Peggy Dow) "Everything's just peachy."
  • (Jesse White) ""P O O K A; Pooka; from old Celtic mythology; a fairy spirit in animal form; always very large. The pooka appears here and there; now and then; to this one and that one; a benign but mischievous creature; very fond of rumpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?" "How are you, Mr. Wilson?" Who in the encyclopedia wants to know?"
  • (Jesse White) "Hello, sweetheart. Well, well. Those for me?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "For you? I should say not. They're for my brother, Elwood. He's devoted to ranunculur."
  • (Jesse White) "Sure. Well, wouldn't you like to come inside and pick some off the wallpaper."
  • (Josephine Hull) "Well; no thank you, these will do nicely. Good day."
  • (Jesse White) "Is he alone?"
  • (Mr. Cracker, the Bartender) "Well, there's two schools of thought, sir."
  • (Jesse White) "Hello, Dunphy, I left that Simmons dame soakin' in 13. Do me a favor, will ya, honey? Turn off the juice."

Peggy Dow as Miss Kelly

  • (Peggy Dow) "I was wondering if you would come downstairs with me, please, to Dr. Sanderson's office? There's something he'd like to explain to you."
  • (James Stewart) "I'd be glad to, Miss Kelly, but there's another very charming girl in here a minute ago and she asked me to wait. She said something about a bath. I-I-I don't like to disappoint her. She seemed to have her heart set on."
  • (Peggy Dow) "I came down here to say goodbye to you. So, goodbye, good luck and good riddance."
  • (Peggy Dow) "Is he married?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "No. Elwood never married. He always stayed with mother. He was a great home boy. He loved his home."
  • (Peggy Dow) "Well what shall I say to Mr. Dowd? What do I do? He'll probably be so furious he'll refuse to come down here."
  • (Charles Drake) "Look, Miss Kelly. He's probably fit to be tied, but he's a man, isn't he?"
  • (Peggy Dow) "I guess so. His name's Mister."
  • (Charles Drake) "Well, then, go into your old routine. You know, the eyes, the swish, the works. I'm immune to it, but I've seen it work on some people, some of the patients out here. Now, you get him down here, Kelly, if you have to do a striptease."

William H. Lynn as Judge Gaffney

  • (William H. Lynn) "Anything you told Dr. Sanderson, you can tell us Veta Louise. She's your daughter and I'm your lawyer."
  • (Josephine Hull) "I know which is which. I don't want to talk about it."
  • (William H. Lynn) "Well, I'll be swizzled."
  • (William H. Lynn) "What'd he do, Veta?"
  • (Josephine Hull) "He took me upstairs and he tore my clothes off."
  • (Victoria Horne) "Oh, did you hear that Judge? Go on, Mother."
  • (Josephine Hull) "And then he dumped me down in a tub of water."
  • (Victoria Horne) "Oh, for heaven's sake."
  • (William H. Lynn) "You wait right here, Veta girl."
  • (Josephine Hull) "I will not wait here. I'm going in with you."
  • (William H. Lynn) "You're a very high strung girl. This may be an ordeal."

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