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Hombre (film) Quotes

Hombre (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Hombre completed its run in 1970.

It features Irving Ravetch as producer, David Rose (musician) in charge of musical score, and James Wong Howe as head of cinematography.

Hombre (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Hombre (film) is 111 minutes long. Hombre (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Richard Boone as Grimes, Paul Newman as John Russell, Diane Cilento as Jessie, Margaret Blye as Doris Blake, Martin Balsam as Henry Mendez, Cameron Mitchell as Braden, Barbara Rush as Audra Favor, David Canary as Lamar Dean, and Peter Lazer as Billy Lee Blake.

Hombre (film) Quotes

Peter Lazer as Billy Lee Blake

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Martin Balsam as Henry Mendez

  • (Martin Balsam) "You can be white, Mexican, or Indian, but I think it pays you to be a white man for a while. Put yourself on the winning side for a change."
  • (Paul Newman) "Is that what you are?"
  • (Martin Balsam) "Well, a Mexican's closer to it than a White Mountain Apache, I can tell you that."
  • (Unnamed) "I would like at least to know his name."
  • (Martin Balsam) "He was called John Russell."
  • (Martin Balsam) "Hombre, which name today, which do you want?"
  • (Paul Newman) "Anything but bastard will do."

Paul Newman as John Russell

  • (Paul Newman) "You better put down that gun. You got two ways to go, put it down or use it. Even if you tie me, you're gonna be dead."
  • (Paul Newman) "Hit something, Mendez, first the men, then the horses."
  • (Martin Balsam) "I don't know. Just to sit here and wait to kill them?"
  • (Paul Newman) "If there was some other way, we'd do it."
  • (Martin Balsam) "Maybe we can keep going and try to outrun them."
  • (Paul Newman) "If you run, they're gonna catch you, they're gonna kill you. You believe that more than you believe anything."
  • (Martin Balsam) "All right."
  • (Paul Newman) "And try not to puke. You may have to lie in it for a long time."

Diane Cilento as Jessie

  • (Diane Cilento) "That soldier would have helped you and you know it."
  • (Paul Newman) "I didn't ask for any."
  • (Diane Cilento) "He didn't even have a gun."
  • (Paul Newman) "That's his business he don't wanna carry one."
  • (Diane Cilento) "It takes a lot to light a fire under you, doesn't it."
  • (Paul Newman) "If it's alright with you, lady, I just didn't feel like bleeding for him. And even if it isn't alright with you."
  • (Diane Cilento) "And we got him a marble headstone. It had his name on it, and underneath, we had them put, "In the Fullness of His Years." Is that all right with you?"
  • (Paul Newman) "I'll settle for that. I'm not on the slab."
  • (Diane Cilento) "Well, what do you figure yours is going to read?"
  • (Paul Newman) ""Shot Dead," probably."
  • (Diane Cilento) "Don't people take to you, Mr. Russell?"
  • (Paul Newman) "It only takes one who doesn't."
  • (Diane Cilento) "Frank, what are you doin'?"
  • (Cameron Mitchell) "Goin' bad, honey."

Margaret Blye as Doris Blake

  • (Margaret Blye) "You're just saying that so we won't go down there."
  • (Paul Newman) "They'll kill you both. That's why I'm saying it."
  • (Margaret Blye) "I've heard a lot of stories about what the Indians do to white women."
  • (Richard Boone) "They do the same thing to white women they do to Indian women, and they don't mind it much, red or white."

Richard Boone as Grimes

  • (Richard Boone) "Throw down two saddles."
  • (Richard Boone) "You're comin' with us."
  • (Barbara Rush) "No, I think I'll stay here."
  • (Richard Boone) "You will be all right."
  • (Barbara Rush) "I'll be all right here."
  • (Richard Boone) "One way or another, you're comin' with us."
  • (Richard Boone) "Looks like you done good, but we done better."
  • (Richard Boone) "Smoke bother you?"
  • (Barbara Rush) "Would you put it out if I said it did?"
  • (Richard Boone) "Oh, yeah. My momma taught me to remove my hat and my cigar in the presence of a lady. Whatever else I take off depends on how lucky I get."

David Canary as Lamar Dean

  • (David Canary) "What are you doin' up there?"
  • (Paul Newman) "Gettin' my things."
  • (David Canary) "You figurin' on going some place?"
  • (Paul Newman) "Why stay here?"
  • (David Canary) "Just how far do you thin you're gonna get?"
  • (Paul Newman) "That's to find out."
  • (David Canary) "Now how far did you say you were gonna get?"
  • (Martin Balsam) "Leave us some water."
  • (David Canary) "Now how far?"
  • (Paul Newman) "Oh about as far as Delgado's."
  • (David Canary) "What does that mean?"
  • (Paul Newman) "Maybe if we all get thirsty we'll go to Delgado's and get some "mezcal.""

Barbara Rush as Audra Favor

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Cameron Mitchell as Braden

  • (Cameron Mitchell) "Hey, what's going on?"
  • (Diane Cilento) "I'm moving you out. I want you to take your socks, your cigar stubs, your long johns, and your nickel-plated sheriff's badge, and amble back down the hall to your own room."
  • (Cameron Mitchell) "I like it here."
  • (Diane Cilento) "Can't quite remember how you got squatter's rights in here, anyhow. Seems to me you came by one night to ask for an extra blanket and stayed a year."
  • (Cameron Mitchell) "I been working since I was ten years old, Jessie, cleaning spittoons at a dime a day. It's now thirty years later, and all I can see out the window here is a dirt road going nowhere. The only thing that changes the view is the spotted dog lifting his leg against the wall over there. Saturday nights, I haul out the town drunks. I get their 25-cent dinners and their rotgut liquor heaved up over the front of my one good shirt. I wear three pounds of iron strapped to my leg. That makes me fair game for any punk cowboy who's had one too many. No, Jess, I don't need a wife. I need out."

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