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Night of the Demon Quotes

Night of the Demon is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Night of the Demon stopped airing in 1970.

It features Frank Bevis as producer, Clifton Parker in charge of musical score, and Edward Scaife as head of cinematography.

Night of the Demon is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Night of the Demon is 95 minutes long. Night of the Demon is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Maurice Denham as Professor Harrington, Dana Andrews as Dr. John Holden, Niall MacGinnis as Dr. Julian Karswell, Athene Seyler as Mrs. Karswell, Liam Redmond as Professor Mark O'Brien, and Brian Wilde as Rand Hobart.

Night of the Demon Quotes

Liam Redmond as Professor Mark O'Brien

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Dana Andrews as Dr. John Holden

  • (Dana Andrews) "You were right. Maybe it's better not to know."
  • (Dana Andrews) "I see you practice white magic as well as black."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "Oh yes, I don't think it would be too amusing for the youngsters if I conjured up a demon from hell for them."
  • (Dana Andrews) "Well, what do you expect me to do? Nobody's free from fear. I have an imagination like anyone else. It's easy to see a demon in every dark corner. But I refuse to let this thing take possession of my good senses. If this world is ruled by demons and monsters we may as well give up right now."
  • (Dana Andrews) "Sit down. Your generosity is becoming overwhelming as it gets closer to ten o'clock. You're staying with me, Karswell. You've sold your bill of goods too well, because I believe you now. I believe that in five minutes something monstrous and horrible is going to happen. And when it does, you're going to be here so that whatever happens to me will happen to you."
  • (Dana Andrews) "Joanna, let me tell you something about myself. When I was a kid, I used to walk down the street with the other kids and when we came to a ladder they'd all walk around it. I'd walk under it, just to see if anything would happen. Nothing ever did. When they'd see a black cat they'd run the other way to keep it from crossing their path. But I didn't. And all this ever did for me is make me wonder why, why people get so panicky about absolutely nothing at all. I've made a career studying it. Maybe just to prove one thing. That I'm not a superstitious sucker like ninety per cent of humanity."

Maurice Denham as Professor Harrington

  • (Maurice Denham) "It's in the trees. It's coming."

Niall MacGinnis as Dr. Julian Karswell

  • (Niall MacGinnis) "You get nothing for nothing."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "Listen, mother. You believe in the supernatural. I've shown you some of its power and some of its danger."
  • (Athene Seyler) "Yes, Julian."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "Well, believe this also. You get nothing for nothing. This house, the land, the way we live. Nothing for nothing. My followers who pay for this do it out of fear. And I do what I do out of fear also. It's part of the price."
  • (Athene Seyler) "But if it makes you unhappy. Stop it. Give it back."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "How can you give back life? I can't stop it. I can't give it back. I can't let anyone destroy this thing. I must protect myself. Because if it's not someone else's life, it'll be mine. Do you understand, mother? It'll be mine."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "Ha ha, snakes and ladders. An English game, you wouldn't know it. You see, if you land at the foot of the ladder you climb all the way to the top. But if you land on the head of the snake, you slide all the way down again. Funny thing, I always preferred sliding down the snakes to climbing up the ladders. You're a doctor of psychology, you ought to know the answer to that."
  • (Dana Andrews) "Maybe you're a good loser."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "I'm not, you know. Not a bit of it."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "Do I believe in witchcraft? What kind of witchcraft? The legendary witch that rides on the imaginary broom? The hex that tortures the thoughts of the victim? The pin stuck in the image that wastes away the mind and the body?"
  • (Dana Andrews) "Also imaginary."
  • (Niall MacGinnis) "But where does imagination end and reality begin? What is this twilight, this half world of the mind that you profess to know so much about? How can we differentiate between the powers of darkness and the powers of the mind?"

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