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Now and Forever (1934 film) Quotes

Now and Forever (1934 film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Now and Forever ended in 1970.

It features Louis D. Lighton as producer, Harry Revel; Mack Gordon in charge of musical score, and Harry Fischbeck as head of cinematography.

Now and Forever (1934 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Now and Forever (1934 film) is 82 minutes long. Now and Forever (1934 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Gary Cooper as Jerry Day, Carole Lombard as Toni Carstairs Day, Shirley Temple as Penelope Day, and Sir Guy Standing as Felix Evans.

Now and Forever (1934 film) Quotes

Shirley Temple as Penelope Day

  • (Shirley Temple) "Daddy doesn't know anything about raising children."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Here, I'm giving you this gold for an old pair of skates."
  • (Unnamed) "They aren't old. They're real ball-bearing, see?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Do you know where gold comes from? From a hole in the ground, way down deep. They take a long time to find out. Months. Sometimes even years."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, all right. Here."
  • (Gary Cooper) "There's nothing funny about this."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Penny, what are you doing?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Putting on skates."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Where did you get them?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Oh, I just got them."
  • (Gary Cooper) "I think you'd better give them back."
  • (Unnamed) "She gave me this gold for keeps. I don't want them back."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Let me see that. Real gold, Penny?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Yes."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Honor bright, Penny?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Did you steal that necklace? You must answer."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Oh."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Well?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Well what, dear?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "Well, you must answer. Did you steal that necklace?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "No, I didn't steal it."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Honor bright?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "You're a funny one."
  • (Shirley Temple) "No, you must answer. That's the whole point. Honor bright?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Honor bright."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Daddy, I wouldn't leave you if you didn't have Toni to take care of you."

Gary Cooper as Jerry Day

  • (Gary Cooper) "Penny, this is sort of your new mother. And Toni, I guess you'd say this is sort of our new daughter."
  • (Carole Lombard) "I guess you would."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Why did you let me pull one over on you in New York?"
  • (Sir Guy Standing) "Because I knew that one day I would get my money back. With interest."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Suppose you turn right around and repeat that slight-of-hand act. There's nothing in my eye, and if I'm not mistaken, that's a cop up there."
  • (Sir Guy Standing) "But you don't want to talk to a cop any more than I do. That's why I let you swindle me, so that when this day came, you couldn't call a cop."
  • (Gary Cooper) "You aren't talking about Penny. You're talking about yourself."
  • (Carole Lombard) "That isn't so."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Stop lying, Toni. It doesn't become you, either. I took you out of a good home and into a life like this."
  • (Carole Lombard) "You didn't take me. I wanted to go."
  • (Gary Cooper) "And instead of a decent husband, I gave you a guy who chases trains and deals in phony goldmines."
  • (Gary Cooper) "You don't need to tell me how lucky Penny is that you want to take care of her. Do you still want to?"
  • (Unnamed) "I certainly do."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Permanately?"
  • (Unnamed) "That's the only way I would consider it."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Then that's the way it'll be. So she can grow up into a very lovely lady."
  • (Gary Cooper) "A bathroom's a bathroom. You don't live in it."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Toni, we're rich."
  • (Carole Lombard) "Again? That's nice."
  • (Gary Cooper) "This letter's from my brother-in-law. He's been looking after the baby."
  • (Carole Lombard) "Baby? What baby?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "My baby."
  • (Carole Lombard) "Wait a minute, Jerry, do you mean you have a child?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Yes, didn't I tell you? She must be, uh, five or six by now. I don't know exactly."
  • (Carole Lombard) "For a man who talks so much you say very little."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Toni, don't get one thing wrong. I still love you."
  • (Carole Lombard) "You don't need to say anything because there isn't anything left to say. If you'd even told me; but lying. You've lost your size, Jerry, and I could never chase trains with a little man."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Toni, I do love you."
  • (Carole Lombard) "That's very sweet, but I'm afraid we've missed the train."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Nice ham."
  • (Carole Lombard) "You said that in Vienna."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Not about ham. That was wiener schnitzel. I distinctly remember arguing the relationship of a cow to a calf."
  • (Carole Lombard) "Jerry, you're an idiot."
  • (Gary Cooper) "You said that in Vienna."
  • (Carole Lombard) "And London and Rome and a few other places."
  • (Unnamed) "Think of that child."
  • (Gary Cooper) "I am."
  • (Gary Cooper) "I am not giving Penny a jailbird for a father."
  • (Unnamed) "I shouldn't be saying this, I know, but if you know anything about my necklace, I'd like to know. I can call these lads off, and I'd do it too, for your kid."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Well, I'd like to help, Mrs. Crane, but I'm sure this is all we can do."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Who do you love?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Do you wish we were settled down and this was our kid?"
  • (Carole Lombard) "Do you?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "No."
  • (Carole Lombard) "I don't think I do, either, but I wish we wanted to."
  • (Gary Cooper) "You're tired of chasing trains and all that?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Toni, I know what's eating you. You think I haven't got any business with that kid. Well, you're wrong, dead wrong. You haven't got a thing to worry about, you wait and see."
  • (Carole Lombard) "I see, and what's in the past is all in the past. No more beating debts or dodging gentlemen in uniforms or chasing trains. No more hurried departures from unpleasant business. Your only concern is for your daughter's future, and you want above everything to make her happy."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Absolutely, dear."
  • (Carole Lombard) "So you sold Uncle Felix the phony goldmine to get the money for the good time. Stop lying, Jerry."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Lying?"
  • (Carole Lombard) "Yes, stop lying. It doesn't become you. I know exactly what you were thinking; fun, excitement, thrills. You wouldn't know a responsibility if you fell over one in the street."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Well, supposing it was like that, what difference does it make?"
  • (Carole Lombard) "You've got to mean it. You're her father, and she's yours, so you've got to quit selling goldmines. You can't take a child out of a good home and throw her into a life like this."

Sir Guy Standing as Felix Evans

  • (Sir Guy Standing) "Hello, my boy. Where are you staying?"
  • (Gary Cooper) "Oh, uh, I hadn't decided yet. I'll look you up at the bank tomorrow."
  • (Sir Guy Standing) "At the bank. Well, goodbye, Penny."
  • (Shirley Temple) "Goodbye, Uncle Felix."
  • (Carole Lombard) "And who's Uncle Felix?"
  • (Shirley Temple) "He's a good friend of ours. We like him. He bought one of Daddy's goldmines."

Carole Lombard as Toni Carstairs Day

  • (Carole Lombard) "If I want you, I'll have to take you as you are. I don't like it, Jerry, but I've been without you for a long time and I like that less. I know what I want and I don't get it, so I'm gonna do the next best thing. I'm gonna sell goldmines and chase trains with you for as long as you want me. If the trains wind up in rather ugly places, that's all right, too. We'll both be there togehter."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Well, that wins. I guess I'm gonna get a job now. I guess I'll be anything you want, Toni, if you love me that much."
  • (Carole Lombard) "You've always said there was no time for anything else but fooling."
  • (Carole Lombard) "I've decided to write a book. "My Breathless Years.""
  • (Gary Cooper) "Will I be in it?"
  • (Carole Lombard) "Yes, but you won't stay long. I'll kill you off early."
  • (Gary Cooper) "Not getting tired of it, by any chance?"
  • (Carole Lombard) "Never a dull moment, dear."

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