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The King and the Clown Quotes

The King and the Clown is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . The King and the Clown ended in 1970.

It features Jeong Jin-wan as producer, Lee Byung-woo in charge of musical score, and Ji Kil-woong as head of cinematography.

The King and the Clown is recorded in Korean and originally aired in South Korea. Each episode of The King and the Clown is 119 minutes long. The King and the Clown is distributed by Cinema Service.

The cast includes: Kam Woo-sung as Jang-sang, Lee Seung-hun as Pal-bok, Jeong Seok-yong as Chil-duk, and Lee Joon-gi as Gong-gil.

The King and the Clown Quotes

Lee Joon-gi as Gong-gil

  • (Lee Joon-gi) "To be up here, away from the bustle, my legs like wings would spread."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Ahoy. What is that flower in full bloom I see yonder?"
  • (Street musician) "Dost thou not recognize the one and only?"
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "So it is. The one and only. With rose petal'd lips. O Friend, beat thee thy leather while I go pick the flower."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "My, my, there comes a fool, rash and proud. Never knew a fool who knew his place."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Ho. A tongue most untamed. Master of this house am I, come to bait thee."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "A gallows-hung scoundrl is what I see. With an ill-fitting coat to hide his sores."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Oh thorny Rose, is thy iris closed for me? Open them, and see as I walk the Master's gait."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) ". Good heavens. Me thought it would be a mere hop and a skip. But t'was longer than a runny trip to the outhouse."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "Master gait, master bait, either way strains the balls."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "And now, a fornicating wench, running off on being surprised. 'Tis thy own form, saucy wench."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "I was expecting to see thee fall and crack thy frame. But not bad."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Indeed, gifted are my two legs, but it is my third that has true genius. And thou shall see it this night."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "Thy twin eggs, are they cracked yet? Or just in the crack?"
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Safely in the crack, plugging my bunghole."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) ". But now, I must drain my bladder. I gotta pee before I continue."
  • (Lee Joon-gi) "Why, you dirty boor. So then, let's try it on for size."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Good idea. I shall oblige."

Kam Woo-sung as Jang-sang

  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "You have the wrong man. I wrote it. He's innocent. The audacity of it has my signature all over it. After all, it was by audacity that I got in the palace."
  • (Unnamed) "You're making this up."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "Well, well."
  • (Kam Woo-sung) "A whore and her tongue's work is never done."
  • (Unnamed) "How DARE you."

Lee Seung-hun as Pal-bok

  • (Lee Seung-hun) "Isn't she the King's Consort?"
  • (Jeong Seok-yong) "Sure is. What on earth is that woman doing?"
  • (Lee Seung-hun) "People say, she's a lady now but she still s***s like a horse. So then the rumors were true after all."

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