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K-PAX (film) Quotes

K-PAX (film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . K-PAX stopped airing in 1970.

It features Robert F. Colesberry as producer, Edward Shearmur in charge of musical score, and John Mathieson (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

K-PAX (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of K-PAX (film) is 121 minutes long. K-PAX (film) is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Jeff Bridges as Dr. Mark Powell, Saul Williams as Ernie, David Patrick Kelly as Howie, Alfre Woodard as Claudia Villars, Ajay Naidu as Dr. Chakraborty, and Mary McCormack as Rachel Powell.

K-PAX (film) Quotes

Jeff Bridges as Dr. Mark Powell

  • (Jeff Bridges) "I'd like to begin by asking you -- if you know why you're here."
  • (Prot) "Of course. You think I'm crazy."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I prefer the term "ill". Do you think you are -- ill?"
  • (Prot) "A little homesick, perhaps."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Really? Where is home?"
  • (Prot) "K-PAX."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "K-PAX?"
  • (Prot) "Capital "K," hyphen, capitals "P-A-X." K-PAX is a planet. But don't worry. I'm not going to leap out of your chest."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I'm not worried. It's just that I'm only familiar with nine planets."
  • (Prot) "Well, actually, there are ten, but that doesn't matter. I'm not from your solar system. K-PAX is about 1,000 of your light-years away from here in what you would call your constellation Lyra."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "What would you say if I told you I think you're as human as I am?"
  • (Prot) "I would say you're in need of a thorazine drip, Doctor."
  • (Prot) "You know what I've learned about your planet? There's enough life on Earth to fill 50 planets. Plants, animals, people, fungi, viruses, all jostling to find their place, bouncing off each other, feeding off each other. Connected."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "You don't have that kind of connection on K-PAX?"
  • (Prot) "Nobody wants, nobody needs. On K-PAX, when I'm gone, nobody misses me. There would be no reason to. And yet I sense that when I leave here -- I will be missed. Yes. Strange feeling."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "What if I were to tell you that according to a man who lived on our planet, named Einstein, that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light?"
  • (Prot) "I would say that you misread Einstein, Dr. Powell. May I call you Mark? You see Mark, what Einstein actually said was that nothing can accelerate to the speed of light because its mass would become infinite. Einstein said nothing about entities already traveling at the speed of light or faster, at tachyon speeds."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "How do you know right from wrong?"
  • (Prot) "Every being in the universe knows right from wrong, Mark."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Have a seat."
  • (Prot) ""Have a seat." What a curious expression."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Well, let's hope extraterrestrials qualify for Medicaid."
  • (Prot) "Your produce alone has been worth the trip."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Could you tell me a bit about your boyhood on K-PAX? Where were you born? You were, uh, born, right? K-Paxians have babies?"
  • (Prot) "Oh, yes. Much like on Earth, but unlike you humans, the reproductive process is, uh, quite unpleasant for us."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Could you compare the effect to something that I might understand. Like a toothache?"
  • (Prot) "It's more like having your nuts in a vise, except we feel it all over. And to make matters worse, the sensation is associated with something like your nausea accompanied by a very bad smell. The moment of climax is like being kicked in the stomach and then falling into a pool of mot droppings."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Mot droppings?"
  • (Prot) "A mot is a being much like your skunk only far more potent."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Uh, if it's such a terrible experience, uh, how do you reproduce?"
  • (Prot) "As carefully as possible."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "You know, maybe what's wrong with him is that he is."
  • (Alfre Woodard) "Is what?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "From the planet K-PAX."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "What happened?"
  • (Saul Williams) "My good friend Howie -- he, he just about strangled me to death."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "What?"
  • (Saul Williams) "Son of a bitch I love him."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Uh, how is it that being a visitor from space, that you, uh, you look so much like me or, or anyone else from Earth?"
  • (Prot) "Why is a soap bubble round?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) ""Why is a soap bubble round?""
  • (Prot) "You know, for an educated person, Mark, you repeat things quite a bit. Are you aware of that? A soap bubble is round because it is the most energy-efficient configuration. Similarly, on your planet I look like you. On K-PAX I look like a K-PAXian."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Prot, why did you want to come to our planet?"
  • (Prot) "Well, I've been here many times before. But what brought me here first? I don't know. Pure curiosity, I guess. I'd never been to a Class BA-3 planet before."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Class BA-3?"
  • (Prot) "Early stage of evolution. Future uncertain."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Oh, 6:15 was late. Didn't leave the station till 6:30. Should have caught the nearest beam of light."

Mary McCormack as Rachel Powell

  • (Prot) "We don't have families on K-PAX."
  • (Mary McCormack) "Well, you don't know what you're missing."

Alfre Woodard as Claudia Villars

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Ajay Naidu as Dr. Chakraborty

  • (Ajay Naidu) "He most definitely has a sensitivity to white light, but I think it's his range that you'll find interesting."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "What am I looking at?"
  • (Ajay Naidu) "Uh, he can detect light at a wavelength of up to 300 to 400 angstroms. Ultraviolet. Of course, Prot's explanation is that due to his planet's peculiar quality of light caused by its two suns, K-PAXians are used to light conditions much like our twilight most of the time."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Whoa, w-wait, wait a minute. Uh, Chuck, I didn't think human beings could see ultraviolet light."
  • (Ajay Naidu) "We can't."

David Patrick Kelly as Howie

  • (David Patrick Kelly) "You never gave me my third task. What's my third task?"
  • (Prot) "To stay here, and be prepared for anything."

Saul Williams as Ernie

  • (Saul Williams) "Dying is something you have no control over. Why waste your life being afraid of it?"

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