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Having Wonderful Time Quotes

Having Wonderful Time is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Having Wonderful Time ended its run in 1970.

It features Marc Connelly as producer, Roy Webb in charge of musical score, and Robert De Grasse as head of cinematography.

Having Wonderful Time is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Having Wonderful Time is 70 minutes long. Having Wonderful Time is distributed by RKO Pictures.

The cast includes: Dorothy Tree as Frances, Ginger Rogers as Teddy Shaw, Leona Roberts as Mrs. Shaw, Lucille Ball as Miriam, Dorothea Kent as Maxine, Eve Arden as Henrietta, Lee Bowman as Buzzy Armbruster, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Chick Kirkland, and Shimen Ruskin as Shrimpo.

Having Wonderful Time Quotes

Shimen Ruskin as Shrimpo

  • (Camp Waiter I) "They're like cannibals, all painted and looking for a white man."
  • (Shimen Ruskin) "Everytime I see one of those headhunters, my scalp itches."
  • (Camp Waiter II) "You better watch out, Shrimpo, they'll have you speared. You may not be much, but, you do wear pants."

Eve Arden as Henrietta

  • (Eve Arden) "Oh, the food here is unbearable. I just had them change my liver."

Ginger Rogers as Teddy Shaw

  • (Ginger Rogers) "If you think I'm going to listen to any more propositions, you're crazy."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "This isn't a proposition. This is a proposal. The ring. The minister. The works."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Oh, and I suppose you think just because I just lost my reputation, I would be glad to marry the first fellow that comes along."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "I know myself very well. And when you come right down to it, I'm exactly like those other hillbillies from the Bronx."

Leona Roberts as Mrs. Shaw

  • (Leona Roberts) "I'll go and make you some lettuce and tomato sandwiches."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Oh, never mind, Mom, it's only a few hours away. Gosh, you'd think I was going to Europe or something."
  • (Leona Roberts) "You better take some heavy nighties, it gets pretty cold in the mountains."

Lee Bowman as Buzzy Armbruster

  • (Lee Bowman) "Don't go away. I'll be right back after I give Screwball, there, a workout."

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Chick Kirkland

  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "Well, I don't want you to spread it about, but, when I get to be President, I'm going to --"
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Oh, you're going to be President?"
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "Yeah, haven't you heard? Of course, I gotta get a job first, but, eh, any how, I'm going to make everyone work for two weeks and then they can spend the rest of the year looking at the moon."
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Oh, that's swell. Well, you got my vote."
  • (Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.) "And of course being President, I get special privileges. Not only do I get to look at the moon, but, I get to look at you, too. Oh, I beg your pardon, I didn't catch your name?"

Dorothy Tree as Frances

  • (Dorothy Tree) "Aren't you lucky. The nearest I'll get to a vacation this year is a far away look in my eye."
  • (Dorothy Tree) "Here comes old Ironsides."
  • (Office Supervisor) "What's the matter? Is there something wrong with your machine?"
  • (Ginger Rogers) "Oh, no. Not at all."
  • (Office Supervisor) "This is an office, girls, not a social hall. You've been here long enough to know that. Or, have you been here, too long?"

Lucille Ball as Miriam

  • (Lucille Ball) "Honestly, you must get a lot of pleasure out of making me feel unnecessary."
  • (Lee Bowman) "Oh, button the lip and and give me the body."
  • (Lucille Ball) "May I?"
  • (Dorothea Kent) "They're just my impressions of the Camp."
  • (Lucille Ball) "Listen, Maxine, there ain't no j in gorgeous. No kidding."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "Well, the people I'm sending them to won't know the difference anyway."
  • (Lucille Ball) "See you later."
  • (Dorothea Kent) "So will I."

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