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The Right Stuff (film) Quotes

The Right Stuff (film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Right Stuff ended in 1970.

It features Irwin Winkler as producer, Bill Conti in charge of musical score, and Caleb Deschanel as head of cinematography.

The Right Stuff (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Right Stuff (film) is 192 minutes long. The Right Stuff (film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager, Levon Helm as Jack Ridley, Scott Glenn as Alan Shepard, Dennis Quaid as Gordon Cooper, Barbara Hershey as Glennis Yeager, John Dehner as Henry Luce, Fred Ward as Gus Grissom, Charles Frank as Scott Carpenter, Ed Harris as John Glenn, Scott Paulin as Deke Slayton, Mary Jo Deschanel as Annie Glenn, Lance Henriksen as Wally Schirra, Robert Beer as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Kim Stanley as Pancho Barnes, Jane Dornacker as Nurse Murch, Anthony Muñoz as Gonzalez, Pamela Reed as Trudy Cooper, Scott Wilson as Scott Crossfield, and Veronica Cartwright as Betty Grissom.

The Right Stuff (film) Quotes

Levon Helm as Jack Ridley

  • (Levon Helm) "Attaboy, Gus."
  • (Levon Helm) "Pull that stuff on flight test, it's all over for him. I say he screwed the pooch, pardner. Plain and simple."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Yeah, well, sometimes you get a pooch that can't be screwed, ya know?"
  • (Liaison Man) "Exactly. Right now the President's got his own problems with the Bay of Pigs, he doesn't want the astronauts' image tarnished. Nothing these guys do is gonna be called a failure -- But you'd think the public'd know that they're just doing what monkeys have done --"
  • (Sam Shepard) "Monkeys? Think a monkey knows he's sitting on top of a rocket that might explode? These astronaut boys, they know that, see? Well, I'll tell you somethin'; it takes a special kind of man to volunteer for a suicide mission, especially one that's on TV. Ol' Gus, he did alright."
  • (Levon Helm) "Here he is, Captain Ham."
  • (Levon Helm) "Grinnin' like a possum eatin' a sweet potato."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Heh heh.heh heh. Look at the teeth."
  • (Levon Helm) "Does he look like the kinda guy who'd put doo doo in the capsule?"
  • (Levon Helm) "Put the spurs to her, Chuck."
  • (Levon Helm) "How bad did you ding 'em?"
  • (Sam Shepard) "Well, you might say as I broke a couple of the sons-o'-bitches."
  • (Unnamed) "Is that a man?"
  • (Levon Helm) "You damn right it is."

Kim Stanley as Pancho Barnes

  • (Girl at Pancho's) "I just noticed that a fancy pilot like Slick over there doesn't have his picture on your wall. What do you have to do to get your picture up there anyway?"
  • (Kim Stanley) "You have to die, sweetie."
  • (Kim Stanley) "Why Yeager, you old bastard. Don't just stand there like some lonesome god-damn mouse-s*** sheepherder. Get your ass over here and have a drink."
  • (Kim Stanley) "What are you two rookies gonna have?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Rookies? Now hold on, sis. You are looking at a whole new ballgame here now. In fact, in a couple of years, I bet you're even gonna immortalize us by putting our pictures up there on your wall."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What? I say somethin' wrong here?"
  • (Kim Stanley) "I tell you, we got two categories of pilots around here. We got your prime pilots that get all the hot planes, and we got your pud-knockers who dream about getting the hot planes. Now what are you two pud-knockers gonna have? Huh?"

Fred Ward as Gus Grissom

  • (Fred Ward) "Say, Hot Dog; what the hell does "astronaut" mean, anyway?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) ""Star Voyager""
  • (Fred Ward) ""Star Voyager" Gus Grissom. I kinda like the sound of that."
  • (Fred Ward) "I did NOT do anything wrong. The hatch just BLEW. It was a GLITCH. It was a- a TECHNICAL MALFUNCTION. Why in hell won't anyone believe me?"
  • (Fred Ward) "How ya doin', miss?"
  • (Unnamed) "So-so. How you doin'?"
  • (Fred Ward) "I'm not doin' it any more. The damn thing's draggin' in the mud and I can't get it up."
  • (Fred Ward) "f***in' A, bubba."
  • (Fred Ward) "Hey, didja hear that? We're competing with Archie and Jughead."
  • (Fred Ward) "GO, HOTDOG, GO."

Scott Glenn as Alan Shepard

  • (Eric Sevareid) "There's another hold from NASA, another delay. Alan Shepard sits there, patiently waiting. What can be going through a man's mind at this moment?"
  • (Scott Glenn) "Gordo? -- Gordo, I have to urinate."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Not very funny, John."
  • (Ed Harris) "Well, I thought it --"
  • (Scott Glenn) "I do appreciate, John. I surely do."
  • (Ed Harris) "Vaya con Dios, Jose."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Sounds dangerous"
  • (Recruiter) "It is. Extremely dangerous."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Count me in."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Request permission to relieve bladder -- Gordo -- Gordo?"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Look, the man has got to go. Now it's either that or we get out the lug wrench and pry him out --"
  • (Chief Scientist) "Do it -- in the suit."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "José, permission to wet your diapers anytime son."
  • (Unnamed) "Which one are you?"
  • (Scott Glenn) "Shepard."
  • (Unnamed) "Oh yeah? Well, which one's Glenn? He's the one I want to meet."
  • (Scott Glenn) "He's right over there."
  • (Unnamed) "'Scuse me."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Louise, I'm going to the moon, I swear to God. I'm on my way."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Dear Lord, please don't let me f*** up."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I didn't quite copy that. Say again, please."
  • (Scott Glenn) "I said everything's A-OK."

Dennis Quaid as Gordon Cooper

  • (Dennis Quaid) "Yeah, but uh, nurse, how am I supposed to uh --"
  • (Jane Dornacker) "The best results seem to be obtained through fantasization, accompanied by masturbation, followed by ejaculation."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Well, that sounds easy enough."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Ha. 93 seconds. Read it and weep"
  • (Ed Harris) "Congratulations, Scott. Darn good."
  • (Charles Frank) "You were probably just getting warmed up, John. Next time I doubt I'll be the one to win."
  • (Fred Ward) "You hear that? We were competing with Archie and Jughead"
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Good day Commander SIR."
  • (Scott Glenn) "You PRICK."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "As you WERE."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You boys know what makes this bird go up? FUNDING makes this bird go up."
  • (Fred Ward) "He's right. No bucks, no Buck Rogers."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Hey honey, want a hot dog?"
  • (Pamela Reed) "I'm leaving you, Gordo."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Who was the best pilot I ever saw? Well, uh, you're lookin' at 'im."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "I'm not one of those hot dog pilots, I am the hot dog man Himself."

Barbara Hershey as Glennis Yeager

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Scott Paulin as Deke Slayton

  • (Scott Paulin) "We're not saying anything new here. We're just saying the same things that need to be said again and again with fierce conviction."

Pamela Reed as Trudy Cooper

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Ed Harris as John Glenn

  • (Ed Harris) "Annie, listen to me, OK? You listening? If you don't want the Vice President or the TV networks or anybody else to come into the house, then that's it, as far as I'm concerned. They are NOT coming in, and I will back you all the way, a hundred percent on this. And you tell them that, OK? I don't want Johnson or any of the rest of them to set as much as one TOE inside our house."
  • (Mary Jo Deschanel) "OK."
  • (Ed Harris) "You tell them that- that Astronaut John Glenn told you to say that."
  • (Ed Harris) "Sorry to interupt, buddy, but we've got a launch here."
  • (Ed Harris) "I'm tired of being forthright, gracious and magnanimous."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "Yeah."
  • (Ed Harris) "I'm tired of these stupid questions from the press."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "mm-hmm"
  • (Ed Harris) "I'm tired of smocks, I'm tired of engineers telling us what we can't do, I'm tired of everybody that says we are not pilots."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "You tell 'em, John."
  • (Ed Harris) "I'm tired of monkeys."
  • (Scott Glenn) "Yeah."
  • (Ed Harris) "And most of all, I am sick and tired of being second to those -- those darn Russians."
  • (Fred Ward) "There ya go."
  • (Ed Harris) "Now I think it's about time we --"
  • (Lance Henriksen) "- got someone up there."
  • (Ed Harris) "Let's f-f-f --"
  • (Fred Ward) "f***in' A, bubba."
  • (Ed Harris) "That's right. Exactly."
  • (Game Show MC) "Major, Eddie here has a little problem with his girlfriend. Did you ever have a problem like that when you were 10?"
  • (Ed Harris) "Yes, I did, Bob. I liked a girl in my class, but all the other guys liked her too and she didn't pay any attention. But, I kept after her, Eddie."
  • (Game Show MC) "Did you finally get her to notice you?"
  • (Ed Harris) "Yes, I did. In fact, I finally got her to marry me."
  • (Head of Program) "You can't do this --. He's the vice president, head of the space program."
  • (Ed Harris) "Look, you are way ouf of line here."
  • (Head of Program) "I'm out of line?"
  • (Ed Harris) "YES SIR."

Robert Beer as Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • (Robert Beer) "The first American into space is not going to be a chimpanzee. I want test pilots."

Sam Shepard as Chuck Yeager

  • (Sam Shepard) "Monkeys? You think a monkey knows he's sittin' on top of a rocket that might explode? These astronaut boys they know that, see? Well, I'll tell you something, it takes a special kind of man to volunteer for a suicide mission, especially one that's on TV. Ol' Gus, he did all right."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Hey, Ridley, make another note here, would ya? Must be something wrong with this ol' Mach meter. Jumped plumb off the scale. Gone kinda screwy on me."
  • (Levon Helm) "You go ahead and bust it, we'll fix it. Personally, I think you're seein' things."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Yeah, could be. But I'm still goin' upstairs like a bat outta hell."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Anybody that goes up in the damn thing is gonna be Spam in a can."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Hey, Ridley, ya got any Beeman's?"
  • (Levon Helm) "Yeah, I think I got me a stick."
  • (Sam Shepard) "Loan me some, will ya? I'll pay ya back later."
  • (Levon Helm) "Fair enough."
  • (Sam Shepard) "I'm a fearless man, but I'm scared to death of you."
  • (Barbara Hershey) "Oh no you're not. But you oughta be."

Veronica Cartwright as Betty Grissom

  • (Veronica Cartwright) "I thought I was going to be Honorable Mrs. Astronaut, and I ended up being Honorable Mrs. Squirming Hatchblower."

John Dehner as Henry Luce

  • (John Dehner) "Now, I want them all to meet my people who will write their true stories, Naturally these stories will appear in Life magazine under their own bylines: For example, "by Betty Grissom", or "by Virgil I. Grisson", or --"
  • (Fred Ward) "Gus."
  • (John Dehner) "What was that?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Gus. Nobody calls me by -- that other name."
  • (John Dehner) "Gus? An astronaut named "Gus"? What's your middle name?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Ivan."
  • (John Dehner) "Ivan -- ahem -- well. Maybe, Gus isn't so bad, might be something there -- All right, all right. You can be Gus."

Charles Frank as Scott Carpenter

  • (Charles Frank) "John's right. Now, whether we like it or not, we're public figures. Whether we deserve it or not, people are going to look up to us. We have got a tremendous responsibility here."
  • (Scott Glenn) "You cannot tell a pilot what he's doing when he's not flying."
  • (Fred Ward) "Wait a minute, wait a minute."
  • (Fred Ward) "You've got it all wrong, the issue here ain't p*****. The issue here is monkey."
  • (Ed Harris) "What?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Us. We are the monkey."
  • (Scott Paulin) "What Gus is saying is that we're missing the point. What Gus is saying is that we all heard the rumors that they want to send a monkey up first. Well, none of us wants to think that they're gonna send a monkey up to do a man's work. But what Gus is saying is that what they're trying to do to us is send a man up to do a monkey's work. Us, a bunch of college-trained chimpanzees."
  • (Fred Ward) "f***in' A, bubba."
  • (Scott Paulin) "Alright, so what Gus is saying is that we've got to change things around here. He's saying that we are pilots. And we know more about what we need to fly this thing than anybody else. So what we have to do is to alter the experiment. And what that comes down to is who is gonna control this thing from here on out."
  • (Dennis Quaid) "What Gus is saying here is that we've got to stick together on this deal."

Anthony Muñoz as Gonzalez

  • (Anthony Muñoz) "You know, Mr. Shepard, me and my friends think your Jose Jimenez imitation is A-OK. But what you're doing with it is B-A-D."

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