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Monster Island (2004 film) Quotes

Monster Island (2004 film) is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Monster Island ended in 1970.

It features Donald L. West as producer, Michael Richard Plowman in charge of musical score, and Todd Elyzen as head of cinematography.

Monster Island (2004 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Monster Island (2004 film) is 120 minutes long. Monster Island (2004 film) is distributed by Paramount Television.

The cast includes: Adam West as Dr. Harryhausen, Daniel Letterle as Josh, Cascy Beddow as Andy, Joe MacLeod as Stack, Chelan Simmons as Jen, C. Ernst Harth as Eightball, Chris Harrison as Chase, and Alana Husband as Lil' Mindi.

Monster Island (2004 film) Quotes

Adam West as Dr. Harryhausen

  • (Adam West) "But even here in the jungle I can hear my mother's voice -- "Clean up your room, freak. Hey freak, go down to the store and get me my cough syrup and smokes." Tea anyone?"
  • (Adam West) "You kids shouldn't be horsing around out here."
  • (Adam West) "But he wasn't trying to eat your friend's brains out. Little fella's in heat. Good thing orifice identification isn't his strong point."
  • (Adam West) "The island's going to sink."
  • (Chelan Simmons) "Oh, my God, you've got to be kidding. What dumbass did the location scout for this thing?"

Chelan Simmons as Jen

  • (Chelan Simmons) "What is it?"
  • (Cascy Beddow) "P-P- It's a praying mantis."
  • (Chelan Simmons) "What's it praying for?"
  • (Joe MacLeod) "Little kids lost in the woods."

Joe MacLeod as Stack

  • (Joe MacLeod) "Bear mace?"
  • (Cascy Beddow) "Brass knuckles?"
  • (Chelan Simmons) "Nobody messes with Jen unless Jen wants to messed."
  • (Joe MacLeod) "You know, I don't recall electing ass-boy "Island Leader"."
  • (Joe MacLeod) "Now, that's a big banana."
  • (Joe MacLeod) "You carry that thing in your shorts?"
  • (C. Ernst Harth) "Uh-huh."
  • (Daniel Letterle) "No holster?"
  • (C. Ernst Harth) "Uh-uh."
  • (Chris Harrison) "How do you sit?"
  • (C. Ernst Harth) "That's the discipline."

Daniel Letterle as Josh

  • (Carmen Electra) "You didn't mail me a six-foot nude sculpture of myself made out of rubber cement?"
  • (Daniel Letterle) "No, I made mine outta silly putty."
  • (Daniel Letterle) "My sister's the devil."
  • (Cascy Beddow) "Send me to hell."

Alana Husband as Lil' Mindi

  • (Alana Husband) "Wham, bam, thanks, you dead."

Cascy Beddow as Andy

  • (Cascy Beddow) "Jen really wanted to win this. You've got to respect initiative like that."
  • (Daniel Letterle) "You're blinded by lust, Andy. Hitler had initiative. The Republicans have initiative."
  • (Joe MacLeod) "Martha Stewart."
  • (Daniel Letterle) "Right."
  • (Joe MacLeod) "Yeah."
  • (Cascy Beddow) "They like it."
  • (Chelan Simmons) "Of course, even abducted and abused, Carmen's got it going on."

C. Ernst Harth as Eightball

  • (C. Ernst Harth) "'95 Golden Gloves, swamp monkey."
  • (C. Ernst Harth) "Come on, big mama. Let's go for a ride. Ahhhhhhhhhh."
  • (C. Ernst Harth) "BAM. Eightball in the corner pocket."

Chris Harrison as Chase

  • (Chris Harrison) "Wh-where are we going? We're gonna walk around in circles until; until giant maggots squirm us to death? Or-or-or huge moths rip up all our clothes, or dung beetles the size of-of-of cows rip us to pieces because they hate our freedom?"
  • (Chris Harrison) "Um, Krueger -- what should we do now?"
  • (Daniel Letterle) "Stay here and be still. Maybe she's had her fill of ass-kicking today."

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