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He Is Risen (The Sopranos) Quotes

He Is Risen (The Sopranos) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . He Is Risen completed its run in 1970.

He Is Risen (The Sopranos) Quotes

  • (Silvio Dante) ""Another time, Anthony"?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "Cocksucker turns his back on the boss?"
  • (Silvio Dante) "That, I couldn't believe."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Lucky I didn't put one in his f***in' head."
  • (Silvio Dante) "On that front, don't be surprised if Paulie pops the question. Raphie's star is rising. All those unions. Paulie can't come near that kind of cash for us."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Ralph's a good earner."
  • (Silvio Dante) "A guy like that? Loose cannon. He'll be leaving your house, he'll pull a "Jack Ruby" on you."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Why did I have to punch this f***in' asshole?"
  • (Silvio Dante) "Frankly, I was a little surprised."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Are you gonna start on me now? He disrespected The Bing."
  • (Silvio Dante) "So? He's barred from the place."
  • (Tony Soprano) "He bashed that poor girl's brains in."
  • (Silvio Dante) "I hear you. I know. It was a tragedy. The fact is though: she was not related to you by blood or marriage. She was not your goomar. Ralphie's a made guy, Ton'. All things considered, he's got a legitimate beef. Make him disappear, or make nice. You only got two choices. I would suggest something in the way of an apology."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Absolutely f***ing not."
  • (Silvio Dante) "Do something public to show there's no bad blood."
  • (Tony Soprano) "Grandpa. Did he ever work for somebody named Trillo? He owned a lumber yard?"
  • (Junior Soprano) "My father was a master stone mason. He never cut f***ing wood."
  • (Ralph Cifaretto) "I was doing a lot of coke, I said some things, and I did some things that I'm sorry for. It's not gonna happen again."

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