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The Hill (film) Quotes

The Hill (film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Hill stopped airing in 1970.

It features Kenneth Hyman as producer, and Oswald Morris as head of cinematography.

The Hill (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of The Hill (film) is 123 min. long. The Hill (film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Harry Andrews as Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson, Ian Bannen as Sergeant Charlie Harris, Roy Kinnear as Monty Bartlett, Ossie Davis as Jacko King, and Jack Watson as Jock McGrath.

The Hill (film) Quotes

Harry Andrews as Regimental Sergeant Major Bert Wilson

  • (Harry Andrews) "I'm running this place. Me. I'll say what goes and what don't go."
  • (Ian Bannen) "You ain't running this place, Bert, WILLIAMS is. Look at him. He took over days ago. You STILL haven't caught on."
  • (Unnamed) "So what's the charge? Failing to obey an order? Or, drunk in charge of a cigarette lighter? Oh, you crazy bastard. You'd prop up dead men and inspect them if you was ordered to."
  • (Harry Andrews) "Right. You're RIGHT."
  • (Harry Andrews) "Accidental death. But if there's another accidental death and you're in any way connected to it, staff --"
  • (Harry Andrews) "New scum and old scum are a bad mix."
  • (Unnamed) "Thank you, Bert. You said you backed your staff."
  • (Harry Andrews) "We're not celebrating our glorious victory, Williams. We're patching up a bloody disaster."
  • (Harry Andrews) "Nobody's gonna put a medal on us. But get this straight; one job's as important as the next."
  • (Harry Andrews) "I AM the Q Ar Ohs."
  • (Harry Andrews) "Then there's the Commandant. The Commandant signs a piece of paper. He'd sign his own death warrant if I placed it in front of him."

Roy Kinnear as Monty Bartlett

  • (Roy Kinnear) "You've got it downstaris, mate, but we've got it upstairs. Live up trees, you blokes do. I seen a film about his tribe once. It was called 'Tarazn and the Ape Man.' When Charlie Blogs found you lot, you was walking around starkers, living on monkey nuts."
  • (Ossie Davis) "So this is a member of the great white race. And there's plenty more like Monty. We just call them "white trash.""
  • (Jack Watson) "Now look, I don't go for that expression "white trash.""
  • (Ossie Davis) "What's Staff Williams?"
  • (Jack Watson) "Belt up. I don't want to hear about Williams."
  • (Ossie Davis) "That, I can believe."

Ian Bannen as Sergeant Charlie Harris

  • (Ian Bannen) "You're going into the Commandant's office dressed like this, lad?"
  • (Ossie Davis) "Unless you've got a top-hat, and a bone to put through me nose. That's the way you white folks think we done dress at home."

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