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The Last American Hero Quotes

The Last American Hero is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Last American Hero ended its run in 1970.

It features William Roberts (screenwriter) as producer, Charles Fox (composer) in charge of musical score, and George Silano as head of cinematography.

The Last American Hero is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Last American Hero is 95 mins. long. The Last American Hero is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Jeff Bridges as Elroy Jackson Sr., Ed Lauter as Burton Colt, Jeff Bridges as Elroy Jackson Jr., and Gary Busey as Wayne Jackson.

The Last American Hero Quotes

Ed Lauter as Burton Colt

  • (Ed Lauter) "You know, in today's world, you gotta obey rules and regulations. Now as far as the terms of your employment --"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I reckon this gives me a pretty fat hand, Colt, against you or anybody else I wanna race for."
  • (Ed Lauter) "You don't have a hand. You have a bad history, boy. If you're my driver, I sign the checks, I run the show, you drive. That's how the big boys play this game. Now are you in or out?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Well I got another game for you. It goes something like this: my crew, sixty percent of the prize money. Now you'll say forty, I'll say fifty. Yes or no?"
  • (Ed Lauter) "How you've changed. Last time I saw you, you were gonna whip my ass with whatever it by-god takes. Now you want a job."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Two questions: how long's it been since you won that thing, and do you want more?"
  • (Ed Lauter) "Your manners haven't changed."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I don't want no job, neither. I work for nothin', take fifty percent of the prize money."
  • (Ed Lauter) "To begin with, I hire drivers on my terms."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "And end up nowhere."
  • (Ed Lauter) "Where do you get off being so god**** snotty?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I know my potential. So do you."
  • (Ed Lauter) "One race, twenty percent, you'll say forty, I'll say thirty. Yes or no?"
  • (Ed Lauter) "Junior, you got the talent and I got the bankroll. Now how many loads of white lighting you think it's gonna take to get you back running?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "How much it gonna take you? I just gotta replace my car. You gotta find a new shoe who ain't got chickens*** in his veins."
  • (Ed Lauter) "Woo, you a hard case, kid."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Colt, I'm gonna whip your ass, along with everybody else. My car don't hold out, I'm gonna footrace with you."
  • (Ed Lauter) "What about arm wrestling?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Whatever it by-god takes."

Jeff Bridges as Elroy Jackson Jr.

  • (Jeff Bridges) "It didn't seem to worry most of the boys. They put in their time, looking ahead to payday. But not me. That paycheck wasn't money, it was a bill of sale. Three months of that, back to whiskey. It's been hard on your ma, but damn foolishness to one person is breath of life to another."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "What if you wreck your next one?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Well I go to work right here."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Down at the lumber mill, they tell the story about the near-sighted fellow who liked playing around with a buzz saw. Lost one finger. Two. Three. He kept right on playing 'till all five was gone. He looked at his hand and said "I'm beginning to think this here is a losing game.""
  • (Jeff Bridges) "That fella sounds like a fool to me."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "Uh-huh. Now it just might be you didn't get my point. If you lose a race, you get other chances. If you lose runnin' liquor you get a prison cell, 'cause boy, they got your number."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "So what? A little jail never hurt nobody."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "If you got five seconds to spare, you tell me all you know about jail. Why, you don't know nothing. Not the first god**** thing. And you're never gonna. Now, this is the only life I know, and I'm not gonna stop now, but my boys are gonna have somethin' different."
  • (Gary Busey) "I don't know nothin' else."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "And you never will, unless you stop right here."
  • (Rick Penny, Driver) "Six test runs in one afternoon, chewin' on my ass every minute of the way."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "That's a real nut crusher."
  • (Rick Penny, Driver) "Hey, man, let me lay something on you. Wait'll you drive for somebody who ain't won a race in ten months."
  • (Jeff Bridges) "I don't see a gun at your head."
  • (Rick Penny, Driver) "Oh yeah? What's that supposed to mean?"
  • (Jeff Bridges) "You don't feel like takin' orders, drive for yourself."
  • (Rick Penny, Driver) "Boy, I never saw it fail. Nobody knows more than a rookie."

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