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The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) Quotes

The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Blue Lagoon ended in 1970.

It features Randal Kleiser as producer, Basil Poledouris in charge of musical score, and Néstor Almendros as head of cinematography.

The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) is 105 minutes long. The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Christopher Atkins as Richard, Brooke Shields as Emmeline, William Daniels as Arthur Lestrange, Alan Hopgood as Captain, Glenn Kohan as Young Richard, Chad Timmermans as Paddy, and Elva Josephson as Young Emmeline.

The Blue Lagoon (1980 film) Quotes

Elva Josephson as Young Emmeline

  • (Elva Josephson) "Mr. Button, there's a cask over hear with stuff in it that smells like the Captain's breath."

Glenn Kohan as Young Richard

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Brooke Shields as Emmeline

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William Daniels as Arthur Lestrange

  • (William Daniels) "Are they dead?"
  • (Alan Hopgood) "No sir. They're asleep."

Chad Timmermans as Paddy

  • (Chad Timmermans) "Come back here and put your clothes on."
  • (Glenn Kohan) "I don't wanna wear my old britches."
  • (Chad Timmermans) "It ain't proper to be runnin' 'round naked --"
  • (Chad Timmermans) "-- all the time."

Christopher Atkins as Richard

  • (Christopher Atkins) "There's so many things I don't understand, like why do the fish stop swimming and lie on top of the tide pools after a heavy rain? Why do you hear the waves inside the big shells? Why are all these funny hairs growing on me? I wish a big book with all the answers to every question in the world would drop out of the sky and land in my hands right now. I'd read it till I knew everything."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Oh Richard, you can't know everything. Only God knows everything."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "God; He can't find us any better than Santa Claus."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Say "Richard is the smartest person on this island"."
  • (Brooke Shields) "No."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Say it."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Stop it, Richard. I'm getting angry. Stop it. Get off."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Say it."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Richard is the smartest person on this island."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Fastest swimmer."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Fastest swimmer."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "And the fastest runner."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Fastest runner."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Best hut builder."
  • (Brooke Shields) "You're the best at everything, Richard. Now get off."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "It's true."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Kiss me."
  • (Brooke Shields) "You're all sticky."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "So what? Kiss me."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Stop. I can't breathe."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "But I don't wanna stop."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "What are you LOOKING at?"
  • (Brooke Shields) "Your muscles."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "What about them? You're really acting silly lately, Em. Always saying DUMB things like that. Always LOOKING at me funny. You're not coming down with something, are you? Don't give it to me."
  • (Brooke Shields) "I'm sorry, Richard."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "You didn't want to all day yesterday, either. What's the matter, Em? Don't you love me anymore?"
  • (Brooke Shields) "Yes, I love you more than ever, Richard."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Then why don't you wanna do it?"
  • (Brooke Shields) "It just hurts right now, that's all. When it stops hurting, we'll do it."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "When is THAT gonna be? I don't understand, Em. Why does it hurt?"
  • (Brooke Shields) "I don't know. I don't know anything. But if you touch my tummy right now, you can feel it."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Feel what?"
  • (Christopher Atkins) "How'd you make your tummy move like that?"
  • (Brooke Shields) "I'm not doing it."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "It's not doing it by itself."
  • (Brooke Shields) "Yes it is."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "Our Father, Lord in heaven -- kingdom come -- with liberty and justice for all. Amen."
  • (Christopher Atkins) "What would I ever do with out my Em?"

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