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Dream Wife Quotes

Dream Wife is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Dream Wife completed its run in 1970.

It features Dore Schary as producer, Conrad Salinger in charge of musical score, and Milton Krasner as head of cinematography.

Dream Wife is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Dream Wife is 100 minutes long. Dream Wife is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Deborah Kerr as Effie, Cary Grant as Clemson Reade, Walter Pidgeon as Walter McBride, Dan Tobin as Mr. Brown, and Betta St. John as Tarji.

Dream Wife Quotes

Cary Grant as Clemson Reade

  • (Cary Grant) "What can you expect from a woman? You're weak, helpless, and nothing but trouble. And that goes for all of you. Harriet Beecher Stowe. She wrote about slaves, didn't she? Well, it sure takes one to know one."
  • (Betta St. John) "She great woman. She write Uncle Tom's Cabin."
  • (Cary Grant) "Susan B. Anthony --"
  • (Betta St. John) "Susan B. Anthony fight for woman's vote. And that not all. Carry Country --"
  • (Cary Grant) "Carry Nation."
  • (Betta St. John) "Carry Nation."
  • (Cary Grant) "We haven't been able to make a definite plan since we met."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Well, we went to Vermont for two weeks."
  • (Cary Grant) "Yes. Yes, that's right. To her grandfather's farm. For two wonderful relaxing weeks in glorious Vermont."
  • (Walter Pidgeon) "Tim'll be there in September."
  • (Cary Grant) "We spent one day there. She had to leave to take care of the crisis in Sahara; some of the sand was missing."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Well, you stayed on."
  • (Cary Grant) "With grandfather. It wasn't the same thing."
  • (Cary Grant) "Gentlemen, I must say, I'm delighted to meet you -- mustn't I?"
  • (Cary Grant) "Oh, I didn't mean that. What you are doing is important."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "But not as important as cooking your breakfast. You don't need me for that. You can buy it for a dollar an hour. We've been emancipated, Mr. Reade. Have you heard of Susan B. Anthony?"
  • (Cary Grant) "Can she cook?"

Deborah Kerr as Effie

  • (Deborah Kerr) "Clem --"
  • (Cary Grant) "What?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I am afraid that we'll have to postpone the wedding till after the oil deal is signed."
  • (Cary Grant) "What?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I don't see any other way. Truly I don't. There are so many things to get done. Meetings, conferences, reports, and all of them so urgent."
  • (Cary Grant) "So is our wedding."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "But I mean really urgent."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Here is Bukistan."
  • (Cary Grant) "Oh, I know, I have been there."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "Here is the United States."
  • (Cary Grant) "Yes, yes, I have been there too."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "We have just one thing in common. Oil. Every plan we make for peace or war depends on that oil."
  • (Cary Grant) "'That so?"
  • (Deborah Kerr) "I don't have to tell you what happened in Iran. Half the free world had to learn how to pronounce the name Mosadegh."
  • (Cary Grant) "I still can't."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "The same thing is happening again, only this time there will a lot of new names to learn. And the only way to get that oil is to get those names on the dotted line."
  • (Deborah Kerr) "The night is filled with muted sounds / The air is still, but in the hush / The whispers of a thousand lovers. // You and I together here, to dream a thousand wonders / The night is still, we kiss, / And in my heart a thousand thunders."

Dan Tobin as Mr. Brown

  • (Dan Tobin) "Mr Reade --"
  • (Cary Grant) "Oh, good evening."
  • (Cary Grant) "I've been waiting to talk with you."
  • (Dan Tobin) "Really? Anything wrong?"
  • (Dan Tobin) "Yes. It's about that, er, bearded gentleman."
  • (Cary Grant) "You mean our friendly skyscraper?"
  • (Dan Tobin) "He's been trying to buy our chambermaids."
  • (Cary Grant) "He has?"
  • (Dan Tobin) "Yes. He's been offering them positions in the Khan's harem."
  • (Cary Grant) "I hope he hasn't offended them."
  • (Dan Tobin) "Offended them? Six of the girls have already accepted."

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