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A Hit Is a Hit Quotes

A Hit Is a Hit is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . A Hit Is a Hit ended in 1970.

A Hit Is a Hit Quotes

  • (Tony Soprano) "My wife thinks I need to meet new people."
  • (Dr. Jennifer Melfi) "So?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "C'mon, you're Italian, you understand. Guys like me we're brought up to think that Merigan are f***in' bores. The truth is the average white man is no more boring than the millionth conversation over who should have won, Marciano or Ali."
  • (Dr. Jennifer Melfi) "So am I to understand that you don't consider yourself white?"
  • (Tony Soprano) "I don't mean white like Caucasian. I mean a white man like our friend Cusamano. Now he's Italian, but he's Merigan. It's what my old man would have called a Wonder Bread wop. He eats his Sunday gravy out of a jar."
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "Hey, whose f***in' welfare check you gotta cash to get a burger around here?"
  • (Massive Genius) "Bold men make bold statements."
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "Why they send you over? I'm lookin' for a burger not converted rice."
  • (Adriana La Cerva) "Oh, Madon'."
  • (Massive Genius) "Your woman looks embarrassed."
  • (Randy Wagner) "What does that do to property values having a gangster living next door?"
  • (Dr. Bruce Cusamano) "Are you kidding? Safest block in the neighb. And being a gangster what does it mean anyway?"
  • (Randy Wagner) "That's true. Some of the s*** I see in the boardroom. I don't know if I'd make a distinction."
  • (Barb Wagner) "Oh, will you please. It's not the same thing."
  • (Dr. Bruce Cusamano) "Bugging, bribes. I don't know. Sometimes I think the only thing separating the American business from the mobs is f***in' whackin' somebody."
  • (Jean Cusamano) "Listen to you."
  • (Dr. Bruce Cusamano) "What?"
  • (Jean Cusamano) "Whackin'. He hangs around with Tony Soprano for 15 minutes, and it's f***in' this and f***in' that."
  • (Barb Wagner) "We were over there for that fund-raiser. I didn't see any guns anywhere."
  • (Jean Cusamano) "Oh, but that bar with the goombah Murano glass."
  • (Dr. Jennifer Melfi) "I like Murano glass."
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "That's guy a gangster? I'm a gangster. I'm an O.G. Original Gangster not him. f***in' lawn jockey. He's got the fly Hamptons house, Alec Baldwin comes over, Whitney Houston. What do I got? I sit in a f***ing pork store for Christ's sake."
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "What is he, nuts?"
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "Yo, hairnet central, what am I back here? Mark Fuhrman?"
  • (Adriana La Cerva) "Chris, would you chill?"
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "It's f***in' discrimination already."
  • (Massive Genius) "So you bought horses with your royalties. And Little Jimmy's royalties, whatever became of those?"
  • (Silvio Dante) "He bought "horse"."
  • (Massive Genius) "You people are alright. "Godfather", I seen that movie two hundred times. "Godfather II" was definitely the s***. The third one -- A lot of people didn't like it. But I think it was just misunderstood."
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) ""Rent". f***in' Broadway musicals. I mean we're supposed to get all f***in' weepy-eyed cause they turned off the heat in some guy's loft."
  • (Orange J) "We're havin' a party at G's crib. Englewood Cliffs. You interested?"
  • (Christopher Moltisanti) "And I get served with black-eyed peas tomorrow? Yo, I know what time it is."

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