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The Wizard of Speed and Time Quotes

The Wizard of Speed and Time is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Wizard of Speed and Time completed its run in 1970.

It features Richard Kaye as producer, John Massari in charge of musical score, and Russell Carpenter as head of cinematography.

Each episode of The Wizard of Speed and Time is 95 min long. The Wizard of Speed and Time is distributed by Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment.

The Wizard of Speed and Time Quotes

  • (Mike) "Well it's only a dozen little animated lights --"
  • (Union Clerk #1) "No no no, you can't move 'em; gotta join the Grippers' Guild."
  • (Mike) "I have to be an apprentice first?"
  • (Union Clerk #2) "For three consecutive years, but ya can't be over twenty-five years old."
  • (Mike) "This is simple back-projection."
  • (Union Clerk #3) "Go see Union Projectionists."
  • (Mike) "But it's just projected to a painted matte."
  • (Union Clerk #4) "Then also join the Painters' Guild."
  • (Union Manager) "Get his number."
  • (Union Clerk #5) "He doesn't have a number."
  • (Union Manager) "Then give him a number and take it away."
  • (Harvey Bookman) "What the hell do you want to do?"
  • (Mike 'The Wizard' Jittlov) "What do I want to do? I'll show you what I want to do. I want to do this --"
  • (Harvey Bookman) "What is this, a cartoon?"
  • (Mike 'The Wizard' Jittlov) "No, it's a live-action feature film with a real story."
  • (Harvey Bookman) "A real story? With real people?"
  • (Mike 'The Wizard' Jittlov) "Yes. And Special Effects that mean something. They aren't just frosting on the cake."
  • (Canadian Thug) "Gee, I never drove a stick shift before."
  • (American Thug) "This is automatic."
  • (Canadian Thug) "Well then how come it's not drivin' itself, eh?"
  • (American Thug) "Where'd you learn to drive?"
  • (Canadian Thug) "The Autopia at Disneyland."
  • (Cindy Lite) "I beat you here. I'm your cheerleader, remember?"
  • (Mike 'The Wizard' Jittlov) "What?"
  • (Cindy Lite) "This morning, in the car. I gave you the clap."
  • (Steve) "Lights, camera, and anguish."
  • (President) "Now to make sure we get the best government that money can buy, Congress has passed a new one hundred percent withholding of all wages and earnings. But at least twenty-three percent of that will be returned to you, the taxpaying citizen; minus of course state surcharges, subsidies, handling taxes, and dealer's prep."
  • (Canadian Thug) "Hey like, I think it's illegal you know to like, impregnate an officer eh?"
  • (Choreographer) "This is the most unprofessional job I've ever had. What is this? Why, nobody knows where they're going or what they're doing, of course except for -- me."
  • (Animators' Union Clerk) "( gul-yuk-hoohoo. ) So, uh, what's your animation classification, huh?"
  • (Mike) "Well, a lot of everything. Cartoon, kinestasis, rotoscoping, stop-motion --"
  • (Animators' Union Clerk) "WOAH. Well, cartoon animation alone is twenty-one hundred dollars, plus a fifty dollar entry fee, and a hundred dollar quarterly dues."
  • (Mike) "Well, what about filming animation?"
  • (Animators' Union Clerk) "( ubbidy-ub ) Well then ya go to the Camera Union."
  • (Mike 'The Wizard' Jittlov) "All the big things I should have done by now, but I was so busy doing little things. I wonder how many other people are out there? Writing stories and scripts that nobody else may ever read, making movies that nobody may ever see -- discovering secrets, important things that could help everybody. Maybe I shouldn't make movies for a living -- I could deliver Steve's pizzas --"
  • (Mike 'The Wizard' Jittlov) "Oh, if only I could do that for real. If we could live on hopes and wishes, make movies at the speed of thought, all the movies that could have been, all the dreams that I could spin --"
  • (Dora Belair) "Look, you work with me, I expect a pro. You don't even shake hands; you oughta see a shrink."
  • (Mike) "Miss Belair, if you feel compelled to grab part of my body and shake it before you can even be friendly, you've got far worse problems than you think I have."
  • (Unnamed) "Gee whiz, they just disappeared."
  • (Unnamed) "I can't see 'em anywhere. Hey. Let's land on that big green plastic rock."
  • (Mom Jittlov) "You got a job today?"
  • (Mike) "Yeah, almost; I sold my car."
  • (Mom Jittlov) "Your wonderful car?"
  • (Mike) "Mmm-hmm. Sold my property to pay property taxes."

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