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Carry On Regardless Quotes

Carry On Regardless is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Carry On Regardless ended in 1970.

It features Peter Rogers as producer, Edmund Crispin in charge of musical score, and Alan Hume as head of cinematography.

Carry On Regardless is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Carry On Regardless is 90 min. long. Carry On Regardless is distributed by Anglo-Amalgamated.

The cast includes: Esma Cannon as Miss Cooling, Charles Hawtrey as Gabriel Dimple, Joan Sims as Lily Duveen, Sid James as Bert Handy, Kenneth Connor as Sam Twist, Liz Fraser as Delia King, and Kenneth Williams as Francis Courtenay.

Carry On Regardless Quotes

Charles Hawtrey as Gabriel Dimple

  • (Unnamed) "What do you want?"
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Your birds, and I can't wait. Tell me, what sort are they?"
  • (Unnamed) "What sort you like?"
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Blue tits."
  • (Unnamed) "Eh?"
  • (Charles Hawtrey) "Have you got any?"
  • (Unnamed) "No. No, this place is centrally heated."

Joan Sims as Lily Duveen

  • (Joan Sims) "You know it'll take ninety-nine years to clear up this dump."
  • (Sid James) "Yeah, well, step by step. That's the method. Little by little."
  • (Kenneth Connor) "Okay then, boss, where do we start?"
  • (Sid James) "Well, I reckon to make it easier for us to walk about. We ought to sweep the floor first."
  • (Liz Fraser) "I don't wish to interfere, but I'd have thought it better to start cleaning at the top of the house."
  • (Joan Sims) "Yes, quite right, I mean disturbed dust will only fall down and muck up what we've already cleaned up."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Ladies and gentlemen, may I submit, with the greatest of respect, and for the sake of efficient team working that we all belt up."
  • (Sid James) "Hear, hear."
  • (Joan Sims) "Always the gentleman."
  • (Kenneth Connor) "Ooh, ain't he common."
  • (Kenneth Williams) "Let us put ourselves in the hands of Mister Handy and listen to what he says."
  • (Liz Fraser) "Well, I bow to the majority, of course, but I'd like it noted that I did suggest the suggestion I suggested."
  • (Joan Sims) "And very suggestive it was, too."

Esma Cannon as Miss Cooling

  • (Unnamed) "Do you provide substitutes?"
  • (Esma Cannon) "No. This is a respectable firm."

Kenneth Connor as Sam Twist

  • (Kenneth Connor) "Bet you this has something to do with atomic energy."
  • (Esma Cannon) "Oh gracious. I do hope you don't finish up in Russia."
  • (Kenneth Connor) "Well if I do, Miss Cooling, I shall behave myself as an ex Corporal of the Pioneer Corps should. Name, rank, number and keep your hand off my shovel, and that's your lot."
  • (Esma Cannon) "Don't go. Think of brainwashing."
  • (Kenneth Connor) "How can they wash what isn't there?"

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