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Cleopatra (1934 film) Quotes

Cleopatra (1934 film) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Cleopatra completed its run in 1970.

It features Cecil B. DeMille as producer, Rudolph G. Kopp in charge of musical score, and Victor Milner as head of cinematography.

Cleopatra (1934 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Cleopatra (1934 film) is 100 minutes long. Cleopatra (1934 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra, Warren William as Julius Caesar, Claudia Dell as Octavia, Eleanor Phelps as Charmion, Henry Wilcoxon as Marc Antony, Claudia Dell as Octavian, Florence Roberts as Lady Flora, Celia Ryland as Lady Leda, Lionel Belmore as Fidius, Harry Beresford as Soothsayer, Grace Durkin as Iras, and Joseph Schildkraut as Herod.

Cleopatra (1934 film) Quotes

Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra

  • (Claudette Colbert) "The sound of the stars. They must think we're funny people. Scheming to destroy each other, as if we had forever to live."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Welcome."
  • (Joseph Schildkraut) "I hope to renew an old friendship."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "I hope so too."
  • (Joseph Schildkraut) "Well, time has made you older and wiser; and me younger and more beautiful."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "It's not the Senate I'm worried about but their fat wives. Do you know anything about senators, Charmion?"
  • (Eleanor Phelps) "Well, we only got here yesterday, Majesty."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Queens don't hiccup."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Will you forgive me for being such a fool? I should have known that Antony is not Antony for nothing."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "It seems strange to see you working. I've always pictured you either fighting or loving."
  • (Warren William) "Well, I have had some experience with fighting."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "But none with loving, I suppose."
  • (Warren William) "Well, none with pretty little queens."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Antony. Antony. Oh."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "What's the matter? Well, what is it?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Oh, oh. Love, I've seen a God come to life. I'm no longer a Queen. I'm a woman."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Together we could conquer the world."
  • (Warren William) "Nice of you to include me."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Prepare me. The Queen of Egypt goes to meet the Conqueror."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "So Rome would forgive and take you back? And all they demand is for us to part. Why don't they ask the sun to fall right out of the sky?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Let's not talk any more."
  • (Warren William) "I picked a flower in Britain once, the color of your eyes."
  • (Egyptian Guard) "Your majesty."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "What is it?"
  • (Egyptian Guard) "A carrier pigeon from Rome."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Nothing must happen to you, my Caesar."
  • (Warren William) "Nothing will."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Is this a time to talk of Romans? I've had no breakfast. I'm hungry."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "What do I care for empire now? Caesar is dead. My lover is dead."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Let's drink first. Perhaps pretty words will follow."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "My tongue's bewitched by Caesar. The man in you seems even mightier than the general."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Come to my chambers and dine. We'll make such plans."
  • (Warren William) "Are your plans for India or me?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Both. Shouldn't a Queen choose as her confident, a King?"
  • (Warren William) "Shhh. The word King is not well liked in Rome."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Caesar takes what he wants."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Look well for love. Look well. And not finding it, give nothing. But if blessed with Cleopatra's fortune, give all. Now, go."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Oh, no-no, don't drink that. No, that was part of the plan too. I was going to get you so; irresponsible."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Well, you don't think one goblet would do it, did you?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Yes, wouldn't it?"
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Well, that does amuse me."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "But, its such a large goblet."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Yes, isn't it."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "If I implored you to marry me, you wouldn't?"
  • (Warren William) "I'd have to ask my wife in Rome."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Oh, as if you care about that. Divorce her. Together we could conquer the world."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "I had to walk miles across the desert to the sea -- to find the fishing boat that brought me to you. But just seeing you is magic, immortal Caesar."
  • (Warren William) "That's quite a speech. Your tongue is no longer bewitched by Caesar, eh?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "No. It's my heart now."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Do you see the way I'm dressed?"
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "What about it?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "I'm dressed to lure you in."

Henry Wilcoxon as Marc Antony

  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Yes, we'll fight them. We'll fight them all. If we have to fight alone."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "I should want to go out and get drunk with a lot of men. Or, find another woman."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Well, why don't you?"
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Because you are another woman. New. Always new. Completely new."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "I'm not used to being disobeyed."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "But, why should I obey you?"
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "I said things to Caesar I wish I hadn't."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Oh?"
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "There's beauty in the Egyptian queen besides her face. Do you miss him?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "No, he didn't love me."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Is that really the reason?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "No, not really. I admire men who don't love women."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "What do you mean by that?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Oh, I don't know. Women should be but toys for the great. It becomes them both."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Where are my men?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Oh. Oh, Carmion, where are Romans who came here today, do you know?"
  • (Eleanor Phelps) "They're sleeping, my Queen."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Sleeping? What for?"
  • (Eleanor Phelps) "They are; well, I should say they are a little tired."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "You mean a little drunk."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "No. Awfully drunk."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "You choose me, Cleopatra, against the world."
  • (Claudette Colbert) "Against the world."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Then, we'll meet it. We'll smash it to pieces, put it together again and call it ours."

Claudia Dell as Octavian

  • (Claudia Dell) "The wife is always the last to know."
  • (Claudia Dell) "You and your 'Friends, Romans, Countrymen' --"
  • (Claudia Dell) "I'm glad you're above something."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Ah, in his usual gay mood."
  • (Claudia Dell) "This time its my time. There will be no more talk of war. There will be war."
  • (Claudia Dell) "Who is this poisonous snake that wrecks our men? Caesar first and now Antony. When will it end?"

Harry Beresford as Soothsayer

  • (Harry Beresford) "Caesar, I warned you, the ides of March."
  • (Warren William) "The ides of March are here."
  • (Harry Beresford) "But, not gone."
  • (Harry Beresford) "Caesar. Caesar. Beware of the ides of March."
  • (Warren William) "One dates as good as another for a funeral."
  • (Harry Beresford) "Beware."

Warren William as Julius Caesar

  • (Warren William) "What's this? Antony hates women too?"
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "Out of their place, I do. They have no place amongst men. They can't think and they can't fight. They're just playthings for us."
  • (Warren William) "Most of them."
  • (Henry Wilcoxon) "All of them."
  • (Warren William) "For what I have done, Calpurnia, pardon. For what I'm about to do, courage."
  • (Warren William) "You? You too, Brutus?"

Eleanor Phelps as Charmion

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Florence Roberts as Lady Flora

  • (Florence Roberts) "He doesn't miss very much any day. The Queen of Egypt gives parties too."
  • (Celia Ryland) "You mean Cleopatra?"
  • (Lionel Belmore) "What? Have you heard of Cleopatra?"
  • (Celia Ryland) "Of course. All kinds of things. Is she black?"

Joseph Schildkraut as Herod

  • (Joseph Schildkraut) "My friend, when a man is drunk with love, he can't divide his concentration with wine, you know. All major emotions are greedy."

Grace Durkin as Iras

  • (Grace Durkin) "How it all looks. Do you think you might wear this vest when you get married too?"
  • (Claudette Colbert) "What?"
  • (Eleanor Phelps) "I was just thinking of the great Caesar trying to unhook it."

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