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Road to Bali Quotes

Road to Bali is a television show that first aired in 1970 . Road to Bali ended its run in 1970.

It features Danny Dare, and Harry Tugend as producer, Joseph J. Lilley in charge of musical score, and George Barnes (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Road to Bali is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Road to Bali is 91 minutes long. Road to Bali is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Bing Crosby as George Cochran, Dorothy Lamour as Princess Lala, Bob Hope as Harold Gridley, and Murvyn Vye as Ken Arok.

Road to Bali Quotes

Murvyn Vye as Ken Arok

  • (Murvyn Vye) "You will love Vaatu. It is an island paradise."
  • (Bob Hope) "Girls, huh?"
  • (Murvyn Vye) "Could it be paradise without girls?"

Bob Hope as Harold Gridley

  • (Bob Hope) "Get me down. My brain's rushing to my head."
  • (Bob Hope) "He's gonna sing, folks. Now's the time to go out and get the popcorn."
  • (Bob Hope) "Gridley, Harold Gridley- sportsman, raconteur, polo player, and all around good egg."
  • (Bob Hope) "This is the sloppiest hanging I ever attended."
  • (Bob Hope) "You collapsable Como."
  • (Bob Hope) "Don't fool with the fun flute unless you consult with the master."
  • (Bob Hope) "Say, Haggis."
  • (Bing Crosby) "What is it, MacBaggis?"
  • (Bob Hope) "Have you heard the latest about MacTavish?"
  • (Bing Crosby) "What's he done now?"
  • (Bob Hope) "I heard he's living on the roof."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Why would he be living on the roof?"
  • (Bob Hope) "Because he heard someone say, "Drinks are on the house.""

Bing Crosby as George Cochran

  • (Bing Crosby) "What's that?"
  • (Bob Hope) "Oh, that's Errol Flynn. He can't stand it."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Let's get the sap out of the tree."
  • (Bing Crosby) "I wonder what the locals are like?"
  • (Dorothy Lamour) "I hope they're not cannibals or headhunters."
  • (Bob Hope) "I hope they're orange pickers, I want to get out of this tree."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Oh, stop squawking, you'll fall off when you're ripe."

Dorothy Lamour as Princess Lala

  • (Dorothy Lamour) "She was my mother, Queen Tama of Vaatu."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Hm, beautiful."
  • (Dorothy Lamour) "And he was my father."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Didn't anybody in the family wear the pants?"
  • (Dorothy Lamour) "Look."
  • (Bing Crosby) "The African Queen. Humphrey Bogart?"
  • (Bob Hope) "Boy, is he lost."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Hey. Hey, Bogie."
  • (Bob Hope) "Hey, jungle fever. That's what we got. That was just a mirage."
  • (Bing Crosby) "Oh yeah? What about this?"
  • (Bing Crosby) "Humphrey Bogart's Academy Award."
  • (Bob Hope) "An Oscar. Gimme that, you got one. Friends, this is a great occasion, me receiving this Academy Award. And I'd like to say a word --"
  • (Bing Crosby) "Run."
  • (Bob Hope) "That's the word."
  • (Dorothy Lamour) "Do you always fight over girls?"
  • (Bob Hope) "Well, what else can we fight over? We've never had any money"
  • (Bob Hope) "That's for Washington."

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