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The Friends of Eddie Coyle Quotes

The Friends of Eddie Coyle is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Friends of Eddie Coyle completed its run in 1970.

It features Paul Monash as producer, Dave Grusin in charge of musical score, and Victor J. Kemper as head of cinematography.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Friends of Eddie Coyle is 103 minutes long. The Friends of Eddie Coyle is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Robert Mitchum as Eddie 'Fingers' Coyle, Steven Keats as Jackie Brown, Richard Jordan as Dave Foley, and Peter Boyle as Dillon.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle Quotes

Robert Mitchum as Eddie 'Fingers' Coyle

  • (Robert Mitchum) "No, I don't care to give my name. Stop farting around and give me Foley."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "All right, nothing. I wished I had a nickel for every name I got that was all right."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Look at that. You know what that is?"
  • (Steven Keats) "Your hand."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I hope you look closer at those guns than you did at that hand. Look at your own god**** hand."
  • (Steven Keats) "Yeah?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Count your f***in' knuckles."
  • (Steven Keats) "All of 'em?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Count as many as you want. As many as you got, I got four more. You know how I got those? I bought some stuff from a man. I knew his name. The stuff was traced. The guy I bought it for, he's at MCI Walpole for fifteen to twenty-five. Still in there. But he had some friends. I got an extra set of knuckles. They put your hand in a drawer then somebody kicks the drawer shut. Hurt like a bastard."
  • (Steven Keats) "Jesus."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "What makes it hurt worse, what makes it hurt more is knowing what's going to happen to you, you know? There you are, they just come up to you and say, "Look. You made somebody mad. You made a big mistake and now there's somebody doing time for it. There's nothing personal in it, you understand, but it just has to be done. Now get your hand out there." You think about not doing it, you know. When I was a kid in Sunday school, this nun, she used to say, "Stick your hand out." I stick my hand out. Whap. She'd knock me across the knuckles with a steel-edge ruler. So one day I says, when she told me, "Stick your hand out," I says, "No." She whapped me right across the face with the ruler. Same thing. They put your hand in a drawer, somebody kicks the drawer shut. Ever hear bones breaking? Just like a man snapping a shingle. Hurts like a bastard."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I shoulda known better than to trust a cop. My own god**** mother coulda told me that."
  • (Richard Jordan) "Everybody oughta listen to his mother."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "Can you imagine being a kid like that. What is he, 24 or something. Greatest hockey player in the world. No four; Bobby Orr. Geeze, what a future he's got, uh?"
  • (Robert Mitchum) "I was thinkin' in terms of you maybe talkin' to the prosecutor up there, and havin' him drop a word to the judge how I been helpin' my Uncle like a bastard?"
  • (Richard Jordan) "Well, I would. But then again you haven't been."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "What? I gave you a couple of calls."
  • (Richard Jordan) "Yeah, you give me some real stuff, too. You tell me about a guy that's gonna get hit, 15 minutes later he gets hit. You tell me about some guys on a job, but you don't tell me till their coming out the door with the money. That's not helping Uncle, Eddie. You gotta put your whole soul into it."

Steven Keats as Jackie Brown

  • (Steven Keats) "And keep this mind. I've got more than five machine guns, and the rest are gonna be pointed at YOU."
  • (Steven Keats) "You can't trace these guns, I guarantee that."
  • (Robert Mitchum) "You better, or neither of us will be able to shake hands."

Richard Jordan as Dave Foley

  • (Richard Jordan) "The only one f***in' Eddie Coyle is Eddie Coyle."
  • (Richard Jordan) "Here's twenty. Who's calling up?"
  • (Peter Boyle) "Remember Eddie Fingers?"
  • (Richard Jordan) "Fella that got his hand busted up. Who's he looking for?"
  • (Peter Boyle) "Jimmy Scalise. Do you know him?"
  • (Richard Jordan) "Last time I heard he was in Florida, getting some sun. Does he find him?"
  • (Peter Boyle) "I don't know. I'm just a messenger boy."
  • (Richard Jordan) "They give you numbers."
  • (Peter Boyle) "Telephone numbers. I'm a law-abiding citizen. I got a liquor license."
  • (Richard Jordan) "Uh, you work for a guy that's got a liquor license. Ever see him? You're a convicted felon."
  • (Peter Boyle) "Like I say: I work for a guy got a liquor license. I forget sometimes."
  • (Richard Jordan) "Want to forget this?"
  • (Peter Boyle) "I'd just as soon."
  • (Richard Jordan) "You oughta get yourself a car."
  • (Peter Boyle) "I don't drive. If I could afford a car, I wouldn't be taking twenty a week from you."
  • (Richard Jordan) "Have a nice day."
  • (Richard Jordan) "April Fool, motherf***ers."

Peter Boyle as Dillon

  • (Peter Boyle) "There's this truck. It bothers me. I know it sounds funny because I suppose you would think that what would be worrying me would be the guys in the truck or maybe some guy I don't even know watching me pretty close in the bar or something. But I have seen the truck. Put two guys in that truck, they could get the pope. The only time I see an engine like that is in a Cadillac. So you know you aren't gonna run away cuz that thing's gonna run right away with ya. In the windshield they got a crack on the passenger side. You open it right up, you stick a deer rifle out there. Now you're on the Mystic Bridge, that thing wheels up behind ya, the windshield's opening up and I ask ya, what are you gonna do now? You're gonna make a good act of contrition is what you're gonna do. I mean, sure, I don't drive. The only time I'm on that bridge is coming home from the track on the bus. Do you see what I'm gettin' at? I know these guys. They're serious. I know them very well. They got a truck for guys that drive cars and they got something else for guys that walk, like me."

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