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Vacancy (film) Quotes

Vacancy (film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Vacancy completed its run in 1970.

It features Hal Lieberman as producer, Paul Haslinger in charge of musical score, and Andrzej Sekuła as head of cinematography.

Vacancy (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Vacancy (film) is 85 minutes long. Vacancy (film) is distributed by Screen Gems.

The cast includes: Kate Beckinsale as Amy Fox, Luke Wilson as David Fox, and Frank Whaley as Mason.

Vacancy (film) Quotes

Frank Whaley as Mason

  • (Frank Whaley) "It's right there in the corner number 4. You might have to jiggle the handle a little bit to open her up, she's as sticky as an old whore."
  • (Frank Whaley) "You f***ed it all up."
  • (Frank Whaley) "They're under us."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Everything alright, Mr. Fox?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Uh, no, because the asshole in the room right beside us keeps banging on the walls and won't stop. You got any ideas?"
  • (Frank Whaley) "The room beside you?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, room 3. Uh, I go over there to talk with the guy to try to get him to stop, but he just kind of keeps doing it. So, uh, I gotta say I don't know what his problem is."
  • (Frank Whaley) "It's very strange, seeing as you folks are the only guests I've got in here tonight."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well, somebody's in there, okay, and I gotta say I'm pretty exhausted."
  • (Frank Whaley) "You sure it's room 3?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah. We're in the corner, right? Number 4? Well, it's the room right besides us with the big rusty 3 on it."
  • (Frank Whaley) "911 Emergency?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, hello. We need some help. Some people are trying to kill us."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Where are you located, sir?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Me and my wife, we're at this motel, the Pinewood Motel. It's near the mountains. They've got us trapped."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Who has you trapped, sir?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "I don't know. We just need help. The Pinewood Motel."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Yes, sir. Do you have an address?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "No. It's near some woods. Jesus Christ, look it up."
  • (Frank Whaley) "You're going to need to settle down, sir. You'll never survive if you lose control, Mr. Fox."
  • (Frank Whaley) "You shouldn't be wandering around in the dark by yourself."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Hey folks. How can I help you?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Everything, uh, okay back there?"
  • (Frank Whaley) "Oh."
  • (Frank Whaley) "Sorry. Things get a little boring around here late nights."

Luke Wilson as David Fox

  • (Luke Wilson) "I bet this gets the honeymooners in the mood."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Never see stars anymore. At least not in L.A. It's kind of nice out here, really. I bet Charlie would've liked it."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Well you should've brought us sometime. We never went anywhere; the job was always too important to leave."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Why do you do that?"
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Do what?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Every time I mention his name you take a shot at me."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Well stop mentioning his name."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well you see, I'm not like you Amy. I'd rather just kind of remember him and deal with the pain."
  • (Luke Wilson) "This looks like a library of classics."
  • (Luke Wilson) "You gotta take advantage of the perks. It's worth the extra five bucks."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I guess it could be worse, you know. We could be stuck in that twin bed at your folk's house, trying to pretend like we're a happy couple."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "God, I should've told my mom about us."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Why ruin their party though? I think the thing to do is just tell them after we've signed the papers. It felt really strange to be at that party. Watching them all, celebrate being together all those years. How'd it make you feel?"
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "I don't know. Tired."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I'm sorry. Never should've gotten off the interstate, either."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Miss our last one great adventure together?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "At least they could've provided us with a little bit of porn."
  • (Unnamed) "The fan blade's bent. Rock must've hit it. Yeah, she'll drive fine just noisy, that's all. You might want to have someone smarter than me take a look at it when you get where you're going, though."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I'll do that, thanks. So now what do I owe you?"
  • (Unnamed) "Oh, no, nothing. No, we're good. Hell, I should pay you for finally giving me something to do."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Boy, you were really dreaming over there earlier. You were mumbling, jerking around."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "I dreamt you were trying to kill me. We were at my parents anniversary party and my mother wouldn't stop talking. You started screaming you couldn't take it anymore, and then you tried to strangle me."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Hey, at least you were dreaming about me, right? That's kind of an improvement."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, we'll go ahead and stay here. Thanks."
  • (Frank Whaley) "I'll give you two the honeymoon suite, for five dollars extra. It's got a few perks that the others don't."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Regular room will be fine, thank you."
  • (Frank Whaley) "What the heck, I'll give it to you for the same rate."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Son of a bitch."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "What are you doing?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It was a god**** raccoon in the middle of the road."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Well, better to kill us than get a little roadkill on the car, huh?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Well, we're still alive. I can tell by the pissy look that you're giving me."
  • (Luke Wilson) "So how far back was the gas station?"
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "I don't know, about a mile. Kind of a long walk in the middle of the night."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Yeah, I mean I guess we could just sit here and hope some idiots like us come along and give us a hand, huh?"
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "I didn't get us lost."
  • (Luke Wilson) "No, you slept for three hundred miles, thanks to your Zoloft-Prozac cocktail."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Why don't you open the door?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "Want to play some games? I'll play some f***ing games with you."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Do you think they're closed?"
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Since 1957."
  • (Luke Wilson) "That's too bad, because they've got good gas prices."
  • (Luke Wilson) "You okay? I keep telling you how stupid that is to do that. You ought to just kind of bite into the apple like the rest of the world."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "It hurts my teeth."
  • (Luke Wilson) "As bad as cutting your finger off?"

Kate Beckinsale as Amy Fox

  • (Kate Beckinsale) "We've had our tetanus shots -- right?"
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "I'm sleeping in my clothes tonight."
  • (Luke Wilson) "I'm sleeping in my shoes."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Why are they doing this?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "They might be enjoying themselves."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Please, David, don't go out there."
  • (Luke Wilson) "Look, if we stay here, we're going to wind up like all of them."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Is that this room?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "It sure looks like it."
  • (Kate Beckinsale) "Why didn't you just stay on the interstate?"
  • (Luke Wilson) "I don't know. I guess I just wanted to make this as miserable as possible, you know? See just how big a bitch you'd be about it."

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