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Helen of Troy (film) Quotes

Helen of Troy (film) is a TV show that debuted in 1970 . Helen of Troy completed its run in 1970.

It features Max Steiner in charge of musical score, and Harry Stradling as head of cinematography.

Helen of Troy (film) is recorded in English language and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Helen of Troy (film) is 118 min. (US version) long. Helen of Troy (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Priam, Rossana Podestà as Helen, Jacques Sernas as Paris, Esmond Knight as High Priest, Janette Scott as Cassandra, Ronald Lewis as Aeneas, Eduardo Ciannelli as Andros, Brigitte Bardot as Andraste, Robert Douglas as Agamemnon, Niall MacGinnis as Menelaus, Barbara Cavan as Cora, Harry Andrews as Hector, Stanley Baker as Achilles, and Terence Longdon as Patroclus.

Helen of Troy (film) Quotes

Jacques Sernas as Paris

  • (Jacques Sernas) "For the Queen, tell her she'll walk in all my dreams."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Forgive me Helen. You are two women. Both wise and good. I am two men, one fairly good, I try to believe; the other very bad indeed."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "One is a man, the other just a boy I think. Paris, let him be so always. Never let him grow old."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Sparta is the past, Helen, Troy is this way."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "What will they call us there? A woman who left her husband and Prince turned thief. What else can we ever be?"
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Two people in love, against the world, if need be."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Hector, where is my place?"
  • (Harry Andrews) "Besides your Spartan woman."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "It was just a foolish hope. I half imagined she'd come."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Oh Goddess come to Earth. Make me a mortal with your kiss and we'll live on nectar and ambrosia --"
  • (Jacques Sernas) "-- But I am not sure I like being so ethereal."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "There is no escape it seems. Not even from happiness."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "No. And I am happy, very happy."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Forgive me. I forget you are a woman; not a Goddess."

Ronald Lewis as Aeneas

  • (Ronald Lewis) "To think deeply, Paris, one must think of women. They bring all life into the world and much death. They sway the destinies of men."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "Not my destiny."

Rossana Podestà as Helen

  • (Rossana Podestà) "This is not goodbye. You shall still be with me across the sea."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "And you with me."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "And always young, Paris, remember. What is remembered is forever young."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "Beware the Greeks bearing gifts."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "Be on your way. Freedom is made of quicksilver sometimes. Go, hurry."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "Andraste, help us carry this man."
  • (Brigitte Bardot) "A man, my lady. How interesting."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "It is the way the Gods have: to give with one hand and take with two."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "The Gods sometimes change the bravest of intentions."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "They are kind. I'll never doubt them again."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "Nothing endures on earth, Paris. Neither sorrow nor happiness. Or, people in love."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "People in love should not be blind. They should look to the future and prepare for separation."

Janette Scott as Cassandra

  • (Janette Scott) "Perhaps it could not be otherwise. What must be, no one can change."
  • (Janette Scott) "Father, please hear me. This is not the end of ruin, but, the beginning."
  • (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) "We must not be ungrateful to a Goddess who has proved herself our Goddess. Bring in her sacred horse. It shall be a monument to Trojan valor."

Brigitte Bardot as Andraste

  • (Brigitte Bardot) "I am the slave, sent to the Prince of Troy."
  • (Unnamed) "The Queen's handmaiden, eh?"
  • (Brigitte Bardot) "The King commands me to entertain his guest."
  • (Unnamed) "A fine old Greek custom, but, guest? He's in a prison, if he only knew it."
  • (Brigitte Bardot) "Oh, I'm instructed that he shall not know it."

Sir Cedric Hardwicke as Priam

  • (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) "Arise, Paris. And go."
  • (Esmond Knight) "The virgin Cassandra does make one point that causes me much concern. Prince Paris, it appears, gives all his worship to one goddess alone, Aphrodite."
  • (Jacques Sernas) "I'm not sure I worship anything. Now, admiration is the better word. Admiration for the beauty of a marble image."
  • (Sir Cedric Hardwicke) "The face that launched a thousand ships."

Stanley Baker as Achilles

  • (Stanley Baker) "Take your hands off her."
  • (Ulysses) "What's this? A warrior commanding his commander?"
  • (Stanley Baker) "She's mine, Agamemnon."
  • (Robert Douglas) "Great as you are, I'm still your Chieftain. Protector of all the spoils of war. Take her to my quarters."
  • (Stanley Baker) "Agamemnon, if you take this girl, I shall stay home."
  • (Robert Douglas) "Then, fly, mighty warrior, fly."

Robert Douglas as Agamemnon

  • (Robert Douglas) "We cannot plan without Achilles of Thessaly. But, he hates my brother and me so much, I doubt --"
  • (Ulysses) "He hates you almost as much as he loves war. In fact, in order to lock himself from all temptation of joining with us, he hid himself securely; in a house of women."
  • (Ulysses) "That's where I found him. Hiding from all persuasion; dressed as a woman."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "Did you persuade him?"
  • (Ulysses) "Oh yes, he's here, at the stables, seeing to the care of his horses."
  • (Robert Douglas) "Achilles. A blushing girl."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "I shall commend him for the beauty of his face and figure."
  • (Robert Douglas) "I'd like your friend Achilles with us. In case they prove to be troublesome."
  • (Terence Longdon) "He still refuses to fight. So long as you're in command and your lovesick jackass of a brother breathes upon this beach."

Terence Longdon as Patroclus

  • (Terence Longdon) "Achilles, Agamemnon does not speak for all our people."
  • (Stanley Baker) "Dogs. Jackals. I'll never fight his battles again."
  • (Terence Longdon) "But, for Greece, you'll fight."
  • (Stanley Baker) "No more."

Eduardo Ciannelli as Andros

  • (Eduardo Ciannelli) "I can't risk hiding a Trojan."
  • (Brigitte Bardot) "Yes. What if he's a warrior and only pretending? You must be careful."
  • (Rossana Podestà) "Women who are always careful, miss much in life, Andraste. He doesn't seem to recover. But his heart beats."

Barbara Cavan as Cora

  • (Barbara Cavan) "Wings of Mercury, speed you."

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