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Ghost (1990 film) Quotes

Ghost (1990 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Ghost completed its run in 1970.

It features Lisa Weinstein as producer, Maurice Jarre in charge of musical score, and Adam Greenberg (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Ghost (1990 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Ghost (1990 film) is 128 minutes long. Ghost (1990 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Patrick Swayze as Sam, Demi Moore as Molly, Patrick Swayze as Sam Wheat, Demi Moore as Molly Jensen, Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown, Bruce Jarchow as Lyle Furgeson, Vincent Schiavelli as Subway Ghost, Tony Goldwyn as Carl Bruner, Phil Leeds as Emergency Room Ghost, and Gail Boggs as Oda Mae's Sister.

Ghost (1990 film) Quotes

Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown

  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Why don't you go haunt a house? Rattle some chains or something."
  • (Ortisha's Friend) "Can we get started soon?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Oh, chill out. Chill. Out."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Julio's coming towards us. I see him. He's coming. He's there. He's dressed in a black suit."
  • (Rosa Santiago) "Black suit?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Could be blue."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Do you hear me talking to you?"
  • (Workman in Loft) "I hear you."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Aw, shut up, nobody's talking to you."
  • (Workman in Loft) "Didn't you ever hear of a phone?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You wanna kiss my butt?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Hey, Molly; I'm not gonna stand out here forever."
  • (Workman in Loft) "Thank God."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Aw, man, shut up."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Where exactly are you?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I'm standing right beside you."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Oh, you're standing right beside me?"
  • (Gail Boggs) "Honey, we're right here."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Are you white ?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "WHAT?"
  • (Gail Boggs) "White?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You're white, aren't you?"
  • (Gail Boggs) "You know what I think?"
  • (Gail Boggs) "Yes, I'm gonna call the doctor right now."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I knew it. It's a white guy. Why me?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Listen, damn it. You are going to help me. There's a woman. Her name is Molly Jensen and she's in terrible danger. The man who killed me broke into our apartment and he's gonna go back. So you've gotta warn her."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Just what makes you think she's gonna listen to me?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "It's just a phone call. Look, you're all I've got. Now, I'm not leaving until you help me. I don't care how long it takes, 'cause I could talk forever."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Now are you going to go away, Sam? 'Cause you know what, I got work to do."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "No."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Fine, then, stay there."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Eh, excuse me, EXCUSE me. You ready yet?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Ortisha? Where you at? I can't hardly see."
  • (Ortisha) "Orlando? Orlando."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Damn, baby, what'd you do to yo hair?"
  • (Ortisha) "Orlando, you like it? It's "Autumn Sunrise"."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "He's cute. White, but cute."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "My mother had it. My mother's mother had it. They both had the gift. They always said I had it, but I never did. I never had it. They told me what it was like. They told me all about it, but now that I got it, I don't think I want it. So do me a favor, just go away. Find somebody else."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Somebody else? You're out of your mind."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I'm gettin' there fast."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "He's stuck, that's what it is. He's in between worlds. You know it happens sometimes that the spirit gets yanked out so fast that the essence still feels it has work to do here."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Would you stop rambling?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I don't think I'm rambling, I'm just answering the question. He's got a attitude now."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I don't have an attitude."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Yes, you do have an attitude. If you didn't have an attitude, you would not have raised your voice at me now, would you?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "God dammit --"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Don't you "God dammit" me. Don't you take the Lord's name in vain with me. I don't take that."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Would you relax?"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "No, you relax, you're the dead guy."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I'm sorry, but, could I get another one? I -- uh -- signed the wrong name."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I know you don't think I'm giving this 4 million dollars to a bunch of nuns."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Think of it this way, you'll go to Heaven."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I don't want to go to Heaven, I want to go to the bank and cash a god**** CHECK."

Patrick Swayze as Sam

  • (Patrick Swayze) "Tell her to send this to the third-floor file because you have a transaction to make."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Can you send this to the third-floor file? I have a transfusion to make."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "It's amazing, Molly. The love inside, you take it with you. See ya."
  • (Demi Moore) "See ya. Bye."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Hand her the check."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I will."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Write it down."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "He wants you to write it down."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "No, YOU write it down."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "I ain't no DAMN secretary."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Don't embellish."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Jawohl."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "They're going to kill you, Carl. You and Willie. You're going to be fertilizer. They're gonna bury you right next to Jimmy Hoffa."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Oda Mae, we've gotta go."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Well, I'd best go now. It's been a PLEASURE doing business with you. A real pleasure. Now may I keep this --"
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Say hi to Bob and Snookie for me, I'll see ya."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I love you Molly. I always have."
  • (Demi Moore) "Ditto."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "You bastard. YOU god**** BASTARD. WHY? I had a life, god**** you. I had a life."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I'm proud of you, Oda Mae."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You know something, Sam? I don't care if you're proud of me. You just stay away from me from now on. What is that nun going to do with it? She can't even buy underwear. NOTHING. I HATE YOU. Leave me alone. Never talk to me again."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I think you're wonderful, Oda Mae."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I love you, Molly. I've always loved you."
  • (Demi Moore) "Ditto."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I'm Henry the 8th I am. Henry the 8th I am I am. I got married to the widow next door. She's been married seven times before."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Molly, you're in danger."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "You can't just blurt it out like that. And quit moving around, because you're starting to make me dizzy. I'll just tell her in my own way."
  • (Whoopi Goldberg) "Molly, you in danger, girl."

Tony Goldwyn as Carl Bruner

  • (Tony Goldwyn) "I'll kill her, Sam. I SWEAR TO GOD, I'LL KILL HER."
  • (Tony Goldwyn) "Carl Bruner speaking."
  • (Unnamed) "Hi, Carl."
  • (Tony Goldwyn) "Mr. Balistrari."
  • (Unnamed) "Balistrari? Carl, it's me, John."
  • (Tony Goldwyn) "John. John, sorry, um, what; what; what; what's up?"
  • (Tony Goldwyn) "You're lying to me. Don't lie to me."
  • (Tony Goldwyn) "god**** it."

Vincent Schiavelli as Subway Ghost

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Demi Moore as Molly Jensen

  • (Demi Moore) "I love you. I really love you."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Ditto."
  • (Demi Moore) "Carl, are you all right?"
  • (Tony Goldwyn) "It's just my stomach. Do you have anything like Pepto Bismol or something like that?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Cyanide."

Phil Leeds as Emergency Room Ghost

  • (Phil Leeds) "Lucky bastard. It could've been the other ones. You never know."
  • (Phil Leeds) "Shot, huh? That'll do it every time."

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