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The Book Group Quotes

The Book Group is a Sitcom that was first aired in 2002 on Channel 4. The Book Group ended in 2003.

The Book Group was on for 12 episodes. The Book Group is created by Annie Griffin.

Each episode of The Book Group is approx 23 minutes long.

The cast includes: Anne Dudek as Clare Pettengill, Michelle Gomez as Janice McCann, Karen Kilgariff as Priest, Rory McCann as Kenny McLeod, Karen Kilgariff as Jean Pettengill, James Lance as Lachlan Glendenning, Derek Riddell as Rab, James Lance as Barney Glendenning, Bonnie Engstrom as Dirka, and Saskia Mulder as Fist de Grooke.

The Book Group Quotes

James Lance as Barney Glendenning

  • (James Lance) "So you liked my installation?"
  • (James Lance) "Why?"
  • (James Lance) "She talks about you in her sleep, you know Kenny."
  • (Rory McCann) "Does she?"
  • (Anne Dudek) "Do I? What do I say?"
  • (James Lance) "Kenny -- Kenny -- Kennykins --"

Anne Dudek as Clare Pettengill

  • (Anne Dudek) "Barney, did you think that little engine was going to make it up that mountain?"
  • (James Lance) "Mm. Yes, I did, Clare. After all, 'tis an American book."
  • (Anne Dudek) "No, it's not a dirty book. It's just French."
  • (Anne Dudek) "I think I'm suffering from clinical depression."
  • (Derek Riddell) "Brilliant."

Rory McCann as Kenny McLeod

  • (Rory McCann) "Harriet, maybe it's not working out, this living together."
  • (Harriet) "What are you talking about?"
  • (Rory McCann) "Well, there's not a lot of space here and with me working at home and all --"
  • (Harriet) "Are you dumping me?"
  • (Rory McCann) "No, I'm just saying I don't think we should live together."
  • (Harriet) "My God. This is extraordinary. We're having our first row, and you're dumping me. You bastard. How dare you abuse me like this, Kenny McLeod you misogynistic brute. Women born after 1985 don't put up with this sort of s***. Ever."

Karen Kilgariff as Jean Pettengill

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Michelle Gomez as Janice McCann

  • (Michelle Gomez) "I have sinned, father. I am a sinner."
  • (Karen Kilgariff) "Was it anybody famous this time?"

Bonnie Engstrom as Dirka

  • (Bonnie Engstrom) "Kenny makes us work so hard --"
  • (Saskia Mulder) "I've never felt so good."
  • (Bonnie Engstrom) "What do you think his penis looks like?"
  • (Saskia Mulder) "I think it's very big."
  • (Bonnie Engstrom) "Do you think he uses a pump?"
  • (Saskia Mulder) "What?"
  • (Bonnie Engstrom) "I read that somewhere."
  • (Saskia Mulder) "I think he uses his fingers."
  • (Unnamed) "Mmmmmm --"

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