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The Thief Lord (film) Quotes

The Thief Lord (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Thief Lord stopped airing in 1970.

It features Richard Claus as producer, Nigel Clarke in charge of musical score, and David Slama as head of cinematography.

The Thief Lord (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Luxembourg. Each episode of The Thief Lord (film) is 98 minutes long. The Thief Lord (film) is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures (international).

The cast includes: George MacKay as Riccio, Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Prosper, Jasper Harris as Bo, Alexei Sayle as Barbarossa, Alice Connor as Hornet, Jim Carter as Victor, Rollo Weeks as Scipio, Caroline Goodall as Ida, Geoffrey Hutchings as Conte, Carole Boyd as Esther Hartlieb, Anita Wright as Contessa, Bob Goody as Max Hartlieb, and Lathaniel Dyer as Mosca.

The Thief Lord (film) Quotes

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Prosper

  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "You better go home, Scipio. The others are angry. They don't understand what you've done."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Are you angry? Do you understand?"
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "I'm trying."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Problems don't just disappear because you've got older."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "The Thief Lord was a little rich boy's game. And we were your fools."

Rollo Weeks as Scipio

  • (Rollo Weeks) "Everything ship-shape and Bristol-fashion with your false-beard there?"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "What's the matter?"
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "I'm scared."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Of what?"
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Of guns."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Perhaps you're a tourist."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Where; are; you; visiting; from?"
  • (Jim Carter) "I'm an Eskimo, can't you tell?"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Really? That is fascinating."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Bigger money equals bigger plans;"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "and bigger cakes to buy."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "It looks about as sea-worthy as a rubber duck."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Nothing's safe from the Thief Lord."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "I expect you to behave."
  • (George MacKay) "Hey, that's a laugh coming from you, Thief Lord."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Sorry I had to bring him here, Ida. He's afraid of the dark. He didn't want to stay in his shop on his own."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "You're not a grown-up, are you? Only some of them are very small. You wouldn't be trying to trick me on my own turf, would you?"
  • (Jasper Harris) "I'm six and a quarter."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "That makes you a VIP."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Do you know what happens here after dark? Things little eyes should never, ever see."
  • (Jasper Harris) "We're not scared."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Not scared? Well, aren't you the little tiger? RAWR."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Father, I think the cat's sick --"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Stubble."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "I'll put it in bank accounts for each of you."
  • (George MacKay) "Bank accounts? What next, my midlife crisis?"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Now tell me, what did you steal? Money, jewels? Are you lock-pickers? Purse-pickers?- Pocket-pickers?"
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "We're not thieves."

Caroline Goodall as Ida

  • (Caroline Goodall) "What sort of case?"
  • (Jim Carter) "I can tell you it involves kids."
  • (Caroline Goodall) "Well, I'm sure they're innocent"
  • (Jim Carter) "No, no, no. This case isn't about guilt or innocence."
  • (Caroline Goodall) "Look, if children are in trouble, it's usually because they've been misled or used by adults. You should lock up the parents."
  • (Caroline Goodall) "Well, why don't you go on an adventure?"
  • (George MacKay) "We're not allowed to do anything without permission from my mother."

Jasper Harris as Bo

  • (Jasper Harris) "Prop's very brave and I'm good at cheering him up, so we make a good team."
  • (Jasper Harris) "There's my Aunt Esther, but she's not nice and she never smiles."
  • (Jim Carter) "You're telling me."
  • (Jasper Harris) "This is your big moment, Sophia, so don't screw up."
  • (Jasper Harris) "Look, Prop. Gondolas."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "What are you doing opening the boxes? Put 'em back."
  • (Jasper Harris) "I didn't. This one was open already."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Put 'em back, anyway. They don't belong to us."
  • (Jasper Harris) "Prop?"
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Hmm?"
  • (Jasper Harris) "When you have no money do you have to run away from everyone?"
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "We're not running away any more, Bo. Mum wanted us to be here, this is where we live now."
  • (Jasper Harris) "Here?"

Jim Carter as Victor

  • (Jim Carter) "I think we better go inside before we become a tourist attraction."
  • (Jim Carter) "Can someone please explain what's going on here before I start drinking port for breakfast as well?"
  • (Jim Carter) "And you; I've heard of growths spurts, but this is ridiculous. I mean, what are you; your own older brother? Or the winner of a Thief Lord look-a-like competition or what?"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "How about your new assistant?"
  • (Jim Carter) "I'm totally; utterly; convinced the boys are no longer in Venice."
  • (Carole Boyd) "But -- where have they gone?"
  • (Jim Carter) "Corfu."
  • (Jim Carter) "I've tracked down many things in my time; suitcases, dogs, the occasional husband; but you're the first clients who've ever mislaid their children."

Geoffrey Hutchings as Conte

  • (Geoffrey Hutchings) "I only just managed to dismount in time."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Uh, looks like you went a bit too far."
  • (Geoffrey Hutchings) "The only visitor we allow to come here is Barbarossa."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Does he know about the merry-go-round?"
  • (Geoffrey Hutchings) "Good heavens, no. He'd immediately start selling tickets at ten-thousand apiece."
  • (Geoffrey Hutchings) "One should not wear a mask in church any more than a hat."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "One should not plan a thief in a confessional, and that's what we're here for, right?"

Anita Wright as Contessa

  • (Anita Wright) "How old are you? Fourteen, fifteen?"
  • (Rollo Weeks) "With this money, I can be any age I want. I won't have to be a child any longer."
  • (Anita Wright) "Did you hear that, Renzo? He no longer wants to be a child."
  • (Geoffrey Hutchings) "Nature will soon grant him his wish."

George MacKay as Riccio

  • (George MacKay) "Your big moment, Mr Stoney Face."
  • (Housekeeper) "Don't I know you?"
  • (George MacKay) "Yes, you do. We're staying this time."
  • (George MacKay) "See, it wasn't our Scip."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Yes it was."
  • (Jasper Harris) "And his dad's a meanie."
  • (George MacKay) "What are you talking about? Scip doesn't have a dad."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Why don't you go introduce yourself?"

Alexei Sayle as Barbarossa

  • (Alexei Sayle) "Three hundered for the lot; most of it's rubbish."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Eight."
  • (Alexei Sayle) "Four."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Seven."
  • (Alexei Sayle) "Four seven-five."
  • (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) "Six eight-seven and a half."
  • (Alexei Sayle) "A client of mine is looking for someone who'll; shall we say; procure a certain item."
  • (George MacKay) "Well, if he's sick, why doesn't he go to the doctor?"
  • (Alexei Sayle) "Look at what's happened to me. I'm a respected man."
  • (Rollo Weeks) "Can I at least recommend a better tailor?"
  • (Alexei Sayle) "You may look older, but has it made you wiser, Thief Lord?"

Bob Goody as Max Hartlieb

  • (Bob Goody) "Have a taste. It's all for you."
  • (Jasper Harris) "I hate it and I hate you."

Lathaniel Dyer as Mosca

  • (Lathaniel Dyer) "Can you count up fifty-thousand?"
  • (George MacKay) "What am I? Einstein?"

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