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Eight Legged Freaks Quotes

Eight Legged Freaks is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Eight Legged Freaks ended in 1970.

It features Dean Devlin as producer, John Ottman in charge of musical score, and John Bartley as head of cinematography.

Eight Legged Freaks is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Eight Legged Freaks is 100 minutes long. Eight Legged Freaks is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

The cast includes: Scott Terra as Mike, Matt Holwick as Larry, Matt Czuchry as Bret, Riley Smith as Randy, Leon Rippy as Wade, Rick Overton as Deputy Pete, David Arquette as Chris McCormick, Tom Noonan as Joshua, Scarlett Johansson as Ashley Parker, Kari Wuhrer as Sheriff Sam Parker, and Doug E. Doug as Harlan.

Eight Legged Freaks Quotes

Tom Noonan as Joshua

  • (Joshua's Parrot) "I see dead people, I see dead people --"
  • (Tom Noonan) "He like's that movie, dunno why --"

Matt Holwick as Larry

  • (Matt Holwick) "Dude did you piss your pants?"
  • (Matt Czuchry) "Come on we got to go. We got to get out of here. They're coming."
  • (Riley Smith) "Looks like the only thing going is you dude."
  • (Matt Holwick) "What do you think? G-String, or underpants?"
  • (Riley Smith) "I'd say under --"

Scarlett Johansson as Ashley Parker

  • (Scarlett Johansson) "Mom, I am not you. I'm not gonna get pregnant at 16. I'm not gonna stay here for the rest of my life and be a trailer trash sheriff."
  • (Kari Wuhrer) "Thanks for the flashback. I really didn't deserve that."
  • (Scarlett Johansson) "What was that?"
  • (Kari Wuhrer) "It's just Pete, he is waiting to come on."
  • (Scarlett Johansson) "I don't think it was Pete."

Rick Overton as Deputy Pete

  • (Rick Overton) "Hey, you know what? Let's just go back inside. Let's go back inside."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "Locked."
  • (Rick Overton) "That's okay."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "Plan B?"
  • (Rick Overton) "Um -- Right. Tell you what, we're just gonna -- We're gonna run away."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "Yeah?"
  • (Rick Overton) "Yeah."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "Okay."
  • (Rick Overton) "They're not aliens they're spiders mutated by contaminated waste."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "That's probably a more logical explanation."
  • (Rick Overton) "Get your furry cat ass out of there."
  • (Rick Overton) "Winchester, 30.06, Mossberg pump, and the Lee Harvey Oswald rifle -- Why we have that, I do not know."

Doug E. Doug as Harlan

  • (Doug E. Doug) "And that my friends is the story of how aliens attacked our sleepy little town. And to this day, people refuse to believe the truth about what happened. They would lead you to believe that I would embellish this story, that I would make it up, but we know the truth. Oh yeah, uh, two, two things I forgot to tell you. One, they never did get that probe near me. And two, as far as Chris McCormick, reopening the gold mines and putting everyone back to work -- Well that my friends, is another story altogether."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "Now people "the phones are down" and I know they're gonna tell you that it's a "technical error"."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "Do you know fear?"
  • (Doug E. Doug) "That's the one who busted up my trailer."
  • (David Arquette) "Shh."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "I bet you he's their leader."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "There's no way you're telling me that thing back there is from earth."
  • (David Arquette) "All right. They're spiders from Mars. You happy."
  • (Doug E. Doug) "No."

David Arquette as Chris McCormick

  • (David Arquette) "Get back you eight-legged freaks."
  • (David Arquette) "That ain't no cactus."
  • (David Arquette) "Operator, you don't understand -- it's an invasion. They're here already. They're here."

Kari Wuhrer as Sheriff Sam Parker

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Scott Terra as Mike

  • (Scott Terra) "Mom, are you there?"
  • (Kari Wuhrer) "Yea, Mike. Is everything ok?"
  • (Scott Terra) "Don't make any movements or noises. There's a giant tarantula headed your way."
  • (Kari Wuhrer) "Copy that."

Riley Smith as Randy

  • (Riley Smith) "She is the sexist sheriff in the whole country."

Leon Rippy as Wade

  • (Leon Rippy) "What exactly is that?"
  • (Rick Overton) "A spider, man."

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