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Hard Target Quotes

Hard Target is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Hard Target ended its run in 1970.

It features James Jacks as producer, Graeme Revell in charge of musical score, and Russell Carpenter as head of cinematography.

Hard Target is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hard Target is 97 minutes long. Hard Target is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Arnold Vosloo as Pik van Cleef, Eliott Keener as Randal Poe, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Chance Boudreaux, Yancy Butler as Natasha Binder, Lance Henriksen as Emil Fouchon, Robert Apisa as Mr. Lopacki, Arnold Vosloo as Pik van Cleaf, Willie C. Carpenter as Elijah Roper, Sven-Ole Thorsen and Jules Sylvester as Stephan, and Chuck Pfarrer as Douglas Binder.

Hard Target Quotes

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Chance Boudreaux

  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "What's your name?"
  • (Yancy Butler) "It's Nat."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Nat?"
  • (Yancy Butler) "Mm-hmm."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Your parents named you for a -- bug?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Hunting season -- is over."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You trust me?"
  • (Yancy Butler) "Of course I trust you."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Close your eyes."
  • (Yancy Butler) "Why do you want me to trust you with my eyes closed?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Douvee. Douvee."
  • (Douvee) "What is this noise?"
  • (Douvee) "I think I hurt pretty bad."
  • (Douvee) "Now this -- this real catastrophe. This real bad."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Yeah, real bad."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Grab the bar."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Do you still have the 30.06 -- the one I gave you for your birthday?"
  • (Douvee) "No -- a gator ate it. But I still got your shot-gun."
  • (Waitress) "How's that gumbo, Chance?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "A tragedy. The coffee was tolerable, though."
  • (Waitress) "It ain't free, neither."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Yeah. I know."
  • (Waitress) "Leave your wallet in your tuxedo?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I play that one on you before?"
  • (Waitress) "Yeah. For the gumbo."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "That's right."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "If you understand me, just grunt."
  • (Madam) "Chance. What brings you here?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Secret mission."
  • (Madam) "Oh --"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Hey, pigeon."

Yancy Butler as Natasha Binder

  • (Yancy Butler) "What kind of a name is Chance?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Well -- my momma took one --"

Arnold Vosloo as Pik van Cleef

  • (Arnold Vosloo) "Wakey wakey, you fat f***."
  • (Arnold Vosloo) "GET THE f*** DOWN."
  • (Arnold Vosloo) "Boudreaux, Boudreaux, Boudreaux. I've been looking all over for you."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You've been looking in the wrong places."
  • (Arnold Vosloo) "That's good, 'cause I know you wouldn't want to hurt my feelings."
  • (Arnold Vosloo) "It appears your trophy is ripping us a new orifice."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Let me review the tactical situation for you, gentlemen. Boudreaux is wounded. He's been pursued and harried across miles of open country. Now he's cornered and outnumbered 20 to 1. He's an annoying little f***ing insect and I want him stepped on hard."

Lance Henriksen as Emil Fouchon

  • (Lance Henriksen) "There's always some unhappy corner of the globe where we can ply our trade."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "You see, Miss Binder, you I can understand. It was a matter of family."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "You had nothing in common with those people. What made you want to complicate my life like that?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Poor people get bored, too."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "You're not angry at me, are you, Pik?"
  • (Arnold Vosloo) "I don't get angry."
  • (Arnold Vosloo) "I'm a professional."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Load me."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "I'll f*** you, then I'll eat you."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Careless is what you are, Randal. Careless and stupid; and now you're sorry, too."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Was it worth it?"
  • (Robert Apisa) "Every nickel."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "Whoops."
  • (Lance Henriksen) "You are a f***ing buffalo."

Sven-Ole Thorsen and Jules Sylvester as Stephan

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Chuck Pfarrer as Douglas Binder

  • (Chuck Pfarrer) "Please --"

Eliott Keener as Randal Poe

  • (Eliott Keener) "Oh yeah baby"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Hello Poe."
  • (Eliott Keener) "What the f***?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You miss me?"
  • (Eliott Keener) "Oh Christ not again."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "It looks like you're short an ear, so you better listen very carefully. Now, who sent those apes after me?"
  • (Eliott Keener) "I dont know what you're talking about"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Two million people in this city, who's gonna miss a fat slob like you?"
  • (Eliott Keener) "Van Cleef. His name is Van Cleef."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Good boy, where is he?"
  • (Eliott Keener) "I dont know where he lives, he ain't even American. Look he'll kill me if I dont do what he says, please --"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You tell your boyfriend Van Cleef that im going to find out who killed Douglas Binder. If you understand me, just grunt"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Again"
  • (Eliott Keener) "Well, if it ain't my good friend Boudreaux. I thought you was gonna catch a ship."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Maybe I'll stick around to run for mayor."

Willie C. Carpenter as Elijah Roper

  • (Willie C. Carpenter) "Hey. Help me, man. Come on, man. Help me."
  • (Man On The Street) "Hey, man. I ain't got no change, man."

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