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They Won't Forget Quotes

They Won't Forget is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . They Won't Forget ended its run in 1970.

It features Mervyn LeRoy as producer, Adolph Deutsch in charge of musical score, and Arthur Edeson as head of cinematography.

They Won't Forget is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of They Won't Forget is 95 min long. They Won't Forget is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Linda Perry as Imogene Mayfield, Lana Turner as Mary Clay, Harry Davenport as Confederate Soldier, E. Alyn Warren as Carlisle P. Buxton, Edward Norris as Robert Hale, and Ann Shoemaker as Mrs. Mountford.

They Won't Forget Quotes

Harry Davenport as Confederate Soldier

  • (Harry Davenport) "It's time to get up. The parade will be starting soon. They'll be waiting for us."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Th-That's right, the parade. I was dreaming, dreaming about the time when we were in Chattanoogey. Remember?"
  • (Harry Davenport) "Funny thing. I was just dreaming about it myself."
  • (Harry Davenport) "No time to dream now. Today we march."
  • (Harry Davenport) "March. Ain't many of us left to march. Only six --"
  • (Harry Davenport) "Two more than them durn Yankees."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Maybe next year, there'll be five -- or four -- or three -- or maybe none."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Maybe."
  • (Harry Davenport) "Then they will forget."
  • (Harry Davenport) "They won't forget. They won't never forget. If they do, we'll get up out of our graves and remind them. On your feet, now. Come on, and look sharp. The whole town's watching us today. This is the one day out of the year that belongs to us."

E. Alyn Warren as Carlisle P. Buxton

  • (E. Alyn Warren) "Dismiss the class. I said, dismiss the class."
  • (Edward Norris) "Why, sir, may I ask?"
  • (E. Alyn Warren) "You may not know it, Mr. Hale, but this is Memorial Day."
  • (Edward Norris) "Memorial Day?"
  • (E. Alyn Warren) "Yes, Sir, for the Confederate Dead."
  • (Edward Norris) "In my part of the country, we call it Decoration Day, and it comes a month later."
  • (E. Alyn Warren) "In your part of the country, you can call it whatever you and all the other Yankees please, but down here, it's Memorial Day, and at the Buxton Business College, Sir, it's a half holiday. It is quite evident that Mr. Hale is badly in need of some instruction himself. Class dismissed."

Ann Shoemaker as Mrs. Mountford

  • (Ann Shoemaker) "The only thing that we shall see is the day when Governor Mountford becomes senator."
  • (Governor Mountford) "You musn't say that too loud. Andy Griffin is in the car behind."
  • (Ann Shoemaker) "Andy Griffin doesn't count."
  • (Governor Mountford) "In politics, my dear, everybody counts."

Linda Perry as Imogene Mayfield

  • (Drugstore Clerk) "What'll it all be be, ladies?"
  • (Linda Perry) "Dope and cherry, Fred."
  • (Drugstore Clerk) "How about you, half-pint?"
  • (Lana Turner) "Make mine a chocolate malt and drop an egg in it as fresh as you are."
  • (Drugstore Clerk) "The hens don't lay 'em that good."

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