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Gorky Park (film) Quotes

Gorky Park (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Gorky Park ended in 1970.

It features Bob Larson as producer, James Horner in charge of musical score, and Ralf D. Bode as head of cinematography.

Gorky Park (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Gorky Park (film) is 128 minutes long. Gorky Park (film) is distributed by Orion Pictures.

Gorky Park (film) Quotes

  • (Irina Asanova) "The director of that film promised me a pair of new boots if I went to bed with him. Think I should?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "Well, the winter's almost over."
  • (Irina Asanova) "Exactly, and me a Siberian, I'm used to the cold."
  • (Arkady Renko) "It is more than possible that KGB killed those three people."
  • (Iamskoy) "I agree."
  • (Arkady Renko) "Then it is likely they are laying a trap for me."
  • (Iamskoy) "Why?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "Three years ago I tried to arrest Major Pribluda. I proved he was an assassin. You remember those two bodies found by the river."
  • (Iamskoy) "God, its cold out here. You want to freeze my blood even more?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "Too many people in our society disappear. They fall into a gulf."
  • (Professor Andreev) "What sort of gulf?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "The gulf between what is said and what is done."
  • (Professor Andreev) "You may not be much longer for this world, my fine imprudent fellow."
  • (Arkady Renko) "A Stinger, please."
  • (Arkady Renko) "Stinger."
  • (William Kirwill) "That's a whore's drink."
  • (Arkady Renko) "I am a whore."
  • (Irina Asanova) "KGB have better cars, you know."
  • (Arkady Renko) "Ah, but they don't always take you where you want to go, do they?"
  • (Irina Asanova) "Well, are you going to arrest me for losing my skates?"
  • (Levin) "Do you want the third one?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "We have no idea what the big man looked like. Besides, how many do you think I can carry?"
  • (Levin) "Just so long as you know what to say if they stop you in the street."
  • (Professor Andreev) "The way to do this is to imagine they are your loved one, these little creatures. Oh yes, we need them -- and don't the ones you love, eat up your flesh?"
  • (Professor Andreev) "Goodbye, pretty lady."
  • (Arkady Renko) "Here is Valerya."
  • (Golodkin) "Girls like screwing foreigners, don't they? It's almost as good as travel."
  • (Maj. Pribluda) "Greetings, Comrades. I bring you hot water bottles."
  • (Arkady Renko) "I'm trying to save a life."
  • (Anton) "Whose?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "Mine. I'm on a case that reeks of KGB involvement."
  • (William Kirwill) "You know what a born-again Christian is, Renko?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "No."
  • (William Kirwill) "Born-again Christians. They don't smoke, they don't swear, they don't f***, all they do is talk about Jesus, try to walk on the god**** water. That was Jimmy, God love him."
  • (Maj. Pribluda) "KGB decides what interests KGB."
  • (Jack Osborne) "There's a sliver of food on your upper lip."
  • (Arkady Renko) "I'm just a plodding investigator, no style. Completely out of my depth. Oh, yes. Three bodies, three people, shot down and mutilated in Gorky Park, and me, I have food on my lip."
  • (Jack Osborne) "Not even caviar at that. I somehow feel that the executioner, whoever he may be, would have preferred somebody, a more nimble opponent."
  • (Pasha) "Is it that s***-head Pribluda?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "That's like asking if the girl is a virgin when you see her in bed with a man on top of her."
  • (Pasha) "What man?"
  • (Pasha) "Oh."
  • (Arkady Renko) "I always wanted to meet an American. You are so, so different. Forgive me for staring. Only once before did I ever meet an American, in the flesh, so to speak. A young student, Kirwell I think he was called. James Kirwell."
  • (Jack Osborne) "Oh?"
  • (Arkady Renko) "But he was dead."
  • (Jack Osborne) "That doesn't count then, does it?"

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