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Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Quotes

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die ended in 1970.

It features Dino De Laurentiis as producer, Mario Nascimbene in charge of musical score, and Aldo Tonti as head of cinematography.

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die is recorded in English and originally aired in Italy. Each episode of Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die is 106 minutes long. Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Sandro Dori as Omar, Dorothy Provine as Susan Fleming, Raf Vallone as Mr. Ardonian, Seyna Seyn as Wilma Soong, and Hans Thorner as Krüger.

Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Quotes

Raf Vallone as Mr. Ardonian

  • (Raf Vallone) "I'll show you how it works"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "All these girls frozen?"
  • (Raf Vallone) "Yes. Age and decay are strangers to them now. Their beauty will remain for eternity."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Your private harem to repopulate the planet."
  • (Raf Vallone) "Yes, They will be glad to as I will be the only one who can be used to impregnate them."
  • (Raf Vallone) "Watch I'll show you how this is done."
  • (Seyna Seyn) "No please no"
  • (Hans Thorner) "relax take deep breaths and relax"
  • (Sandro Dori) "don't fight it just deep breaths and relax."
  • (Seyna Seyn) "No,NO Please don't do this to me. No please."
  • (Hans Thorner) "Ok men drop her towel."
  • (Raf Vallone) "Very good then."
  • (Raf Vallone) "I want you to see the finished product."
  • (Dorothy Provine) "Oh my, I think I need my little bag."
  • (Sandro Dori) "Why?"
  • (Dorothy Provine) "well I don't want to come out looking underdone like some fancy holiday turkey."
  • (Raf Vallone) "I trust everything is in order. Who will be joining us this afternoon ?"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "I don't know all I know they will be someone very high up."
  • (Raf Vallone) "To our victory."
  • (Seyna Seyn) "And your profit."
  • (Raf Vallone) "To your incredible beauty."
  • (Seyna Seyn) "That is something I try to forget"
  • (Raf Vallone) "WHY ?"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "It interferes with my work"
  • (Raf Vallone) "Well one doesn't work all the time"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "I was hoping that after this work is complete we could have time for other things."
  • (Raf Vallone) "I will require you to accompany me to the meeting this afternoon."
  • (Seyna Seyn) "What time do you want me to get here?"
  • (Raf Vallone) "2 o' clock"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "I look forward to seeing you at that time."
  • (Raf Vallone) "I will see you later,"

Sandro Dori as Omar

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Seyna Seyn as Wilma Soong

  • (Unnamed) "Miss Soong sir."
  • (Seyna Seyn) "I have come to arrange a meeting between you and my employer's"
  • (Raf Vallone) "Who will represent your side ?"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "I really don't know.It will be someone important to assure you we do not play games Mr. Ardonian."
  • (Raf Vallone) "Good"
  • (Raf Vallone) "can you remember this?"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "Of course I can. Once you have the money in you Swiss bank account the missle we be ready for your use."
  • (Raf Vallone) "Very good then"
  • (Seyna Seyn) "Please Mr. Ardonian"
  • (Raf Vallone) "Alright Miss Soong I'll be in contact with your employers."

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