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Ice Age: Continental Drift Quotes

Ice Age: Continental Drift is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Ice Age: Continental Drift completed its run in 1970.

It features Lori Forte as producer, John Powell (composer) in charge of musical score, and Renato Falcão as head of cinematography.

Ice Age: Continental Drift is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Ice Age: Continental Drift is 88 minutes long. Ice Age: Continental Drift is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Denis Leary as Diego, [[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]] as Manny, John Leguizamo as Sid, Queen Latifah as Ellie, Josh Gad as Louis, Seann William Scott as Crash, Jennifer Lopez as Shira, Wanda Sykes as Granny, Peter Dinklage as Captain Gutt, Keke Palmer as Peaches, Queen Latifah as Eunice, Patrick Stewart as Ariscratle, Nick Frost as Flynn, Rebel Wilson as Raz, Drake as Ethan, Nicki Minaj as Steffie, Kunal Nayyar as Gupta, Alain Chabat as Silas, and Aziz Ansari as Squint.

Ice Age: Continental Drift Quotes

Jennifer Lopez as Shira

  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Two sloths, a mammoth and a sabertooth? You sound like the start of a bad joke."
  • (Denis Leary) "And we, saved you, so that makes you the punchline, Kitty."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Don't, call me Kitty."
  • (Denis Leary) "Okay, I won't, Kitty."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "If they kiss I'm gonna puke."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "You're pretty soft for a saber."
  • (Denis Leary) "Excuse me? I happen to be a remorseless assassin."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Oh, Diego-poo. Hey, I made you another coral necklace. He keeps losing them. Hee-hee."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Gutt, I can explain."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "When this ends, I'll have a tiger skin hanging on my wall. I don't care whose. That mammoth has taken my ship, my bounty and now the loyalty of my crew. I will destroy him and everything he loves."

[[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]] as Manny

  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "What, what was that? Ellie, did you hear that?"
  • (Queen Latifah) "I heard it, Manny; whatever it is, it's miles away."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Peaches, you all right? Where is she, no teenager is ever up early."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "I can't believe this, you slept through that storm?"
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Aah, I slept through the comet that killed the unicorns."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Ellie, you have to get out here. Go. Go now. Stay alive. No matter how long it takes, I will find you."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Just keep your eye on the horizon."
  • (Denis Leary) "I can't find the horizon."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Look, as much as I'm tempted to join a monkey, the Easter Bunny and a giant bag of pudding, I'll pass. No one's gonna stop me getting back to my family."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Just keep your eyes on the horizon."
  • (Denis Leary) "I cant find the Horizon."

Peter Dinklage as Captain Gutt

  • (Peter Dinklage) "Oh, no: it's been a diversion."
  • (Nick Frost) "I know; I'm having a blast."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "No, pinhead, they're stealing my ship."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "Sacrificing yourself for your daughter. How touching. And predictable."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "You know this ocean isn't big enough for the both of us."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Don't worry, you won't take up much space once I flatten you."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "Surrender your ship or face my fury."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Or face your furry what?"
  • (Peter Dinklage) "Not furry, fury."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "You're a failure. I need warriors, and all I have are kitty cats and bunny rabbits."
  • (Nick Frost) "And a seal and a kangaroo."

Aziz Ansari as Squint

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Keke Palmer as Peaches

  • (Keke Palmer) "So tell me, when exactly will I be allowed to hang out with boys?"
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "When I'm dead. Plus three days, just to make sure I'm dead."
  • (Keke Palmer) "Oh, no. Ethan, I am so sorry. I; -Wow, you're even better-looking up close. Phenomenal."
  • (Keke Palmer) "What if I never see him again? And the last thing we did was fight."
  • (Queen Latifah) "Hey, your father is the toughest, most stubborn mammoth I've ever met. He'll come back for us. That's a promise."

John Leguizamo as Sid

  • (John Leguizamo) "Mom, Dad, do you have Granny's teeth? She can't find them."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Hey. Can you chew this thing for me?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Ew, Guys? Where is everyone?"
  • (Denis Leary) "I'll handle this. Sid? Uh, your family was wiped out by an asteroid. Sorry."
  • (John Leguizamo) "What?"
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "What Diego is trying to say is, they left. They only wanted to find you so you could take care of Granny."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Oh, come on, what kind of sick family would ditch their own Granny on someone? That's just crazy. That's just -- That's just -- my family."
  • (Denis Leary) "At least you still have Granny. Right, buddy?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Yeah, Granny. Granny? Granny?"
  • (Queen Latifah) "Wow. For an old girl, she moves fast."
  • (John Leguizamo) "My mother once told me that bad news is just good news in disguise."
  • (Denis Leary) "Was this before she abandoned you?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Yes it was."
  • (John Leguizamo) "We met some dinosaurs. It made no sense, but it sure was exciting."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Holy crab."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Granny?"
  • (Denis Leary) "Granny?"
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Granny?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Come out, come out wherever you are."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Come on, Granny."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Here, Granny, Granny. I have prunes for you. Just the way you like them."
  • (Denis Leary) "Ugh."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "Aw. I don't wanna see that."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Mission accomplished, Granny."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Ha, who says old ladies can't drive?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "If I don't make it, find me a wife, and tell her I love her."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Somebody hail a whale?"

Patrick Stewart as Ariscratle

  • (Patrick Stewart) "No. Stop. Brother, rise above this base desire; be more than a rodent."

Denis Leary as Diego

  • (Denis Leary) "Yeah, you don't scare me mother nature. There's nothing you can throw at me that I can't handle."
  • (Denis Leary) "Huh?"
  • (Queen Latifah) "I think we're almost there."
  • (Milton) "We'd better be. I just lost the steering."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Has anyone seen Precious? It's her feeding time."
  • (Marshall) "Mom. Granny's talking about her dead pet again."
  • (Uncle Fungus) "Hey, paws up, everybody."
  • (Marshall) "Paws down, Uncle, please. That is nasty."
  • (Uncle Fungus) "Whoo-hoo."
  • (Queen Latifah) "Be careful, Milton, you're gonna hurt somebody."
  • (Queen Latifah) "Aah. Bad kitty."
  • (Marshall) "Rock."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Whoo."
  • (Denis Leary) "That was fun. Now, who should I eat first?"
  • (Denis Leary) "I don't know whats wrong with me: I can't eat, can't sleep; I think I'm coming down with something."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "I know what you've got: the "L" word."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Yeah, leprosy."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "No, Sid, no. It's four letters, starts with "L", ends with "E"."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Ah, lice."
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "No. Diego, my friend, is in love."
  • (Denis Leary) "Easy, kitty: water -- you need it."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "I don't need anything from you."
  • (Denis Leary) "Fine, die of thirst, that'll really show me."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Wait. I'll take it."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "Thank you."
  • (Denis Leary) "You know, you have a way of saying "thank you" that makes it sound like drop dead."
  • (Jennifer Lopez) "It's a gift."

Nick Frost as Flynn

  • (Nick Frost) "Where's my booty, has anyone seen it?"
  • (Kunal Nayyar) "Flynn, it's right behind you."
  • (Nick Frost) "Where? Where's my booty? I can't see it."
  • (Alain Chabat) "Yuck, it's all I can see."

Wanda Sykes as Granny

  • (Wanda Sykes) "Y'all got some ugly goldfish."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Thanks for drawing my bath, Sidney."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Granny, grab my paw."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "No way. This is my first bath in decades."
  • (Denis Leary) "There's your proof."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Quick. Somebody do something."
  • (John Leguizamo) "I got you, Granny."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "Get off of me."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Ow, ow, ow, ow. Granny."
  • (Wanda Sykes) "What are you peeping toms all looking at?"
  • (Wanda Sykes) "A lady can't take a bath in peace? Eyballing me like a rump roast."
  • (Denis Leary) "What's the life expectancy for a female sloth?"
  • ([[Alan Tudyk][Ray Romano]]) "She'll outlive us all, you know that, right? Yeah, the spifeful ones live the longest."

Alain Chabat as Silas

  • (Alain Chabat) "It's a huge bounty, Capitaine: four passengers ripe for the taking: One very smelly and one very plump."
  • (Peter Dinklage) "In my ocean: what a terrible turn of events. I love a terrible turn of events."

Drake as Ethan

  • (Drake) "Yo, that was insane. Hey Peach, loosen up; have some fun."
  • (Keke Palmer) "Fun. You call that fun? I'm outta here."
  • (Nicki Minaj) "Come on, I mean do you really want to go back to hanging out with a weird molehog for a week than getting along with us?"
  • (Drake) "I mean, it's bad enough that your family's half possum --"
  • (Keke Palmer) "Bad enough? There's nothing bad about being part of my family. I like hanging by my tail and if you geniuses are normal, the species is going to end up extinct."
  • (Nicki Minaj) "Ah, yeah. Well, your species is going to be extinct first."
  • (Dumb Mammoth) "Haha, burn."
  • (Drake) "We're the same species, geniuses."
  • (Dumb Mammoth) "What -- double burn."

Josh Gad as Louis

  • (Josh Gad) "Can I ask you guys something? How are you both so happy; doesn't it weigh on you that the world might be ending?"
  • (Seann William Scott) "Can I tell him our secret?"
  • (Seann William Scott) "Come here, come here -- we're very, very -- stupid."
  • (Josh Gad) "But still, you're not a teensy bit concerned about -- I don't know, say imminent death."
  • (Seann William Scott) "Beep."

Queen Latifah as Ellie

  • (Unnamed) "When you drink water through your trunk, does it taste like boogers?"
  • (Queen Latifah) "Uh no -- well -- Sometimes, Now let's move."

Rebel Wilson as Raz

  • (Rebel Wilson) "G'day Mate."

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